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Wiseblood (Johnny Jewel Remixes)
Conatus (Bonus Track Version)
LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus
New Amsterdam
The Spoils
Zola Jesus Aug 21, 2019
Zola Jesus Aug 18, 2019
psychosoma to cure the body you must conquer the mind
Zola Jesus Aug 15, 2019
los angeles! really excited to perform a very special set as part of the new experimental music series SILENCE at Descanso Gardens on september 7. tickets + info here:
Zola Jesus Aug 15, 2019
i have posted the full video of my live performance of "changes" (black sabbath cover) on patreon !
Zola Jesus Aug 12, 2019
spiritual carcass
Zola Jesus Aug 10, 2019
psychic death phase one . . . ph: @blisskatherine hair: @garrettmarkenson clothing: @dobsnyc
Zola Jesus Aug 07, 2019
sacred emptiness
Zola Jesus Aug 07, 2019
brought some @asraigarden home with me 🖤
Zola Jesus Aug 06, 2019
empress of the north woods they say she can make any field fallow with the click of her tongue
Zola Jesus Aug 05, 2019
Zola Jesus Aug 05, 2019
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Zola Jesus Aug 04, 2019
sometimes the sorrowful state of the world makes me want to scream. sometimes it makes me want to be silent and give up. but all we can do is just keep going. i will keep giving all that i have until there is nothing left. if it fixes nothing at least i can say i tried.
Zola Jesus Aug 03, 2019
last night was unforgettable. thank you to everyone who came and shared in the evening. feeling very invigorated and excited to further explore the stark world of solo performance. thank you so, so much to @acehotelchicago for inviting me to perform in such a gorgeous setting. thank you also to @asraigarden for dressing the stage in a cloud of flowers. i am still floating.
Zola Jesus Aug 02, 2019
i am the nerd who spends a day in the big city making a pilgrimage to the ukrainian history museum
Zola Jesus Aug 02, 2019
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Zola Jesus Jul 31, 2019
been busy practicing for my solo piano show in chicago on friday ! looking forward to it even though i’m nervous :}
Zola Jesus Jul 30, 2019
Zola Jesus Jul 28, 2019
agent of mercy
Zola Jesus Jul 27, 2019
harvested yarrow
Zola Jesus Jul 26, 2019
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Zola Jesus Jul 21, 2019
my first full-length album, the spoils, came out 10 years ago today. 10 years ago i was studying at university, and working a part-time job at an art gallery. i remember spending hours at a time sitting in a gallery and staring at white walls. i had a lot of time to think. through that indentured solitude , my mind swarmed with ideas. that world inside of me was spit out into the spoils. to this day it’s one of my favorite records i’ve ever made. there’s so much in that music i don’t remember doing. it feels as if it just happened. lots of experimenting... not a lot of critical thinking. as it should be. to this day i try to find the creative freedom i felt while making this record. god bless audacity.
Zola Jesus Jul 20, 2019
amber storm sky
Zola Jesus Jul 20, 2019
the mirror is hard to hold
Zola Jesus Jul 18, 2019
not the first bonsai i’ve killed, and it won’t be the last
Zola Jesus Jul 18, 2019
very special interview and photos on @nastymagazine ! photos were taken in a dreamworld with my favorites @jennihensler @jennyatwoodsmith @eleenhalvorsen link in my stories