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xxxy Dec 13, 2018
Never thought I would DJ in Times Square thank you for having me come through The Lot Radio lots of new Sour Edits tracks in here
xxxy Nov 30, 2018
Di Martinelli
xxxy Nov 10, 2018
Tonight at Chalet with loads of great djs for Inverted Audio and Newtype Rhythms
xxxy Aug 31, 2018
If anyone sees this I am not really using this page anymore. Every post reaches about five people 😂. If you want to hear about my music etc pls follow me on twitter and instagram and the Sour Edits label page. x
xxxy Jul 24, 2018
Win win
xxxy Jul 23, 2018
New mix for Shut the Front Door: Marcel Lune – Sun … Pepe - Inflexion point thereof… Rhythm Of Paradise - Age of white (dub mix)… J&AG - Worry about it later… Brame & Hamo – Limewire… Braga Circuit - One I got… Unknown – Liwando… DJ Cat - Gigolo Calling (lipelis dub mix)… donald dust - EPD-001… Daisuke Kondo - house playa… Tell - I lost €200 in a club… Bike thieves – Jailhouse… xxxy - I won’t I never… Mezigue - Tu Me Manques Mumum Changes Pas Le Moteur (Kensous Mashup)… Hyas - Dat Music Freak… Crue - Untitled A… Ron Bacardi - one left in the chamber… Gene Farris - A prelude to a kiss… Salary Boy - there is a way…
xxxy Jul 04, 2018
This weekend in Ireland
xxxy May 18, 2018
New record on my Sour Edits label
xxxy May 09, 2018
Tonight in Antwerp!
xxxy Apr 23, 2018
New music on this wicked VA coming out next month big up Dansu Disks
xxxy Feb 27, 2018
Coming up next on sour edits
xxxy Feb 14, 2018
Following up last months CEDRIC release (repress is coming soon for those that missed it) I have a new record on my newly minted Sour Edits label available at Juno now and other shops very soon! You can listen to all three tracks here.
xxxy Feb 14, 2018
New music
xxxy Feb 07, 2018
xxxy Feb 07, 2018
xxxy Jan 19, 2018
xxxy Jan 16, 2018
Thanks to DJ mag for the nice review on the new record
xxxy Jan 11, 2018
First record of what is looking like a busy year for releases now up on Soundcloud. Some pumping disco business to blow off those winter cobwebs. Pre Orders up now Juno: Deejay: Cold Cuts Hot Wax: Red Eye: Thanks to everyone for the support so far on this
xxxy Jan 08, 2018
Big up Annie Mac for the support on the new record!
xxxy Dec 19, 2017
xxxy Dec 14, 2017
My new record is up for pre-order :) hope you enjoy!
xxxy Dec 02, 2017
's cover photo
xxxy Nov 29, 2017
xxxy Nov 24, 2017
HOTWAX // xxxy - Takin The Easy Way Out
xxxy Nov 24, 2017
new record coming soon