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So Good
So Good
Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) [Remixes]
Zara Larsson Feb 14, 2019
Happy #ValentinesDay lovelies!! Listen to “Ruin My Life” on the Love Songs & Chill playlist to get in the mood 😈💕
Zara Larsson Jan 31, 2019
I’m SO excited to announce that I’ll be accompanying Ed Sheeran on tour across Europe ✨🤩 Get your tix and come and see meeee
Zara Larsson Jan 24, 2019
Woooo thanks for the nomination ❤️❤️ You can vote at!! #TheGlobalAwards
Zara Larsson Jan 11, 2019
YT Artist To Watch
Zara Larsson Jan 07, 2019
Happy new year by the way
Zara Larsson Jan 06, 2019
My baby is soooo silly when he takes pictures of me unprepared 😋
Zara Larsson Dec 29, 2018
Goodnight from me and me
Zara Larsson Dec 28, 2018
Zara Larsson Dec 28, 2018
Ruin my life hit 100 million on Spotify that’s sick
Zara Larsson Dec 24, 2018
Me channeling a classy Christmas tree for Tings London 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 Merry Christmas Eve!!!! What do you wish for?
Zara Larsson Dec 23, 2018
Postcard from the snow ❄️🏂 I have the worlds worst blood circulation so don’t be surprised if I go on tour with no toes cause they had to be amputated ‘cause of the cold
Zara Larsson Dec 22, 2018
Ugh it’s all pointless and we’re all gonna die and the sun will explode and swallow the earth into a black hole but it’s Christmas time y’all, let’s be FESTIVE!!!!
Zara Larsson Dec 17, 2018
Im a GROOOWWWNNN WOMAN i can do what EVER I want
Zara Larsson Dec 16, 2018
Pullin up 21 like 🍾
Zara Larsson Dec 15, 2018
coming fasss 😘
Zara Larsson Dec 11, 2018
I think I'm an aesthetic genius every time I find a background or something that slightly goes with my outfit, like this door 🥳
Zara Larsson Dec 10, 2018
It's the week of my birthday 🤗 This year, I'm #ThankfulFor the incredible team at Operation Smile and the work they do to help people with cleft. Help me celebrate my 21st by donating to this incredible cause that's dear to my ❤️
Zara Larsson Dec 05, 2018
Zara Larsson Dec 05, 2018
My foot is bleeding but I'm super girl so i didn't even fucking noticed haha
Zara Larsson Dec 03, 2018
So because me and my best friend promised to not see A Star Is Born without each other I saw it for the first time last night and now I'm an emotional wreck. I WASNT READY. I can't stop thinking about it. I started crying at lunch with my mom today. Fuck.
Zara Larsson Dec 03, 2018
It's the fucking MONTH OF THE YEAR. Sagittarius season is HERE bitches I can feel my toes tingling you feel me?!?!?!?
Zara Larsson Dec 01, 2018
New t-shirt for #WorldAIDSDay – show you #GAF and fight AIDS in South Africa with Durex and (RED) ! #HaveSexSaveLives
Zara Larsson Dec 01, 2018
Thank you sooooo much for having me Sony's #LostInMusic!! Had a blast performing 💋🐶✨
Zara Larsson Nov 30, 2018
Piano Version of "Ruin My Life" is ouuttttttttt!! Vevo 🎹💙 ✨
Zara Larsson Nov 28, 2018
When you wanna show the whole fit