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Dopamine (Ep)
Blood Vine
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Charmed & Strange
Yoav Jun 21, 2019
Yoav Jun 21, 2019
Happy midsummer/midwinter y’all. Here is a new version of my song Touch with some summer remix vibrations from Danny O, who is resident DJ at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza... Just in case you feel like leaping around the dance floor this weekend... 💃 🕺 Stream/download -->
Yoav May 30, 2019
Hey friends. Just a quick greeting from down in Cape Town. I’ve just started working on some totally fresh inspiring new projects and directions. It feels a bit like starting over, which feels grand. Here is a fitting pic that I just discovered thanks to my brother. That’s me jamming on my very first guitar many many moons ago. Blessings and Good Vibrations Y
Yoav May 14, 2019
Greetings and salutations, friends.. I'm back in studio again putting together some new ideas and sounds for something quite different. Sending good vibrations from Cape Town.
Yoav Mar 08, 2019
Yoav has just finished up six weeks on tour, playing live in concert halls all over Europe. Now enjoy one Yoav's finest new tunes on the deepest darkest Berlin dancefloors. Renowned German DJ/producer sascha braemer has done a magnificent club remix of "Touch". It's a magical song in it's original version, and Braemer has taken the very essence and mystery of "Touch" into this masterpiece of a club banger. ⚡️ Get it here ➡️
Yoav Mar 05, 2019
During the recent tour, Yoav was interviewed by ÂUGHT Magazine in Kiev, Ukraine.
Yoav Mar 02, 2019
Last call for all friends, who want to see Yoav on his "Multiverse Tour". Tonight Yoav performs live in Moscow tonight and tomorrow in Yekaterinburg. If you missed it, see Yoav perform "Blood Moon" here on Russian TV the other day!
Yoav Jan 21, 2019
Howl at the moon if you are up very early tomorrow morning.. It’s a wolf blood moon, I do believe!
Yoav Dec 31, 2018
Yoav's cover photo
Yoav Dec 30, 2018
Taken from the live session at Tiger Spice Studios in Copenhagen, captured by CPH LIVE back in September. Yoav has not played "Dopamine" live that much in the past, so stay tuned for this stunning version. Can you keep track of the number of layers on Yoav's loop? Yoav is on tour in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Ukraine and Russia in February and March. Make sure to check out the dates here ➡️
Yoav Dec 29, 2018
Here is a downtempo breakbeat version of "We All Are Dancing" recorded live at Tiger Spice Studios in Copenhagen, captured by CPH LIVE. Experience Yoav building up the groove from scratch on his new looping gear.
Yoav Dec 28, 2018
Live from Tiger Spice Studios in Copenhagen, captured by CPH LIVE. Here is "Club Thing".
Yoav Dec 14, 2018
New music out today.. a remix collaboration of Yoav’s most recent single, Touch with South African electronica whiz, HAEZER. Yoav says - "Here be a new remix of Touch from my friend and fellow Capetonian DJ/producer Haezer​. I’ve been very much looking forward to releasing this wicked hypnotic mysterious mix". Find it here ➡️
Yoav Oct 27, 2018
Yoav visited Denmark during the week of releasing "Multiverse" where he tested out his new songs and live setup by performing some intimate living room gigs with the Low-Fi team. Here is an interview from just before one of those gigs...
Yoav Oct 17, 2018
MULTIVERSE TOUR 2019 Next up: Russia and Ukraine! Greetings to my Russian and Ukrainian friends. I have some news for you - I am going to be bringing my new live show to you early next year in February. I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again soon and I'm going to go out and buy a whole bunch of gloves and scarves to keep myself warm in the winter. Here are the dates: 27 Feb - Kiev - Yoav 27.02 Atlas 01 Mar - St. Petersburg Yoav. Multiverse Tour | клуб Zal 02 Mar - Moscow - YOAV - Moscow - RED Club 03 Mar - Ekaterineburg - Yoav • 3 марта в Доме печати
Yoav Sep 25, 2018
The moon continues to fascinate.
Yoav Sep 19, 2018
Denmark! Pre-sale for the 3 shows in Denmark in Februar is open now. Ticket sales will start on Friday, but as a member of Yoav's newsletter you will get access to a pre-sale already from TODAY. Click over here to join and get instant access to pre-sale tickets ➡️
Yoav Sep 17, 2018
MULTIVERSE TOUR 2019 Next up: Denmark! Yoav will be making 3 stops in Denmark on his tour in 2019. Ticket sales will start on Friday 21 September, but as a member of Yoav's newsletter you will get access to a pre-sale already from Wednesday. Click over here to join and get access to pre-sale tickets ➡️ Further shows will be announced soon.
Yoav Sep 14, 2018
MULTIVERSE TOUR 2019 First up: Germany, Switzerland and Austria! We are super excited to announce that Yoav will be on tour in 2019. First up are the dates for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Ticket sales will start on Monday, but as a member of Yoav's newsletter you will get access to a pre-sale already TODAY from 10am (Central European Time). Click over here to join and get access to pre-sale tickets now ➡️ More countries will be announced soon.
Yoav Sep 11, 2018
Greetings friends, After many moons and countless adventures, my fourth studio record "Multiverse" is finally out and about. The awesome cover art is created by Dylan Culhane. Get it here... and let me know what you think ➡️ Enjoy! Y.
Yoav Aug 31, 2018
Hey friends. I've just arrived in London. Heading to Copenhagen on Monday for a week of singing, playing, interviews and adventures. Stay tuned here for some fresh treats from me. Meanwhile these beauties have arrived from the factory. How do you like the violet colored vinyl? Much love, Yo. You can pre-order CD and vinyl here -->
Yoav Aug 26, 2018
Yoav’s new full length album "Multiverse" will be released on 07 September. If you pre-order the album now via iTunes, you will get an instant download of "Blood Moon" and "Touch". Click here --> The album will also be available on CD and vinyl. More news to follow.
Yoav Aug 07, 2018
Hey there. I'm finally getting myself onto Instagram, as my life starts to pick up pace and excitement in the run up to my new album release. I thought a grand way to begin there would be to introduce you to the spectacular album art for my record, by my super talented compadre Dylan Culhane - check it out over here ➡️
Yoav Jul 27, 2018
Lunar eclipse tonight - who's watching? I am looking forward to seeing the pix of your blood moon in the comments below!
Yoav Jul 10, 2018
Yoav talks about about working with producer Lasse Illinton Mosegard in Ibiza... If you want to see the full length 12 minute mini documentary about the new record, then sign up to Yoav's newsletter here Members of the newsletter will get early access to the full length video, so come along if you can't wait to hear more snippets of the new songs. Yoav will also explain why he chose "Multiverse" as the title for the new album.