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Ornaments from the Silver Arcade
Are Dead and Some
Voices of Animals & Men
Voices of Animals and Men
Are Dead
Young Knives Feb 13, 2019
Working on a video for the last few weeks. Another completely DIY effort and the better for it I think. Just got to the point where doing every thing ourselves is the only way we like it, even though it all takes ages. Plus we can be as unpleasant and as stupid as we like.
Young Knives Dec 11, 2018
Say no to crime and yes to roller skating.
Young Knives Dec 07, 2018
Fuck yeah!
Young Knives Dec 03, 2018
Spent the weekend recording and producing the reasonably talented KONE. They are gonna love all the bits I’ve added to their tracks since they left this evening.
Young Knives Nov 21, 2018
Young Knives
Young Knives Nov 21, 2018
Only 6 days to go. Please help us save the Cellar! #cellarforever
Young Knives Nov 18, 2018
Please help if you can. The cellar is cool as fuck and no cellar would make the world just a bit shitter.
Young Knives Sep 29, 2018
Having a clear out. Found the first draft of a classic....
Young Knives Sep 13, 2018
Messing round with this crunchy old Eko organ today. Scrunchy good.
Young Knives Jul 24, 2018
Big purple finger blues
Young Knives Jun 13, 2018
Instagram cropped it so here is the full length in all its glory. Worth the wait.
Young Knives Jun 13, 2018
Circa 1995 poster of our original incarnation. #nonostalgia
Young Knives Jun 10, 2018
Timeline Photos
Young Knives Jun 08, 2018
This show we are putting together requires some lighting/projection wizadry that is a bit too complicated for me. Anybody spent time doing this kind of thing? MIDI controlling Lights and Visuals with Ableton, that kind of thing?
Young Knives Jun 07, 2018 Thanks to Scroobius Pip for introducing me to Rutger Bregman. There is a future for the Human race and maybe we should all start trying to make this shit happen. Who's with me? Great Podcast too.
Young Knives Jun 02, 2018
Urrrr I yum yeah
Young Knives Jun 01, 2018
I did a Spotify playlist for some weekend horror. Love you x #NowPlaying
Young Knives Mar 22, 2018
There are a lot of new Young Knives tunes that exist, just in case you were worried that we had forgotten about you all. You may have seen the one we snuck out at Christmas for a few days, well we have a bunch more and we will be letting you hear them all soon.
Young Knives Mar 10, 2018
Thanks to @swm2k2 on Twitter it appears to be the 10th anniversary if Superabundance today. We don’t really do the past but it is a record that we enjoyed a lot, fun times. Plus it was the record that won us a fan that became our passionate and tireless manager Michelle Hilborne and for that we will be eternally grateful. X
Young Knives Mar 02, 2018
Ungdomskulen are back and badass as usual.
Young Knives Jan 05, 2018
Evil genius kids just fucked up B&M bargains shit.
Young Knives Jan 04, 2018
BBC Archive
Young Knives Dec 22, 2017
It wouldn't be Christmas without smoky, semi-naked men
Young Knives Nov 30, 2017
Just in case you didn't already know what the best album of 2017 was.