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Amen & Goodbye
Good Evening Washington D.C., Live at 9:30 Club
Live at Ancienne Belgique
Fragrant World
Odd Blood
All Hour Cymbals
Yeasayer Dec 06, 2018
TBT. Just 3 dudes covered in slimey future spunk
Yeasayer Dec 03, 2018
This book! 🤯
Yeasayer Nov 15, 2018
Yeasayer Nov 10, 2018
Studio Serenity Now
Yeasayer Nov 01, 2018
Yeasayer Oct 22, 2018
>10 years since fellow psychonaut and cosmic filmmaker #vincentmoon shot our take-away show in Paris for @blogotheque. Great to reconnect in Brooklyn and reminisce all these years later. In case you missed it, link in bio for some very long hair and a capella subway singing.
Yeasayer Oct 12, 2018
TBT. Boy Band at the Berlin Wall. ##berlinwall #badhaircut #boyband
Yeasayer Sep 29, 2018
Sad Kav
Yeasayer Sep 28, 2018
Angry Ratfaced Lindsey Graham. Portraits from a judicial hearing. #swine #shamefulGOP
Yeasayer Sep 25, 2018
Just doing some recording in the Catskill Mountains. #nofilter #nice #pretty #mountains #reservoir #water #air #breathing #sky #bobross
Yeasayer Sep 16, 2018
Call Me By Your Name. Italia 2018. #short-shorts
Yeasayer Sep 16, 2018
Yeasayer Sep 09, 2018
Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.
Yeasayer Sep 04, 2018
Pseudo Intellectual pose in the south of France?Checkmate! 🇫🇷 #gordes #provence #anchovies
Yeasayer Aug 29, 2018
The prohibited items displayed in the Dublin airport are my 12 year old self in a box #dublin #brassknuckles
Yeasayer Aug 26, 2018
Vincent Van Slow
Yeasayer Aug 15, 2018
The Ghost Busters. 1975. Oh, wait, huh?
Yeasayer Aug 11, 2018
😥 DNA don’t lie #23andme
Yeasayer Aug 02, 2018
Got a new shirt. Found an old friend. No fucks given. #punisher #coolTs
Yeasayer Jul 16, 2018
Still Here!!! Geeking out in South Baltimore at the Home of the Major Crimes Unit from The Wire #sheeeeeeit #Allthepiecesmatter #TheWire #greatesttvshowever
Yeasayer Jul 15, 2018
Love this Stanley Wright sculpture “First Dance”. Made entirely of Telephone Wire. Baltimore Visionary Art Museum.
Yeasayer Jul 11, 2018
In a Marty Mood. #martyfeldman #niceshirt
Yeasayer Jul 10, 2018
DJing the Smithsonian. DC here we come!
Yeasayer Jul 05, 2018
Hmmmm.... found an old notebook. Guess this one never became a song. Love this genre though! #pornsetincastles
Yeasayer Jul 02, 2018
DC!! We are DJing at the Smithsonian! After hours open bar party. Check out the work of Trevor Paglen. Link to event in Bio.