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Love Is My Religion
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Ziggy Marley
Africa Days Vienna Africa Days Vienna 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Vienna, Austria) Find tickets
House of Common Festival House of Common Festival 2019
Venue: 26 Clapham Common South Side, London SW4 (London, UK) Find tickets
Ziggy Marley Aug 25, 2019
#repost @elsendoornda ・・・ Ziggy spreading the word of peace #reggaelakefestival #ziggymarley #standinthecircleofpeace
Ziggy Marley Aug 25, 2019
on your mark, get set, go @victoriousfestival here we come. JAH. #backstage #uk #festival #ziggymarley #rebellionrises @ England
Ziggy Marley Aug 23, 2019
big sister @cedellamarley birth celebration today . giving JAH praises.
Ziggy Marley Aug 23, 2019
my mood today. a “wildfire” in a rainforest . my first thought was wild, really, in a rainforest. are we sure . cause thats good news for those who seek to profit from it’s deforestation. QUESTION AUTHORITY! In Hawaii, residents are fighting to #ProtectMaunaKea, which is being targeted as the proposed location to build the world's largest ($1.4 billion) telescope. So what!they care more about out there than what’s right here on EARTH including the people. For who’s Profit ? not us! .Jamaica's Cockpit Country, locals are fighting back against government-approved, bauxite mining company efforts to expand their operations into this land. As we've seen from the past, mining these lands would remove forest cover, block & pollute waterways, displace residents, threaten agricultural livelihoods, compromise air quality again for what profit? and this is just some of the things we are aware of there is so much more happening that is unseen unheard and unknown causing hurt and pain to humanity for what purpose for what ideaology for what religion for what belief, for whose profit and at whose expense ? economic fear as their weapon. we need BALANCE. #REBELLIONRISES 📷 by Adeline KERROS, France
Ziggy Marley Aug 23, 2019
Ziggy Marley's show TONIGHT at Square Bayard (Le Cabaret Vert) in Charleville-Mézières, France is streaming LIVE! Tune in via ARTE Concert on YouTube at 11:50a ET/5:50p local. Set reminder 📺👇🏾
Ziggy Marley Aug 22, 2019
This plant just keep giving and giving and giving thank you JAH for the #Ganja tree . We also need to expand on the industrial uses of the Plant as an alternative to industries committing deforestation . So much benefits to this simple “weed” we are just at the surface. A special gift for humanity if we can explore and utilize its many qualities . Share some uses you are aware of in your comments.
Ziggy Marley Aug 21, 2019
we arrived in spain at the venue before @rototomsunsplash tonight and i was drawn to the sound of music and human beings making joyful sounds venturing from backstage to the front this was happening . You see all different shades, age , gender , this is the power of music this is the power and potential of #HUMANITY. JAH #iamahuman #unity #loveismyreligion #spain
Ziggy Marley Aug 20, 2019
Time : 2am Place : dijon france hotel room Objective : bust a sweat at all costs, failure is not an option Conclusion: mission successful. JAH #motivate #elevate #fitness #anytime #onlythewilling #truetomyself #mylife #youcandoit #noexcuses #tourlife #ziggymarley bonne nuit
Ziggy Marley Aug 19, 2019
sharing some pics of my walk around #dijon #france today i am happy to see diverse human beings just enjoying a beautiful day here children laughing and playing around just a joy to experience my heart is full. digging the architecture too. JAH #ziggymarley
Ziggy Marley Aug 18, 2019
A blessing to partner with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund a nonprofit that provides financial assistance to musicians and music industry workers who are struggling to makes ends meet while facing illness , disability or age-related problems. Check the link to help support and bid to win this signed acoustic guitar. ✌🏽 🎸:
Ziggy Marley Aug 16, 2019
Jamaica standing up to protect our nation’s land from bauxite mining companies expanding into #CockpitCountry. Mining these areas would remove forest cover, block and pollute waterways, displace residents, threaten agricultural livelihoods, compromise air quality and threaten the health and well-being of thousands of Jamaican citizens. In the late #1700s, #Maroons who had escaped from plantations used this difficult territory to build communities outside of government control to free themselves of slavery. Please #sign the #petition at the link in my bio to support this important movement. 🖋️📜
