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Wiseblood (Johnny Jewel Remixes)
Okovi: Additions
Conatus (Bonus Track Version)
LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus
New Amsterdam
The Spoils
Zola Jesus Apr 24, 2019
Timeline Photos
Zola Jesus Apr 23, 2019
why do i associate productivity with self-approval ? is this a byproduct of capitalism ? learning to slow down and let go of the guilt i feel when i don’t “get enough done”. binding one’s self-worth to some obscure sense of achievement feels spiritually wrong. but it plagues so many of us in this modern age.
Zola Jesus Apr 22, 2019
at dusk, all portals are open
Zola Jesus Apr 22, 2019
Zola Jesus Apr 21, 2019
nadja in fog
Zola Jesus Apr 20, 2019
a monk’s life
Zola Jesus Apr 19, 2019
in ceremony of turning 30, i spent a couples days offline in solitude at a cabin. sat, read, drank wine as old as i am, and enjoyed the silence.
Zola Jesus Apr 11, 2019
getting older just brings me closer to assuming my true form as an old crone
Zola Jesus Apr 10, 2019
family heirloom bell being used as a nadja wrangler
Zola Jesus Apr 09, 2019
welcome to wisconsin
Zola Jesus Apr 08, 2019
Zola Jesus Apr 07, 2019
Timeline Photos
Zola Jesus Apr 06, 2019
i read this today in a book i’m reading. it hit me. felt like maybe someone else could use it today.
Zola Jesus Apr 03, 2019
see you in june los angeles!
Zola Jesus Mar 31, 2019
every yaga needs her wolf
Zola Jesus Mar 27, 2019

Zola Jesus Mar 23, 2019
devotional lunacy , bounded by the worm moon
Zola Jesus Mar 22, 2019
absorb into the absolute +
Zola Jesus Mar 21, 2019
ceremony of the silent thaw. + + top by @automatism_clothing who also plays in the legendary noise group black leather jesus. one of the best shows i’ve ever been to. x
Zola Jesus Mar 19, 2019
i can feel the plants growing. they are dying to be seen and touch the air. wearing the work of a bunch of lovely people ... @eyn_vas Seddum XENOPHORA Surface / Cast Legion Paris @ Wisconsin
Zola Jesus Mar 13, 2019
family photo
Zola Jesus Mar 08, 2019
happy international women’s day from three bitches
Zola Jesus Jan 28, 2019
just posted my original black metal doo wop demo for SIPHON on patreon haha
Zola Jesus Jan 23, 2019
yung zeej sweatshirts & longsleeves are now available in my new european webstore !
Zola Jesus Jan 22, 2019
posted a new demo called "six months" on my patreon ! so excited to have this platform to share what i'm working on.