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The Forest Seasons
Wintersun Live at Tuska 2013
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Wintersun with Wheel (FI) at Nosturi (May 10, 2019)
Venue: Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland) Find tickets
Wintersun with Wheel (FI) at Tuiskula (May 11, 2019)
Venue: Tuiskula (Nivala, Finland) Find tickets
Wintersun at Rytmikorjaamo (May 17, 2019)
Venue: Rytmikorjaamo (Seinäjoki, Finland) Find tickets
Wintersun at Apollo Night Club (May 18, 2019)
Venue: Apollo Night Club (Turku, Finland) Find tickets
Rock the Coast Rock the Coast 2019
Venue: Marenostrum Music Castle Park (Fuengirola, Spain) Find tickets
Rockharz Open Air Rockharz Open Air 2019
Venue: Rockharz Open Air (Osterode am Harz, Germany) Find tickets
Baden in Blut Baden in Blut 2019
Venue: Baden in Blut (Weil am Rhein, Germany) Find tickets
Wintersun Apr 17, 2019
Get ready for Wintersun 15th Anniversary shows this summer!!! GET TICKETS: WINTERSUN 15th Anniversary: May 3rd Karmøygeddon Festival, Norway May 10th Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland May 11th Tuiskula, Nivala, Finland May 17th Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki, Finland May 18th Apollo Live Club, Turku, Finland June 14th Rock The Coast, Fuengirola, Spain July 4th Rockharz Open Air, Germany July 18th John Smith Rock Festival, Laukaa, Finland July 20th Baden in Blut Metal Open Air, Germany August 30th Gimle, Roskilde, Denmark GET TICKETS:
Wintersun Apr 15, 2019
Jari and Teemu will be doing a live stream fan interview with Heavy Metal Entertainment 27th of April at 14:00 GMT. Put the date on the calendar and join us for a little chat! To take part join the discord server here: Wintersun 15th Anniversary Shows 2019: May 3rd Karmøygeddon Festival, Norway MAY 10th NOSTURI, HELSINKI, FINLAND MAY 11th TUISKULA, NIVALA, FINLAND MAY 17th RYTMIKORJAAMO, SEINÄJOKI, FINLAND MAY 18th APOLLO LIVE CLUB, TURKU, FINLAND June 14th Rock The Coast, Fuengirola, Spain July 4th Rockharz Open Air, Germany July 18th John Smith Rock Festival, Laukaa, Finland July 20th Baden in Blut Metal Open Air, Germany August 30th Gimle, Roskilde, Denmark GET TICKETS:
Wintersun Apr 14, 2019
THE ULTIMATE METAL GUITAR PICKUP TEST - Jari's Review Which guitar pickup is the best? Does Fishman beat EMG? Why are we here? These are the questions we want to know the answers to! Contenders: Duncan Solar Fishman Fluence Modern *Voice 1 Fishman Fluence Devin Townsend *Voice 1 Fishman Fluence Classic *Voice 2 EMG 81 (85 for neck pickup) EMG 57 (66 for neck pickup) *Fishman pickups have two voices, so I chose the best voice what I considered being the better sound for metal All the pickups in this test were installed in the same guitar with the same exact pickup height of three millimeters from the strings. Except for the EMG 57/66 which are quite HOT pickups and have strong magnets. The magnets seemed to weirdly pull the strings down when picking hard and cause the strings hit the frets more easily and cause extra string buzz. On the other hand this also created more sustain for the sound, which is a nice thing. So I lowered them to four millimeters. New strings were changed for each pickup set recordings, new picks were used as well for all takes and the amp settings are the same throughout. The amp that was used was the Neural DSP Nameless Suite plugin with 3rd party IR and post EQ. The differences can be subtle for some people, but for me there was big differences, differences that will either make it or break it whether I would use them for an album. I recommend using good headphones or listening from good speakers to hear the differences better. Also I want to state that I'm not endorsed by any guitar pickup manufacturer and I went to this test as unbiased as I could. I decided that the results will speak for themselves and I will make my mind after I have all the facts on the table. Now I do, so here's my opinions: Duncan