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Sojourn - The Very Best of Xuefei Yang
Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez [iTunes exclusive]
Forty Degrees North
Si Ji (Four Seasons)
Xuefei Yang Feb 15, 2019
live on RTE Radio 1 now !!
Xuefei Yang Feb 14, 2019
Happy Valentines! clip of live performance of a beautiful love song Luiza by Antonio Carlos Jobim. #jobim #brazilianmusic # braziliansong
Xuefei Yang Feb 13, 2019
Enjoyed shooting for Phoenix TV’s Star Face show. Aren’t the venues cool? Phoenix TV 鳳凰衛視 #名人面对面
Xuefei Yang Feb 10, 2019
Wandering around the historical Qianmen Street in Beijing and the traditional old commercial street of Dashilanr, I feel the excitement of being a tourist whilst at the same time the nostalgia of returning home. I found it interesting that when I was teenager living in Beijing I preferred to go to the very modern places in the city - I was always impressed to see the changes to people's lives. Now coming back to my hometown from abroad I particularly like to go to those traditional locations in the city that have a distinctive character that belongs only to us.
Xuefei Yang Feb 08, 2019
After the Chinese New Year concert I I was really happy to be able to celebrate the new year with my family. Strolling on Wangfujing Avenue (Beijing famous commercial street) brought back lots of memories - I hadn't been there for 10 years !
Xuefei Yang Feb 05, 2019
Sharing a new video with you - made by ABRSM to help promote their new guitar syllabus ! It was filmed in the open air near their offices in central London. The music is Sons de Carrilhões (Sound of Bells) by the Brazilian composer João Pernambuco. The guitar is by Zbigniew Gnatek. Enjoy !
Xuefei Yang Feb 04, 2019
Sharing a few photos from the Chinese New Year gala concert last night in Beijing !
Xuefei Yang Feb 03, 2019
Shooting for the Phoenix TV "Star Face" show !
Xuefei Yang Feb 01, 2019
Enjoy this short clip of Monti's Czardas with violinist Jiafeng Chen !
Xuefei Yang Jan 31, 2019
A fun way to start the celebrations of the Chinese New Year with friends in Birmingham last night!
Xuefei Yang Jan 29, 2019
Latest news about an additional Rodrigo prize for competitors at this year’s Changsha International Festival! A big thank-you to the Victoria and Joaquin Rodrigo Foundation for their generous support. #Rodrigo @ediciones.rodrigo
Xuefei Yang Jan 26, 2019
The final note of tonight's recital in Bognor Regis has just faded into the walls of this lovely concert venue !
Xuefei Yang Jan 25, 2019
Happy birthday to Tom Jobim - born this day in 1927.
Xuefei Yang Jan 22, 2019
Narongsak Visesnut not only makes guitar cases, but also nice guitars😀 This guitar is only two days old made from maple and spruce! Playing Eternal Saudade by Reis to test the high range. #guitarcases #guitarmaking #guitarluthier
Xuefei Yang Jan 20, 2019
A friend sent me this vintage TV video - I almost forgot I played in this guitar ensemble when I was a teenager. Can you spot me in there?
Xuefei Yang Jan 16, 2019
A short video of an interview for ABRSM covering dealing with performance nerves and other questions!
Xuefei Yang Jan 10, 2019
It was fun to shoot this video outdoors for ABRSM ! I was a lucky recipient of their international scholarship, without which I would not have been able to come and study at the Royal Academy in UK many years ago !
Xuefei Yang Jan 08, 2019
Xuefei is looking forward to performing her all baroque program at the Bath Bach Festival on Friday 22nd February. The festival runs from 21st-23rd Feb.
Xuefei Yang Jan 01, 2019
Happy New Year everyone ! Wishing you all a great year in 2019, along with some more music in your life. Here is an informal clip of a cheerful piece to start the year !
Xuefei Yang Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas everyone!
Xuefei Yang Dec 20, 2018
Sharing these pictures from the recording sessions of last summer ! This brings me such a nice memory of those days. After a long debate we all agreed to use Milonga del Angel as the album title. Not only we particularly like that track, we also recorded at London's Angel Studios. The recording sessions had a quite spontaneous, almost party-feeling, which really suited to the music we played. The editing took place in the idyllic English countryside. We could listen to the takes and look out on the beautiful scenery on a rare fine day - life felt beautiful. Hope you can catch how we felt during the making of the album when you listen to it!
Xuefei Yang Dec 15, 2018
I was happy to be interviewed again by the English language newspaper China Daily !
Xuefei Yang Dec 13, 2018
The 2019 Changsha International Guitar Festival will run from July 26th - July 30th. I am busy working on the details now - it was a great event in 2018 and it will be even more exciting for 2019 ! Watch this space for more information in the coming weeks !
Xuefei Yang Dec 10, 2018
Hot off the press ! I am excited to announce my brand-new recording ! It's guitar and violin duets with the Paganini competition winner Mengla Huang. It includes two of my brand-new arrangements. It's available digitally worldwide, eg : Spotify : Apple - USA : Japan : UK : Have a listen and hope that you enjoy it ! #milongadelangel
Xuefei Yang Dec 04, 2018
Over a 1000 people in the audience at Shenzhen and a very long queue at the post concert signing! Belen’s suitcase, with her costume and dance shoes, arrived 4 hrs before the concert, phew !