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To Victory
Battle Hymns and War Songs
Wolves of Hate Nov 22, 2011
Wolves of Hate Sep 28, 2011
Peter preforming with The Flight of Sleipnir. Photo by Ivan Alcala
Wolves of Hate Sep 19, 2011
Working on new material, already have 5 great songs. In the meantime don't forget to pick up 'To Victory' at any of the following:
Wolves of Hate Aug 17, 2011
Posted a new song: "Shieldwall"
Wolves of Hate Aug 13, 2011
'TO VICTORY' cds are in!!! To order one paypal $10 (shipping included) to [email protected], or $12 for international orders!
Wolves of Hate Jul 11, 2011
Wolves of Hate Jul 03, 2011
Posted a new song: "Rule of Steel"
Wolves of Hate Jun 20, 2011