Solar Now this pickup has the least amount of gain and output from all the sets, but they can sound nice when gain is added from the amp or a distortion pedal. But in this test the gain levels were dialed in according to the Fishmans and EMGs, which both seemed to have a similar output levels. Looking at the transient peaks the EMGs though had just a tiny bit less output than the Fishmans, but they were more compressed/limited and Fishmans were more dynamic, but essentially the same output or volume level. This already kinda favored me towards the EMGs, because I like aggression and compressed sound in individual instruments. (I do not like over compressed or limited music though, which is a different matter). The Duncans to me sound slightly clangy and nasal. They have little bit of that single coil classic sound character like if you have forgotten the wah pedal ON pushed all the way in it's closed position. Not too much of it though, quite tastefully actually if you like that sort of clangy character. I might even say that they sound little bit djenty? Some people love this sound and I do like it also for certain things. I do like that they didn't have too much of the boxy 400 to 800Hz frequency are. I would love to use them for rock'n'roll, but for me this isn't what I consider a metal sound to be. This is of course just one man's subjective opinion. Fishman Fluence Classic The Classic was a fun pickup, lot of attitude! I wouldn't probably use it for metal though. Maybe for djent stuff it could work, 'cause it has A LOT of that clangy wah pedal pushed all the way single coil type of sound. Even way wayyy more than the Duncan Solar. I liked it also, because the 400 - 800Hz area was scooped. I'm not a fan of this frequency area for guitar sounds. These were probably my favorite pickups of all the Fishmans that I tried. I could definitely use them for classic rock and hard rock, as the name suggests. I used Voice 2 in the test as it was the lesser clangy sound of the two. Voice 1 was just crazy clangy! Lot of bite in the upper mids and clangy rock'n'roll attitude! A really fun pickup! Fishman Fluence Modern vs EMG 81 The Fishman Modern sounded similar to EMG 81, but it had lot of boost in the 400 to 800 Hertz area, which I call the "cardboard box" area, because it makes everything sound boxy, honky and muffled like if you would put a cardboard box on top of a guitar cabinet. Also I think because it had lot of that boxy area boosted, they picked up the guitar machinery noise between the palm mutes. If you listen carefully for example the 'Generic Pharaoh Riff' you can hear some ringing noise between the palm mutes, which is not good. EMG 81 didn't have this problem as the boxy area wasn't that boosted. The Fishman Modern also lacked the really low bass umph, that the EMG 81 had. The EMG 81 was just the more aggressive pickup. Metaaal!!! It had more bass, and the bass was deeper and tighter, so it had more of that low umph! It also had more clarity, and the attack was sharper and more aggressive, as the Fishman sounded quite soft and muffled compared. So to me the EMG 81 is still king! Fishman Fluence Devin Townsend vs Modern I think there wasn't a huge difference between the Modern and the Devin Townsend signature pickup. The Devin Townsend was a tiny bit sharper and clearer in the upper mids and it was a bit gainier. It had a little less bass and little less of the 400-800Hz area. So in a way I kinda liked it more than the Fishman Modern, but in my opinion, it didn't beat the EMGs either. The Hype I was quite disappointed about the Fishmans actually, as I've seen many famous guitar players switching from EMGs to Fishmans. There's been hell of a lot of hype about the Fishman pickups lately and I have to admit I almost fell for it myself, but I was always sceptical. So I decided that I need to find out the truth for myself and that's what I did. And I found out that you can't believe the hype! You need to