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Voices of Animals & Men
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Young Knives Jun 09, 2019
It’s Monday tomorrow and I’m near Lyndhurst, Hampshire. Can’t think of a caption.
Young Knives Jun 05, 2019
If anyone is interested we do have a handful of Set-List T-shirts from The Wheatsheaf Show. Pretty much 2 of every size:
Young Knives Jun 02, 2019
Young Knives
Young Knives Jun 01, 2019
Thanks for coming down to watch us blow the cobwebs out. We were buzzing from the response, so many nice things were said and those who hated it stayed quiet, which is really good manners. Thanks giving the new tracks a chance. The Wheatsheaf is a great venue right? Thanks to Joal Shearing, Jimmy Hetherington, Lee Riley, Michelle Hilborne, Mike Monaghan, Simon Bailey and Crosstown promotions. More of that kind of shit please.
Young Knives May 31, 2019
Doors at 8 tonight at Wheatsheaf, Oxford. Don’t miss out support Lee Riley doing some out there guitar experimentation. We should be on 9-9.30ish.
Young Knives May 30, 2019
We are performing as a duo in Oxford tomorrow, it will also be in full 3D
Young Knives May 30, 2019
Oxford show tomorrow. I hope we aren’t shit.
Young Knives May 24, 2019
That time we were on Soccer AM with Tim Westwood:
Young Knives May 23, 2019
We're playing Ritual Union this year. Line up looks nice. Tickets are here:
Young Knives May 09, 2019
3 Set-List T-shirts left
Young Knives May 08, 2019
In advance of our show in Oxford on 31st May we have 20 hand printed T-shirts with the setlist for the show available to buy in our web store. I (Henry) have spent today printing them up, so get one now if you want wear the setlist to the gig. Most unisex sizes available up to XXXL. £15. These are hand printed so expect some irregularities.... Peace & Love xx
Young Knives Mar 30, 2019
's cover photo
Young Knives Mar 30, 2019
Young Knives Mar 29, 2019
Happy "slow descent into hell" day. You know how we are always really great at audience requests, We were just interested to know to answer to the below poll. Obviously it goes without saying that the outcome of this vote is not legally binding and we can choose to disregard it entirely, and probably will. I want Young Knives to play the old songs
Young Knives Mar 29, 2019
Tickets on sale now. If you are not sure what to expect here is an explanation: “Never have a back-up plan” I don’t know who said it but since hearing it I have realised that this is how me and my brother make music; persistence is everything. Persistence creates the opportunity for new ideas, or, if you aren’t in it, you won’t win it. We are performing this set as a duo, and although we do have a great drummer for some shows when we need to go huge, we have realised that this is an opportunity to try something new. Luckily the world has moved on and you don’t need actual musicians to make a great music show, you just need balls. That’s what this show is all about, a little gig to try out some ideas we have had in front of 125 people, so that if doesn’t work not many people will hear about it. Like the shows we did for "Sick Octave" our last album and our residency at Modern Art Oxford, we will use found sound, spoken word and performance to create something that is more than just a gig, but with the whole gig vibe remaining intact. Will we pull it off? I dunno you should come see. Cheers Henry
Young Knives Mar 27, 2019
Young Knives - Unhinged and Experimental. Live show, 1 night only. 31 May 2019 - Oxford, The Wheatsheaf. Tickets on sale Friday 29 March at 10:00am
Young Knives Mar 27, 2019
Young Knives
Young Knives Mar 27, 2019
Young Knives - Unhinged and Experimental. Live show, 1 night only. 31 May 2019 - Oxford, The Wheatsheaf. Tickets on sale Friday 29 March at 10:00am
Young Knives Mar 27, 2019
Young Knives Live Show - 31 May 2019 - Oxford, The Wheatsheaf - Unhinged & Experimental, 1 night only Tickets on sale Friday 29 March at 10:00 AM
Young Knives Mar 21, 2019
Goodbye Cellar. So Sad!
Young Knives Mar 14, 2019
No words. This was the place. Thanks Tim Hopkins for the memories. Thanks to everyone who ever watched us here and for everyone who supported the campaign and just everyone who ever went there. Please remember that The Cellar wasn't just a building, it was the audience, it was the meeting of people who loved the music and the freedom that brought: In short, The Cellar was you, so you are being closed down. I wish it could have turned out different, but I have a good feeling about the future and I know that the feeling of love for this place can make good stuff happen again. OK so some words...
Young Knives Feb 13, 2019
Working on a video for the last few weeks. Another completely DIY effort and the better for it I think. Just got to the point where doing every thing ourselves is the only way we like it, even though it all takes ages. Plus we can be as unpleasant and as stupid as we like.
Young Knives Dec 11, 2018
Say no to crime and yes to roller skating.