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Of Fools and Gold
Cherisse Zerbin Music May 14, 2019
Did an acoustic cover of Chandelier recently. Take a listen. 😉
Cherisse Zerbin Music Dec 10, 2018
Thumbs, Cover by Gabrielle Aplin
Cherisse Zerbin Music Dec 10, 2018
If you haven’t yet seen “A Star is Born” you should! This song is in the movie and it’s one of my favorites.
Cherisse Zerbin Music Dec 10, 2018
Thank you to all who came out on Saturday night!! It was a blast. 🖤⚡️
Cherisse Zerbin Music Jul 23, 2018
Photo by Krista Zerbin Photography
Cherisse Zerbin Music Jul 23, 2018
Cherisse Zerbin Music's cover photo
Cherisse Zerbin Music Dec 24, 2017
Hey Friends, here's a little christmas treat for you from the talented Brody Andersen and I! Merry Christmas!!! #silentnight #acoustic #christmasmusic
Cherisse Zerbin Music Dec 15, 2016
Working on a secret project that I will be posting in February! I'm super excited about it. Can't wait to show you guys. :)
Cherisse Zerbin Music Apr 18, 2016
Krista Zerbin Photography
Cherisse Zerbin Music Mar 30, 2016
It's always been a dream of mine to sing the Canadian Anthem at some large sports event. Today I final took my first step. 🍻Cheers to making dreams a reality no matter how large or small they are. #edmontoneskimos #anthemsingers #whynot #iamcanadian #auditions #stepone
Cherisse Zerbin Music Nov 28, 2015
Back stage at the festival of trees!!! Let the show begin. :))
Cherisse Zerbin Music Oct 22, 2015
December 4th I will be opening up for Tamara Boyes at her CD Release Party at the Cafe Blackbird!! Right now I'm looking at putting together some tunes to sing for yal. If you have a song request send it over.
Cherisse Zerbin Music Oct 05, 2015
I'm so thankful these lovely ladies came out to support me tonight! They're the best bunch. #rejoicealberta #groupies
Cherisse Zerbin Music Oct 04, 2015
At 7pm tonight at Taylor University the top 11 will be performing! I'd love to have your vote. 😊
Cherisse Zerbin Music Sep 30, 2015
5 Days until the semifinals!!! #rejoicealbertavocalcompetition
Cherisse Zerbin Music Sep 16, 2015
I'm excited to compete against some fabulous musicians and vocalist at Rejoice Alberta Singing Competition. If you're free this SUNDAY @7PM come on out to Taylor University!!
Cherisse Zerbin Music Sep 06, 2015
I got a GOLDEN ticket!!! I'm going to Hollywood! Haha. Maybe not Hollywood but I am going to the next round. #firstvocalcompetition #findyourvoice #commit #rejoicealberta
Cherisse Zerbin Music Jun 11, 2015
Making music at Waves Coffee House! I swear I'm not actually that white. At least I hope not. #wavescoffeehouse #wecasociety #yegmusic
Cherisse Zerbin Music May 28, 2015
This is pretty breathtaking! I feel inspired. :)
Cherisse Zerbin Music May 07, 2015
Starting to prep for WECA's Coffee House coming up June 6 at Waves Coffee House in Edmonton! #livemusic #coffeehouse #cherissezerbinmusic
Cherisse Zerbin Music Feb 22, 2015
I had such a fun time leading worship for the Youth Rally at Missions Fest last night! Special thanks to the amazing team that played with me! #worshipyeg #missionsfest2015
Cherisse Zerbin Music Feb 17, 2015
Well Missions Fest...we are ready for you!! We can't wait for Friday and all that God is going to do. God can do great things in a small amount of time. He is not limited by time. Even a moment in His presence can change us forever! #mayyourpraiseeverbeonmylips #missonsfest2015
Cherisse Zerbin Music Feb 02, 2015
3 Weeks and counting! I'm looking forward to worshipping with some solid musicians at Missions Fest Edmonton with you all.
Cherisse Zerbin Music Jan 12, 2015
Starting to put the set list together for the youth rally coming up next month! It's going to be GOOD!
Cherisse Zerbin Music Dec 08, 2014
I am very excited to be leading worship this february at Missions Fest for the Youth & Young Adult Rally on Friday night! Holy Spirit have your way! May you be glorified!! #missionsfest2015 #worship=transformation