Ziggy Marley Aug 15, 2019
got to have #marleynatural #medicine #meditation #recreation #peace #love #nature
Ziggy Marley Aug 14, 2019
what i do on my day off #exercise of course. cant do without it. if we going to make this world better its going o take some endurance. 🙂be ready !#fitness #discipline #focus #austria #rebellionrises JAH
Ziggy Marley Aug 13, 2019
To my “followers” i dont want your accolades i dont want you to tell me how good i am i want us to mobilize and to use these social platforms as a means to action that will change the direction of this planet. Everyday it gets more urgent as government and corporations without conscience ignore the damage their greed and political policies do and it will be worst for our children in twenty years if we continue to be accessories after the fact and to all those “social media influencers “ and superstars with multi million likes and follows unite our people and lets figure out one thing we can agree on that is the most urgent of issues that affects all and we can truly be a part of a change that is urgently needed. As a humanbeing it is hard to just sit back and be happy with my life and ignore all the crap that is taking place because we are content and distracted. We all are doing our own thing for our own cause thats not good enough we need a massive awakening turned into action that will shake the foundations of corruption, greed and disregard for humanity. Today i am using this platform to call out to whoever will hear, our potential is great as a species but is being diminished by the few who hold the keys to our destiny as a planet and are deaf to our cries because of their own selfish and self righteous reasons. we can have a more balanced world nothing is impossible only the willing will see their dreams more to come . stay alive!! . JAH 📷 by Filip Kůstka, #Prague #2019
Ziggy Marley Aug 12, 2019
I just heard from the festival that tonight's show Radio Onda d'Urto has been cancelled because of damage done by the storm. Ya I was ready but mother nature made her own decision. I'm really disappointed and we hope we can make it up to you sometime. JAH #ziggymarley #brescia #italy #rebellionrises #ontour
Ziggy Marley Aug 10, 2019
Gideon Abraham and Isaiah living it up while daddy is on tour . 🤙🏾see you soon boys !! JAH #marleyboys #brothers #sons #family #unity
Ziggy Marley Aug 10, 2019
@jritsme brother george the scribe on keyboards took this video of #circleofpeace from yesterday in #denmark just a little taste of what we are up to out here traveling through #europe only the willing will see their dreams. Are you willing?
Ziggy Marley Aug 09, 2019
We Salute Dr. Alfarita Constantia Marley OD/LITT @officialritamarley Recipient of the 2019 Reggae Icon Award, from the Government of #Jamaica. In recognition of long & meritorious contributions to the growth and worldwide popularity of Reggae Music, and impactful humanitarian work through the @ritamarleyfoundation. Award was officially presented on August 6, by Prime Minister of Jamaica, Hon. Andrew Holness and President of the Republic of Kenya, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, during the 57th Independence Anniversary celebrations, at the National Stadium in Kingston.
Ziggy Marley Aug 09, 2019
the perks of a touring musician sometimes you get towels with your name on it. 🙂thank you #smukfest and all who shared the experience with us here in #denmark #loveismyreligion
Ziggy Marley Aug 09, 2019
hey this is what it looks like when you sweat wet down to your shoes after a show thank you #sweden we love you. JAH #rebellionrises #ziggymarley #european #tour #sweat @ Malmö, Sweden
Ziggy Marley Aug 08, 2019
ready now fi di show tonight lets go! JAH #rebellionrises #sweden
Ziggy Marley Aug 08, 2019
zimmon @adamzimmon akimoto @takeshiakimoto santa @santadavis61 dodger @jerryborge and I putting in the work #antwerp #belgium #august 6 #2019 #rebellionrises #europe tour #guitars #reggae . 📷 by Marc Verdonck @frontviewmagazine
Ziggy Marley Aug 08, 2019
SWEDEN! TONIGHT is the night you've been waiting for! Last chance to buy tickets to our show in Malmö, Sweden at Kulturbolaget! It's going to be EPIC! ⏱ : 21:00 🎟 :
Ziggy Marley Aug 07, 2019
Ziggy talks with Seznam Zprávy about the European live music scene, parenting, recent releases and more while in Prague during his current 2019 #RebellionRises summer tour!
Ziggy Marley Aug 07, 2019
GERMANY! TONIGHT is the night! Last chance to get tickets to our live show in Hamburg, Germany at Fabrik Hamburg! You don't want to miss! ⏱ : 21:00 🎟 :