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Zulu Winter Apr 25, 2017
Hello all - Will's debut EP - DAUNT's Unbearable Light - is released this Friday 28th April via the good folk at Beatnik Creative, and is available on vinyl and digitally. Here's what some people have been saying: "Succinct, with sweltering synths and funk-infused riffs...a glorious offering" - The 405 "Wistful, world-weary indie pop soul" - The Guardian: "Fresh and exciting...'Unbearable Light' already carries the weight of a bus-load of genres" - The Line Of Best Fit:
Zulu Winter Feb 26, 2016
Henry's debut EP is out today! Grab a digital copy or order a sexy orange cassette from bandcamp below. x
Zulu Winter Feb 25, 2016
Check out Henry's project ELY in Dummy mag.
Zulu Winter Feb 05, 2016
ZW News: Henry's project ELY is underway having just signed the EP to Algebra Records. Listen to 'Isaac Plays' below and catch him and Guy's project Oxon live at the The Victoria Dalston for free on 24th Feb. x
Zulu Winter May 30, 2015
Check out new music from Berlin based Oxon
Zulu Winter May 01, 2015
Pick up this months Q Magazine and find ZW featured on the Mumford and Sons curated free cd. Go forth.
Zulu Winter Sep 10, 2014
Just reached 10,000 Trackers! - Track Zulu Winter
Zulu Winter Aug 11, 2014
Amateur Best remixes 'Heavy Rain'. Check it.
Zulu Winter Jul 31, 2014
Our new album 'Stutter' is out now on Fierce Panda! You can buy it at iTunes here:
Zulu Winter Jul 10, 2014
Q Music Magazine has made ZW new track 'Feel Love' their track of the day. Thanks Q.
Zulu Winter Jul 01, 2014
Proper link to pre-order for new album:
Zulu Winter Jun 25, 2014
Thanks to for a little bit of love.
Zulu Winter Jun 05, 2014
Link to info about 'Stutter' the mini-album (well at ten tracks it's not mini) can be found here: 5 studio tracks and 5 self produced.
Zulu Winter Jun 05, 2014
Hello all. We realise we've been a little quiet recently. We've been doing a lot of thinking and talking and after nearly 15 years of playing in the same band have decided that it's time to try out some new projects. There's no love lost and we'll still be writing together in various forms but for the moment it won't be as Zulu Winter. Rather than just limping quietly out we thought we should probably release some tracks as a parting gift. Going back to our very 1st label, Fierce Panda will be releasing 10 tracks on July 21st. We've also done a video for one of the tracks 'Heavy Rain' and this is being premiered on 405 NOW: We want to say thanks to everyone that supported us over the years. It's been long and hard but mainly it's been fun and musical. Although that's it for the moment who knows what will happen in the future. Big Love Us.
Zulu Winter Jun 05, 2014
Announcement coming today. H x
Zulu Winter Apr 13, 2014
I wonder when we will release a record...
Zulu Winter Nov 20, 2013
A trip down memory lane. Thanks for the memories people. H x
Zulu Winter Nov 14, 2013 CH CH CH CH CH C H CHECK IT OUT...E
Zulu Winter Nov 01, 2013
Henry and Myself are taking part in Movember this year. Please sponsor us or join our team. raise money support the cause. cheers E HTTP://MOTEAM.CO/WE-HIDE-COWS-MOO-STASHERS
Zulu Winter Oct 28, 2013
Freaking excited about these new tunes. 4 done. A few adjustments and then mix time. H x
Zulu Winter Oct 28, 2013
RIP Lou Reed. You'll be missed. Man knew a thing or two.
Zulu Winter Oct 26, 2013
Iain vocalising / falling over. Man's got passion.
Zulu Winter Oct 09, 2013
Spanish people! In Madrid playing guitar for Amateur Best tonight. At Reina Sofia Museum 9.30. Free in. Come and check it out... Henry
Zulu Winter Sep 25, 2013
Can't wait for somebody apart from us to hear our new tunes. W
Zulu Winter Sep 21, 2013
3 in the morning. Our session is almost over. This man has been making it happen. We love him.