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Down Time
Crying My Heart Out (Single)
Privileged Poor (Single)
Hard to Tell (Remix Bundle)
Invisible Republic
Young Galaxy
Young Galaxy Aug 25, 2019
Happy face in the sky for the 10th Anniversary of our 2nd album Invisible Republic ☺️
Young Galaxy Aug 15, 2019
Ok so it’s time I got brave and shared the sketches, the demos, the bum notes of this process. We’re deep in the mines and loving it right now, but it makes me too silent everywhere else. I’ve gotta shine a light, you know. Let it peek out sometimes. #introvert
Young Galaxy Aug 15, 2019
Writing in my summer kitchen
Young Galaxy Feb 14, 2019
Stephen has posted what follows on his personal Facebook page and I’m so grateful because I have just felt too wrecked by sadness to come up with the words and he has captured what a wonderful and important friend Darryl has been to us. The best I can do is to add this: We felt a profound kinship with Darryl, he was a brother to us. Somehow, we’d started our adult lives from the same musical source, built our lives, careers and our families in parallel. It felt like he was somehow under the same sky that we were. He had this rolling buoyancy that was on board for it all because of his love of the music, and because of his family. We spoke so often about our shared points of reference musically, and about our families, and the perspectives that guided us in nurturing and protecting both, that we felt we knew his truly adored family even before we met them. And, as we have always felt with him, we feel he keeps us on track and supports us in the best part of what we do, in the spirit of what we do, in the reason we do it. Music saves. And we loved that guy. Catherine. --------------- This has been a hard week. The sudden passing of Darryl Weeks has left a chasm in our lives. Darryl was the closest friend I've made in my time in the music industry, a man of such exuberance and passion and goodwill that I sought his company, his opinions, his humour, long after the project of working together was finished. He was the consummate music fan and believed so much in the people that made the music he loved, that he made it his mission in life to be a music publicist, to champion music and connect people through it - to bring people together through art and show. He knew that music saves. If Darryl was feeling it, you bet you were fucking feeling it too, because he embodied the spirit of music. He would have told you he was just a fan, but he was so much more - because for all the big talk and empty promises of the music industry, Darryl was the guy who’d be there with a coffee in his hand for you after a sleepless night, Darryl would be the one crashing on the couch at the label’s office in order to see your gig on a weekday evening during a snowstorm, Darryl would be the first person greeting you as you came off stage after the gig, with his big shit-eating grin and ready to hug you hard. Every time. Seeing him coming into his own recently, working with his boyhood idols The Charlatans, standing just behind him at their gig during their POP Montreal show this past fall was one of the most satisfying things I’d seen in a long time. It was an arrival, the culmination of so many years of laying his proverbial coat down over the mud puddles of the music industry for so many others, me included, without so much a word of complaint. I watched him singing along word for word, hands in the air, head bobbing, sweating, smiling, lost in the moment with all the songs that had helped guide the way out of his youth and into a life in music. After the gig, he introduced Catherine and me to Tim Burgess of The Charlatans, who he was proud to call a friend. Despite this being his world, he knew we were also huge fans of the band and in typical Darryl fashion, he introduced us, stood back to let us have a moment with Tim, and then took a picture of Tim, Catherine and I together. Darryl, facilitating other people’s moments, as always. The band packed up, we went outside, hugged, said goodbye and see you soon, and watched him pile into a crowded van with his favourite band of all time. It was the last time we would see him. Darryl Weeks was earnest, hilarious generous and one of the finest human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Frankly there is nothing I could write about him that could do him justice. I loved this man so much. Our hearts go out to his lovely family. Xo
Young Galaxy Feb 06, 2019
Proud to share this new track from Acid House Ragas, the project Stephen shares with our good friend Rishi Dhir of Elephant Stone!
Young Galaxy Jan 27, 2019
Proud to have worked on this great song with my friend L.A. Foster - check it out here!
Young Galaxy Jan 15, 2019
We're proud to announce Light Conductor, Stephen's new project with Jace of The Besnard Lakes, coming out this March on the mighty Constellation Records!
Young Galaxy Nov 16, 2018
We're delighted to announce that our good friend Rishi Dhir and our own Stephen Ramsay have a new project called Acid House Ragas - here's the first single, Bhairavi, out now!
Young Galaxy Oct 02, 2018
We are so excited to get back to Chicago tomorrow. Check out Snow Leopard on the Chicago Mixtape below and we'll see you tomorrow at Subterranean! Tickets available at the door.
Young Galaxy Oct 02, 2018
Oh the disarming splendour that is San Francisco 💗🌈 please have us back soon. WE LOVE YOU!!
Young Galaxy Oct 01, 2018
Yesterday was amazing! Thank you San Francisco and Folsom Street Fair! Next up we are in Chicago at Subterranean (Oct 3rd!) and The 27 Club Ottawa on (Oct 6th). Ticket links in bio! It’s our last shows for a very long time.... come dance! ✨(📸= @saintrik )
Young Galaxy Oct 01, 2018
Folsommmm Street Events!!!🙇🏻‍♀️ THANK YOU for having us!! So good to return to the pleasures, persuasions and celebrations here in San Francisco. 💛💛
Young Galaxy Sep 28, 2018
Snow Leopard is out wherever you listen to music! We hope you enjoy this last Young Galaxy offering. We hope to see some of you at our last three shows in San Francisco (Sept 30th), Chicago (Oct 3rd) and Ottawa (Oct 6th). Thanks for listening:
Young Galaxy Sep 25, 2018
Thanks for taking the time to watch / listen to our new track Future. In case you missed it - we released a video for Future which is on the new EP coming out on Friday. Watch below. And you can pre-order the EP here:
Young Galaxy Sep 24, 2018
We have released an official video for a track called Future off the upcoming EP (out this Friday!). Thank you Gorilla vs. Bear for premiering it. We've also released a statement about the future of this project and what's next for us. Please click below to read that. And thank you to everyone who has listened, shared and appreciated our music over the past 12 years. We are truly truly thankful for the support. - Love Stephen & Catherine
Young Galaxy Sep 22, 2018
ONE week away! September 30th we play @folsomstreetevents Feeling welcomed and honoured and to be asked back to San Francisco after such a short time away. #feelingwanted 📸@keirawight
Young Galaxy Sep 21, 2018
We are excited to announce we are releasing a new EP we recorded alongside Down Time. It comes out next Friday (September 28th). You can hear the title track Snow Leopard now / pre-order it digitally:
Young Galaxy Sep 20, 2018
Young Galaxy Sep 20, 2018
Young Galaxy Aug 27, 2018
San Francisco we are excited to be back playing for you on September 30th as part of the Folsom Street Fair. We are playing the mainstage at 2:50PM!
Young Galaxy Aug 10, 2018
Tickets are now on sale for Chicago and Ottawa!! You can grab them here:
Young Galaxy Aug 07, 2018
Excited to announce we'll be playing Ottawa and Chicago in October! Tickets on sale THIS Friday at 10AMCST!
Young Galaxy Apr 21, 2018
Looking for something to do tonight in Montreal after stocking up on #rsd2018 finds? Come by the Phi Centre and catch us wrapping up our #DownTime tour at home. Thanks for the feature Cult MTL
Young Galaxy Apr 20, 2018
Guess who's big in Belgium?! Thanks for the feature Disco Naivete!