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Pursuit of Momentary Happiness (feat. Yak)
Alas Salvation
Reeperbahn Festival Reeperbahn Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
YAK at VERA (October 24, 2019)
Venue: VERA (Groningen, Netherlands) Find tickets
YAK at Central Library (November 9, 2019)
Venue: Central Library (Coventry, UK) Find tickets
Yak Jan 23, 2019
Thanks for liking the page :) If you are new here - here is a page on the main website that describes the music & has a link to invest in an album 100% of proceeds go to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary :)
Yak Oct 19, 2018
Off topic, but 5 points for the prog band & album reference in this short film
Yak Jul 23, 2018
Working on the end title credits for a short film called Matilda's Moving Day ! Rescued by @oakes.fiona and now living with her 11babies at @towerhillstables Went for a jazzy feel 😁 I have to say the sax sound on the Roland V synth GT is unsurpassed IMHO 😁 #jazz #rolandvsynthgt #matilda #lovepigs🐷
Yak Jun 12, 2018
Off Topic - but I just wondered whether there were any Norwegian supporters who might be able to help us out :)
Yak Mar 28, 2018
Yak's cover photo
Yak Mar 28, 2018
Journey of the Yak will be 10 years old this year ! Do check out this review & remember that all proceeds when purchased from the Yak website, go 100% to charity (Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary)
Yak Sep 05, 2017
This week I have mostly been investigating the double harmonic major scale
Yak Aug 10, 2017
Check this out if you haven't already done so - an original YAK band improvisation with a fabulous video put together by Tasos Prog :) Just sending a copy of this album to a discerning customer in the US with a copy of Dark Side of the Duck too :)
Yak Jul 14, 2017
Yak Feb 19, 2017
Progmeister UK
Yak Feb 15, 2017
Yak Feb 03, 2017
Yak Dec 31, 2016
Yak Dec 30, 2016
Yak Nov 24, 2016
A psychedelic band improvisation from May 2004 set to video by Tasos Prog featuring John Wynn on Drums, Max Johnson on Bass, Robin Hodder on Guitar & Binson Echorec and Martin Morgan on Synthesiser - works best at volume & after a few beers :)
Yak Nov 16, 2016
Eclectic Progressive Rock
Yak Oct 25, 2016
Just spotted this new thread on Progarchives by "Yam Yam" which goes into a lot of detail as to the reasons behind the music of YAK If you are on Progarchives - do have a look :)
Yak Oct 12, 2016
Check out this 5 star review & if you don't yet have your copy, please do invest in one as the sanctuary is really in need of funds as we head into the cold & wet season :(
Yak Sep 28, 2016
Yak Aug 29, 2016
Yesterday we held a sponsored stoll to visit the 5 sites of Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, which is where all the money from sales of YAK albums goes - I made a short video & set it to the last 5 minutes of the 'Veil of Aeturnum' from the 'Quest for the Stones' album Enjoy
Yak Aug 16, 2016
Timeline Photos
Yak Jul 22, 2016
New seam of executive YAK mugs discovered earlier today :) Have 6 to sell to raise funds for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary - so grab yours whilst you can ! I dug out the original Which Mug Magazine review which is pasted below for your perusal "As you can see, the mug itself is of a tubular design, completely closed and 100% waterproof at the bottom with a convenient opening at the top - facilitating entry for the beverage of your choice. The agreeable handle has been designed to comfortably accommodate both a left, right & even ambidextrous audience whilst maintaining a perfect and harmonious balance in the most demanding of culinary situations Stress tested and normalised to 0db, this mug will provide many years of fine service for progressive rock fans of all ages !" Post here if you would like to order one & I'll send you the donations link - £8 +p&p - all funds raised go towards sanctuary vets bills :'(
Yak Jul 19, 2016
Yak - Entangled in Dreams
Yak Jul 02, 2016
Tasos has done another great vid to a YAK track :) - this time its Leylines of Yak taken from the debut album 'Dark Side of the Duck' back in '04 Hope you like :)
Yak May 20, 2016
If this is true, I'll have to start a Yak-crowd funding page lol :) :)