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28 2019
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YTCracker Jun 14, 2019
brother mom cousin nerd
YTCracker Jun 08, 2019
BUCKWHEAT GROATS - Take Yourself Out Tha Game
YTCracker May 27, 2019
Amplitude Problem - Enter My World FT. YTCracker (Max James Remix)
YTCracker May 26, 2019
from @jkwondough
YTCracker May 23, 2019
japanese life advice h/t tripp
YTCracker May 22, 2019
although @michaelmalice used to do MS tech support at goldman sachs, do *not* take his advice here and never update your winbox. backing up in "three places" because "i'm a crazy person like that" solves nothing unless you're airgapped 24/7. @joerogan is right. hack planet.
YTCracker May 22, 2019
this scene gets me so emotional when taraji/shug starts out timid then nails the take and hears herself on playback that feel is real
YTCracker May 22, 2019
‪i invoke cancel culture on this fucking cat toy‬ ‪assuming my cat’s gender and pronouns in the instruction manual is insensitive and cruel‬
YTCracker May 21, 2019
in case you need a laugh this morning tinder do not sue me please
YTCracker May 20, 2019
syndicate incoming nice guiman confirmed (last one headline didnt match the drapes)
YTCracker May 20, 2019
for you twin cities players, i will be performing at @AniMinneapolis this upcoming weekend (may 24-26). raps friday 9:30pm, bringing the heat on the decks saturday night.
YTCracker May 19, 2019
yung @mandarinphish holding down secret LAX tunnel
YTCracker May 19, 2019
#bsod you know what it be
YTCracker May 19, 2019
no miscreants in my neighborhood baby
YTCracker May 14, 2019
#define - episode i - take a knee
YTCracker May 13, 2019
MC Lars
YTCracker May 12, 2019
my friend peter
YTCracker May 10, 2019
rest in peace to my grandmother she disassembled this morning and returned to the Great Repository love you eternally
YTCracker May 09, 2019
cloudy santa monica day
YTCracker May 04, 2019
haircut life
YTCracker Apr 20, 2019
YTCracker Apr 19, 2019
requisite instagram food picture
YTCracker Apr 19, 2019
yung palm springs
YTCracker Apr 11, 2019
don magic juans cadillac goes hard green for the money gold for the honey
YTCracker Apr 11, 2019
17 years apart yung don magic juan and ytcracker