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Commitment to Complications
Commitment to Complications
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Dia De Los Deftones Dia De Los Deftones 2019
Venue: Petco Park (San Diego, CA, US) Find tickets
YOUTH CODE Jul 29, 2019
You guys ready to witness this dream come true?
YOUTH CODE Jun 08, 2019
Check out the remix we did on the latest Children Of Bodom record, Hexed. Such an honor for us!
YOUTH CODE May 03, 2019
Back at our all time favorite venue @mohawkaustin with our buddies in @_health_ and @mrkittydm thank you @tomasraul for the photo!
YOUTH CODE May 02, 2019
YOUTH CODE Apr 30, 2019
AAAAATLANTAAAAA!!!!! We’re playing masquerade tonight! Doors at 7 and I think we’re on at 8? Something like that. I’ve got a cracked sternum/ rib and Ryan threw out his back, yet neither of those things are gonna stop us from bringing it hard as we can tonight. See ya later! Someone bring @mpapeeweelongway or @migos or @laflare1017 to the gig tonight. K thnx bye!
YOUTH CODE Apr 27, 2019
Tonight we’re playing Philly at Underground arts. Doors at 8, we’re on at 9:50. Who’s bringing a box from @vegantreats ?
YOUTH CODE Apr 25, 2019
BROOOOOOOKLYNN IN THE HOUUUUUSE * ODB voice* we’re playing elsewhere tonight and it’s been sold the fuck out for a minute so I apologize if you can’t see this return to ripping that we’re about to pull. We’re on at 9:30! PIT
YOUTH CODE Apr 23, 2019
TORONTO. WE’RE BAAAAACK! Come rip it up with us and the homies in @_health_ very limited tickets left for tonight. Doors at 7 we hit the stage at 8pm! Don’t miss out!
YOUTH CODE Apr 19, 2019
Tonight in St. Paul! Super stoked to decimate the Amsterdam tonight with @_health_ and 16 MK as our special guests!!!!! Doors at 8, let’s RIP. (Idk who took this photo but thank you and tag yourself)
YOUTH CODE Apr 14, 2019
Guess who’s back in Vancouver?!? You got that right, and we play venue nightclub TONIGHT! Doors at 7, we go on at 8pm! Photo by @joshuajessup .
YOUTH CODE Apr 10, 2019
NIGHT ONE OF TOUR STARTS TONIGHT IN OAKLAND! Pumped to wreck New Parish with @_health_ tonight. We hit stage at 9. Let’s go!
YOUTH CODE Jan 25, 2019
Attn friends in Austin: we will not be playing Austin Terror Fest- but, you get us earlier on the Health tour anyways, so I guess that’s the plus side of it. Line up still looks bomb! Support rad shows so they can keep happening. Wish we were doing Austin twice in such a short time frame, but it’s all good. Well be back more this year. 🖤
YOUTH CODE Jan 13, 2019
Tickets and dates for our upcoming tour with HEALTH Beyond excited for this run!
YOUTH CODE Dec 14, 2018
YOUTH CODE Dec 12, 2018
Rad playlist from REVOLVER Magazine. Jam it!
YOUTH CODE Nov 14, 2018
Always nice to be featured on the #1 blog for dark jams. Thank you I Die: You Die! Also, the collab with HEALTH is up for grabs on all the streaming sites. Righteous.
YOUTH CODE Nov 09, 2018
VOLUME UP! s/o HEALTH and Los Angeles
YOUTH CODE Sep 27, 2018
Debut track from Sara’s other band! It fucking rips.
YOUTH CODE Sep 19, 2018
Starting the process..... YC3
YOUTH CODE Aug 20, 2018
Insanely stoked to have gotten this care package from @daisrecords . Thanks guys! Everything is this package is a banger. ( FYI obvi I know the merzbow + hexa record isn’t xiu xiu but hi Jamie!)
YOUTH CODE Aug 06, 2018
This month’s @revolvermag . Shouts to the other big dogs @bandofnothing @powertriptx and @ho99o9 who also have a cover variant. Issue out now!!!!!
YOUTH CODE Aug 06, 2018
Happy Birthday to our savage of synths, Ryan George.
YOUTH CODE Jul 22, 2018
Brooklyn. This is Free. RSVP RIGHT THE FUCK NOW at . We are beyond honored to be with our Wax Trax family for this. If you haven’t seen the documentary yet you are in for a fucking TREAT. Let’s go!!!!!
YOUTH CODE Jul 19, 2018
Sara wrote a great article over at @revolvermag on how @marilynmanson changed her whole shit. Head over there if you want to see a photo of her teenage lunchbox and read a nice piece.
YOUTH CODE Jul 13, 2018
Last night was an absolute treat!!!!! Thank you @houseofvans , @deadmilkmenofficial , @causticmf , @waxtraxchicago and San Andreas Fault! Now back to the lab to keep at YC3! 📸 : @danielboczarski