try it out yourself and get the gear that works for you! It is of course all subjective. What sounds better to me, might sound worse for someone else. But what can't be denied, is that the Fishman Modern is the more softer pickup and the EMG 81 the more aggressive pickup. I always love though new technology and innovation and I raise my hat to Fishman for innovating and it's great to see competition in the marketplace. That just pushes everyone to become better and makes life interesting and fun! EMG 57 vs EMG 81 Out of all the pickups the EQ of the 57 was the best to me! It roared and it shocked me! It had the most ear pleasing EQ, it sounded full, round, heavy and it didn't have nasal or boxy qualities, but still had plenty of good quality brightness in the upper mids. I also thought that the 57 had the most string separation of all the pickups. The EMG 57 was also more scooped in the 700Hz boxy area than the EMG 81 which I loved, but to compensate the 57 had more lower mids and bass 100 to 400Hz than the 81, which made the 57 sound nicely round and full. The EMG 81 did have that really low bass umph and tightness, but had less lower mids, little bit more of the boxy 700Hz area and then a little bit harshness around the upper mids 2k area, which made the EQ of 81 not as ear pleasing as the 57. So if you want pure metal brutality, EMG 81 is your clear choice! And if you want metal brutality, but a little bit more hi-fi and full sound with less ear piercing harshness, 57 is your choice! So the 81 is more aggressive in the upper mids and the 57 is more aggressive and roaring in the lower mids to bass area. I liked 57 EQ more as I'm not a big fan of the upper mids harshness. I mean you gotta have healthy amount of upper mids, I like a clear sound, but it has to be smooth and even and not pointy and peaky that kills your ears. Tone Knob Just a side note. This has happened to me couple of times. Whenever the tone knob is connected the EMG 81 loses about 30% of the output and the whole sound. When the tone knob is disconnected and taken out you'll get way more output, gain, sound, more bass and everything will just sound better and more full. You can even see it from the WAV file on your screen. I don't know if this is just a "feature" of the EMG 81 (didn't try this with 57 as the tone knob was already disconnected) or does all guitar pickups with tone knobs have this problem/"feature"? Something to consider and try out guys! Let me know! But I never use tone knobs anyways, I always disconnect them, so it's not a problem for me. #toneknobkillsyourtone The Attack Of The 57 The attack of the 57 though is quite a new thing for me and I'm not quite sure yet how to feel about it. I kinda like it, but it's still a bit weird for me, but I'm growing to like it. It let's this very quick "ts ts ts" kinda transients trough first, which makes the attack of the pick stand out more in a mix, but I'm not quite sure is it too much, 'cause I've been playing the EMG 81 my whole life and that one has a really smooth attack and doesn't let those initial transients through, at least that much. Neck pickups For neck pickups I didn't do a proper test, so my mind isn't quite yet made up. I did play with them quite a bit and I do think the EMG pickups had the better clarity, attack, "hi-finess" and the 85 is still probably my favorite and a solid choice for anyone. The Fishman Modern just sounded way too dark and muffled to me. The Devin Townsend was similar, but the better one in my opinion, less muffled. I liked the Classic as well quite a lot for the neck pickup. Classic Voice 1 neck pickup wasn't in this test, but it was a lot great clangy fun, but not really for my main metal music purposes. EMG 66 surprisingly had a bit of clangy character, so I wasn't so sure about it, but it did sound very clear and hi-fi. Winner I think both the EMG 57 and 81 won all the pickups without any hesitation in my mind! They are just more heavy and