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Yuck (Bonus Track Version)
Yuck Apr 12, 2019
Really happy to share my debut solo single 'To Be Alone'. Listen below!
Yuck Apr 10, 2019
Yuck Jan 08, 2019
Next solo show is supporting the wonderful @luluc at Lexington on Feb 5! Be there and be square
Yuck Dec 12, 2018
This time last year, I wrote 10 songs in an effort to try and process a break up I was going through. This song is called Perfume. I'll be recording & releasing these songs next year, but this is a taste of what's to come. Happy holidays, Max
Yuck Dec 11, 2018
Yuck Nov 19, 2018
I'm playing a solo show (with full band) this Wednesday at Stags Head in Hoxton supporting Michael Rault, all new songs. Tickets are £7. Come down and I'll give you a free subway sandwich (hearty italian bread only, filling of your choice)
Yuck Nov 02, 2018
I went to Tokyo this summer to produce Luby Sparks new EP - here's their new video. Jump to 2.15 to see a cat
Yuck May 30, 2018
Why can I not stop listening to this song?
Yuck May 02, 2018
Incredible song
Yuck Apr 23, 2018
Wowzers. What an incredible tour this was. We feel so lucky and honoured to be able to come to Asia to play our music. Special thanks to @modernskyent for having us. Hopefully we’ll be back soon! ❤️
Yuck Mar 27, 2018
BREAKING NEWS - We're coming to China/Taiwan in April! Get ready for a few beers, a few laughs, and a shit ton of dim sum. Beijing - 4/13 Shanghai - 4/14 Hangzhou - 4/15 Guangzhou - 4/17 Kunming - 4/20 dude Taipei - 4/22
Yuck Jan 06, 2018
Hi everyone I'll be back playing my solo shows next week in Hiroshima and Tokyo. Come and say hi! Mariko xxx Jan 2018 8 Hiroshima, Saka Jam Base, Duo w/ ngtkc 12 Roppongi, Varit w Hisako Tabuchi (Number Girl, toddle / bloodthirsty butchers), Aiha Higurashi (Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her / THE GIRL) 14 Shibuya, The Room w Kohhei Mastuda (Bo Ningen) 16 Shibuya, Home w Isogai Naofumi (f,THE ANDS) , Shinya Kato (Asakusa Jinta) 17 Shimokitazawa w Onga Shuhei ( electro 53 ), Yusuke Kobayashi (THE NOVEMBERS) Check out my new page for more info.
Yuck Dec 21, 2017
Listen back to this weeks radio show here!
Yuck Dec 06, 2017
Hey It's Mariko here. I am soooo excited to announce that I'll be touring Japan in Dec and Jan. I'll be playing new songs as well! My lovely friends are joining me on stage here and there. Come and see my beautiful guitar. xxx Tour dates Dec 2017 28 Shindaita, Crossing, Duo w/ Yoshinori Arie (VOLA&THE ORIENTALMACHINE) 29 Odawara, Desture 30 Atami, Maruya Jan 2018 8 Hiroshima, Saka Jam Base, Duo w/ ngtkc 10 Kyoto, Pachanga, Duo w/ T-gami 12 Roppongi, Varit 14 Shibuya, The Room 16 Shibuya, Home, Trio w/ Y. Arie + Ryoko Nakano (Bo Peep) 17 Shimokitazawa, Bar? CCO, Duo w/ Y. Arie
Yuck Dec 01, 2017
New episode of Infinite Corridor is now online! Today's theme is bass players, from Kim Deal to Carol Kaye. Listen now! 👇
Yuck Nov 30, 2017
Tuesday's show now available to listen online, new music from Art Feynman, Girl Ray, Ty Segall, Neon Bunny & Camp Cope. Also Heavy Heart came in for a chat. Listen now 👇
Yuck Nov 24, 2017
Listen back to this week's Boogaloo Radio show now! 2 hours of shit music. Also had Ellie & Naima from Goat Girl in for a chat. Listen now!
Yuck Nov 21, 2017
Don't spaghett to listen to Gold Soundz this evening at 5-7pm GMT on Boogaloo Radio. Music from Sleater Kinney, The Amps, Television & more. Also Naima & Ellie from Goat Girl are coming in for a chat. Listen live at
Yuck Nov 17, 2017
New episode of Infinite Corridor now online - INF010 | Women In Music. Featuring tracks by The Amps, Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, Nico, Stereolab & more. Listen now 👇
Yuck Nov 10, 2017
A little treat for your ears this Friday - INF009 | Guitar Solos, featuring Black Sabbath, Weezer, Wilco, Smashing Pumpkins & more. Listen below!
Yuck Nov 07, 2017
On Boogaloo Radio right now! Coming up there’s new music from Sunflower Bean, Pinegrove, Flying Lotus & more. Also talking about my favourite film soundtracks. Listen live at
Yuck Oct 31, 2017
Hola amigos - I'm on Boogaloo Radio this evening from 5pm - 7pm. Rowan from The Rhythm Method is coming in for a chat. Listen live on
Yuck Oct 23, 2017
Henlo frens - I'll be starting a new radio show on Boogaloo Radio tomorrow and every Tuesday thereafter from 6pm-8pm GMT. Listen/watch live on
Yuck Oct 20, 2017
Happy Friday! New episode of Infinite Corridor now online - INF008 | Breakup Songs
Yuck Oct 13, 2017
Happy Friday!