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Colossal Youth
Live At the Hurrah
Young Marble Giants Official Aug 18, 2019
I have been invited by Cerys Matthews to play my new solo set at The Good Life Experience festival at 8pm on Saturday evening 14th September. I will be performing songs from 1978 up to 14th Sept 2019, wherever possible using specially remixed and edited, original studio multitrack recordings as backing tracks. The festival asked me for a biog. Here it is: "Hello, I'm Stuart, and I'm a songaholic. Born in 1955 I grew up through the 1960s and '70s when postwar prosperity and new technologies meant that music was by far the dominant popular cultural form - and also the embodiment of the rebelliousness of that first wave of “Teenagers” - an American idea imported along with rock 'n' roll music. It is sometimes difficult to imagine now that music could have had that extraordinary power but cheap portable transistor radios, the new fangled television and affordable vinyl records, (and eventually cassettes,) meant that youth music was heard everywhere. Just as Welsh anthracite coal had powered the Industrial Revolution, the substance which fuelled this global celebration was The Song. I was immersed in The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, et al as they happened. Crucially the technology involved in making and recording music, up until the very late 70s, meant that it was written and played on musical instruments, by people in rooms, all together at the same time; all surfing that mystical interaction. When, in 1978, I formed Young Marble Giants with my brother Phil and Alison Statton we were effectively a 1970's band looking into the near future for our sound. We played instruments and sang together but dispensed with bothersome drumkits and adopted a hobbyist rhythm generator and another home made item built by a cousin, called a ring modulator, which blended any two input signals together. We also had an early synthesizer but in those days they were profoundly unmusical things precisely because they were misguidedly trying to gain acceptance by badly emulating real instruments. Anyway; my focus has always been the song. One of my earliest live experiences was a Ralph McTell concert at the New Theatre in Cardiff circa 1974 when I was struck by the way one singer/guitarist could entrance an audience with songs which were like architecture; buildings made of musical stories into which the listener is unwittingly led. I had always wanted to be a writer and the idea of making music only came to me via a casual invitation from a friend to learn the guitar, because all formal music education had put me off completely. So music became the vehicle for me to write and after several obscure years of musical exploration and dreadful, derivative lyrics, Young Marble Giants was the project which enabled me to dig out what I actually had to say. Subsequently I have undergone a long process of shedding the imprinted YMG formula, finding my voice as a singer and my style as a song writer and going solo - which is the most effective way of working, for me - whilst inviting people to contribute to recordings from time to time. I have remixed backing tracks from my extensive studio archives especially to accompany my performances for this new Set which I look forward to introducing and hope you will enjoy."
Young Marble Giants Official Aug 18, 2019
YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS John Peel 18th August 1980
Young Marble Giants Official Aug 09, 2019
This was fun
Young Marble Giants Official Jul 31, 2019
"Alison Statton & Spike aren't simply back with their first album in more than two decades, but have redefined their long-running musical partnership with a collection of songs matching the diversity of Weekend's classic "La Varieté" with a charm and innocence that reflects the fact that every note of this album was performed by the two of them alone, with no help from outside musicians, engineers or any other living soul. The advent of technology has allowed for these songs to be recorded at home and in comfort, revealing the most personal and charming collection of songs in their careers."
Young Marble Giants Official Jul 30, 2019
The Gist second album: "I took the title “Holding Pattern” from a recent, as yet unrecorded, song because I needed something pronto for this album. It wasn't until I started writing these sleeve notes that I saw its significance; the music here having waited 35 years or so to land. Almost as bad as Heathrow. "
Young Marble Giants Official Jul 29, 2019
The Birds Are a Good Idea from the 1981album The Sound of the Sand and Other Songs of the Pedestrian by David Thomas (Pere Ubu). Phil Moxham plays bass; the song is credited to Moxham, Thomas, and Richard Thompson.
Young Marble Giants Official Jul 27, 2019
The Gist - Love at First Sight
Young Marble Giants Official Jul 26, 2019
French singer Etienne Daho's cover of Stuart's "Love At First Sight" (1986)
Young Marble Giants Official Jul 24, 2019
From Alison and Spike "Tidal Blues"
Young Marble Giants Official Jul 17, 2019
Young Marble Giants Official Jun 29, 2019
Young Marble Giants Official Jun 21, 2019
French musician Rubin Steiner just released a track called GIRLS, from his new album - dedicated to the female musicians - YMG is in it, with almost 50 others
Young Marble Giants Official Jun 09, 2019
Paris,1980. Remember this Stuart Moxham?
Young Marble Giants Official Jun 04, 2019
"Alison Statton with her brothers Stuart and Phillip Moxham" :)
Young Marble Giants Official May 02, 2019
Liner notes from Weekend "81 Demos"
Young Marble Giants Official Mar 21, 2019
Tiny Global Productions
Young Marble Giants Official Feb 22, 2019
Stuart Moxham 09/06/18 Paris 20è, private garden party
Young Marble Giants Official Feb 01, 2019
Version for a snowed in day off...
Young Marble Giants Official Jan 29, 2019
Decade 7787 - a grown up disco: new wave, punk, postpunk, goth & indie
Young Marble Giants Official Jan 24, 2019
Young Marble Giants Official's cover photo
Young Marble Giants Official Jan 08, 2019
Young Marble Giants Official's cover photo
Young Marble Giants Official Nov 12, 2018
Young Marble Giants Official Nov 09, 2018
London, you too can see a rare show by Alison, Stuart and Spike. That's next Sunday at Cafe Oto
Young Marble Giants Official Nov 01, 2018
A happy day in Tiger Bay. Rehearsing, reminiscing and laughing with Alison and Spike whilst drinking a very good Rioja out of crystal glasses - it wasn't like this in the 1980s! - although Spike has always been the host with the most.
Young Marble Giants Official Oct 30, 2018