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Xandria Cross Aug 15, 2019
F R A N K L I N ! ! ! You were, as always, a delight🖤 thanks to everyone who came out to the show, you make playing music so special:)
Xandria Cross Aug 08, 2019
Ran into this legend in Starbucks yesterday! This man was my main influence in music growing up. I couldn’t even begin to count how many times his cd’s played on repeat. God is literally so cool! What a sweet blessing to receive right before playing a show of my own🤩 thank you Toby for sharing your gift and for inspiring me to make funky Jesus music😜🖤
Xandria Cross Aug 07, 2019
Why am I vibing with a random parking lot?? Because I’m playing here TONIGHT!!!! Festival starts at 5, my set starts at 7:45.. Franklin fam I’d love to see you there!🖤
Xandria Cross Aug 07, 2019
🌟s h o w t o n i g h t ! !🌟 In downtown franklin, right behind the 5 points Starbucks!! My set starts at @7:45!! Festival starts @5! There’s gonna be food trucks, soccer & basketball and of course MUSIC!!! All for free! Bring your friends, fam, extended fam, co workers, pet turtles.. bring EVERYONE!!!😉 it’s gonna be a blast💥
Xandria Cross Aug 05, 2019
Love this girl💖💖
Xandria Cross Aug 04, 2019
My musical form from today’s tournament.. not as clean as I wanted it to be but it was my first time doing it all the way through besides running it in my pressure right?! it’s been a craaazy week😆 so honored to have won gold🥇!! Congrats to everyone in my division, you all killed it! Also in love with this song: Blood//Water by @grandson !
Xandria Cross Aug 02, 2019
So ⚡️finally⚡️ posting about the Rockwood show!!( ya girls been crazy busy😵) I had an absolute BLAST!! Thanks to everyone who came out to support👏🏼🖤 If you couldn’t make it, the next show is 🎊August 7th in📍Franklin, TN! Hope to see ya there😜
Xandria Cross Jul 31, 2019
🏆WORLDS BEST MANAGER🏆 so glad this gal could come to my Rockwood show🤩🤩🤩imma miss you when you go back to Berry😩
Xandria Cross Jul 28, 2019
TOMORROW!!! Playing Rockwood Summer Carnival🎪🎢🎟🎡!! Come out for a fun night! Music starts @ 7 ! ! @ Rockwood Sports Complex
Xandria Cross Jul 28, 2019
Brothers... can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em..jkjk! This dude is a real one💯There’s no one I’d rather watch Star Wars/Marvel movies, play dress up, go on random adventures, make secret handshakes, build lego figures, sing, act & dance, and our most frequent activity, laugh with;)💙 @ Space
Xandria Cross Jul 15, 2019
💙I found the droids I was looking for💙 @ Millenium Falcon
Xandria Cross Jul 14, 2019
He gave me the gun because he kept missing the target..❌🖤🔫
Xandria Cross Jul 14, 2019
Check out my new ride..🖤🔥 #dunananananananabatman
Xandria Cross Jul 13, 2019
@marvel we’re available for hire.. just in case you were wondering..🕸🦸🏽‍♀️🦸🏼‍♂️
Xandria Cross Jul 11, 2019
Xandria Cross's cover photo
Xandria Cross Jul 04, 2019
••\\God Bless America🇺🇸//•• #holdingthisforafriend #captainamerica
Xandria Cross Jul 02, 2019
🌴🌞• • \ \ s u n n y d a y z / / • •🌞🌴 What’s your favorite thing about summer??#summertime
Xandria Cross Jul 01, 2019
Can someone please take me on a Roman Holiday?? I would love you a geLOTo;)🇮🇹 📸: @remingtonink
Xandria Cross Jun 28, 2019
••all the laughter we share could power the entire monsters inc. universe, no joke;)•• ♡ ♡ ♡ @ Knoxville, Tennessee
Xandria Cross Jun 19, 2019
This was by far one of my favorite shows I’ve ever played. I had a BLAST!!!🖤
Xandria Cross Jun 19, 2019
“ILL”😵🆘🌡😷💉🤒💊 #bonnaroo
Xandria Cross Jun 19, 2019
We are BRAVE!!!📢 #bonnaroo
Xandria Cross Jun 19, 2019
W o w . . . finally posting, but my Saturday @bonnaroo was literally one of the best days of my life. I saw God move in undeniable ways, I met some AMAZING people, I got to share my music and jam, how cool is that?!?! Definitely a day I’ll never forget. 💙💚💛🧡💜 #bonnaroo @ Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
Xandria Cross Jun 08, 2019
Yo!!!💥Bonnaroo is next weekend!!!😱 Come by the “Thunder” tent at 4 on Saturday to see my set!! We’re gonna have a blast! Let me know if you’re going and we can meet up! 📸Pic Creds: @captainkirk76
Xandria Cross May 27, 2019
There’s no telling what I’ll do in neon pink boots.. give me a good pair of shoes and I’m probably unstoppable..🎤🦄 #justwatch