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The Spoils
Zola Jesus Jun 13, 2019
there are no mistakes, only a spectrum of perceived control
Zola Jesus Jun 12, 2019
debut of NIKA - the messy raw primal underbelly can be brought to a concentrated surface, without edit or plan. it was the perfect venue and night to try something new, surrounded by deep crew, friends, and other warm energies. going to start mucking about with this project >:)
Zola Jesus Jun 08, 2019
desolate waters
Zola Jesus Jun 06, 2019
my seasoned coffee-roaster pals @rubyroasters opened up a cafe in stevens point, wi! it is so beautiful. very proud of those folx for putting so much care and energy into revitalizing our little neck of the woods (okay, i live quite a bit north, but still!) if you are ever passing through central wisconsin, stop by and give this spot some love. (@rubyroasters also sells coffee online if you want to try their award winning roasts.) #notanad #justafan
Zola Jesus Jun 05, 2019
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Zola Jesus Jun 04, 2019
Zola Jesus Jun 03, 2019
went backpacking in the wilderness. body is exhausted but mind is free @ Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
Zola Jesus May 29, 2019
pulling my first card from new deck, and it’s reversed sun. which is... accurate. ☁️
Zola Jesus May 28, 2019
Zola Jesus May 28, 2019
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Zola Jesus May 27, 2019
sink the dynasty
Zola Jesus May 27, 2019
ᛉ ᛟ ᚷ @barbaraigongini @seddum
Zola Jesus May 24, 2019
new demo up on my @patreon ! if you want to hear my progress working on my new record, join this lil site and be a part of the community :)
Zola Jesus May 24, 2019
finally... the ramps have arrived ! i’m concerned about overharvesting my little wild patch in the woods... but picking a couple every season allows me to connect with the land and appreciate what it offers. also in case you didn’t know, many wild commonplace plants are edible ! such as wild dandelions, burdock, fireweed, nettle, etc... ;)
Zola Jesus Apr 30, 2019
i posted a video tour of my home studio, explaining how i make music and what i use. you can watch it now on patreon !
Zola Jesus Apr 24, 2019
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Zola Jesus Apr 23, 2019
why do i associate productivity with self-approval ? is this a byproduct of capitalism ? learning to slow down and let go of the guilt i feel when i don’t “get enough done”. binding one’s self-worth to some obscure sense of achievement feels spiritually wrong. but it plagues so many of us in this modern age.
Zola Jesus Apr 22, 2019
at dusk, all portals are open
Zola Jesus Apr 22, 2019
Zola Jesus Apr 21, 2019
nadja in fog
Zola Jesus Apr 20, 2019
a monk’s life
Zola Jesus Apr 19, 2019
in ceremony of turning 30, i spent a couples days offline in solitude at a cabin. sat, read, drank wine as old as i am, and enjoyed the silence.
Zola Jesus Apr 11, 2019
getting older just brings me closer to assuming my true form as an old crone
Zola Jesus Apr 10, 2019
family heirloom bell being used as a nadja wrangler
Zola Jesus Apr 09, 2019
welcome to wisconsin