aggressive! Also they are just more hi-fi and clear in the mix and more fun to play. But I might give the win to 57 this time in this test, just based on the EQ of it. But I'm really torn between the 81 and 57, especially when it comes to the character of the attack. If I could just get 57 EQ with 81's smooth attack, that could be insanely great Frankenstein pickup! But from now on I think I'm going to be putting more EMG 57's in my guitars and experimenting more as it sounds the best to me in a mix. Well I hope you liked this test guys and hope it gave you some valuable information! Let me know what you think in the comments! EMG Pickups Fishman Neural DSP Evertune Solar Guitars Wintersun 15th Anniversary shows 2019: May 3rd Karmøygeddon Festival, Norway MAY 10th NOSTURI, HELSINKI, FINLAND MAY 11th TUISKULA, NIVALA, FINLAND MAY 17th RYTMIKORJAAMO, SEINÄJOKI, FINLAND MAY 18th APOLLO LIVE CLUB, TURKU, FINLAND June 14th Rock The Coast, Fuengirola, Spain July 4th Rockharz Open Air, Germany July 18th John Smith Rock Festival, Laukaa, Finland July 20th Baden in Blut Metal Open Air, Germany August 30th Gimle, Roskilde, Denmark GET TICKETS:
Wintersun Apr 11, 2019
WINTERSUN KILPAILU / WINTERSUN COMPETITION Haluatko voittaa liput Wintersun 15-vuotisjuhlakeikoille? Kaaoszine arpoo liput toukokuun Helsingin, Nivalan, Seinäjoen ja Turun keikoille kahdelle onnekkaalle sekä heidän aveceilleen. Osallistuminen on helppoa: kirjoita vain nimesi ja sähköpostiosoitteesi linkin takaa löytyvään kilpailulomakkeeseen, valitse keikka jolle haluaisit osallistua ja klikkaa lähetä 22.04. mennessä! Nähdään ensi kuussa keikoilla! Kaaoszine is giving away tickets for the Finnish Wintersun shows (Helsinki, Nivala, Seinäjoki and Turku) in May. To take part in the raffle simply fill your name and email address on the web form in the link below, choose the show you’d like to attend and click send before April 22nd. See you at the shows next month! MAY 10th NOSTURI, HELSINKI, FINLAND MAY 11th TUISKULA, NIVALA, FINLAND MAY 17th RYTMIKORJAAMO, SEINÄJOKI, FINLAND MAY 18th APOLLO LIVE CLUB, TURKU, FINLAND GET TICKETS:
Wintersun Apr 04, 2019
FINLAND! Are you ready for Wintersun 15th Anniversary shows next month? Join the epic party! May 3rd Karmøygeddon Festival, Norway MAY 10th NOSTURI, HELSINKI, FINLAND MAY 11th TUISKULA, NIVALA, FINLAND MAY 17th RYTMIKORJAAMO, SEINÄJOKI, FINLAND MAY 18th APOLLO LIVE CLUB, TURKU, FINLAND June 14th Rock The Coast, Fuengirola, Spain July 4th Rockharz Open Air, Germany July 18th John Smith Rock Festival, Laukaa, Finland July 20th Baden in Blut Metal Open Air, Germany August 30th Gimle, Roskilde, Denmark GET TICKETS:
Wintersun Apr 03, 2019
Happy spring to everyone! Wintersun 15th anniversary shows start next month, are you ready to party with us? May 3rd Karmøygeddon Festival, Norway May 10th Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland May 11th Tuiskula, Nivala, Finland May 17th Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki, Finland May 18th Apollo Live Club, Turku, Finland June 14th Rock The Coast, Fuengirola, Spain July 4th Rockharz Open Air, Germany July 18th John Smith Rock Festival, Laukaa, Finland July 20th Baden in Blut Metal Open Air, Germany August 30th Gimle, Roskilde, Denmark GET TICKETS:
Wintersun Mar 27, 2019
Wintersun 15th Anniversary shows coming soon. Who’s going to see us playing through the entire first album (+some more)? 3.5.2019 Karmoygeddon Festival, Norway 10.5.2019 Nosturi - Helsinki, Finland 11.5.2019 Tuiskula - Nivala, Finland 17.5.2019 Rytmikorjaamo - Seinäjoki, Finland 18.5.2019 Apollo - Turku, Finland 14.6.2019 Rock The Coast Festival - Fuengirola, Spain 4.7.2019 Rockharz Festival, Germany 19.7.2019 John Smith Festival - Laukaa, Finland 20.7.2019 Baden In Blut, Germany 30.8.2019 Gimle - Roskilde, Denmark GET TICKETS: #wintersun #skypemeeting #15thanniversary #wintersun15th #jarimäenpää #jukkakoskinen #teemumäntysaari #asimsearah #ibanez #evertune #epicmetal
Wintersun Mar 12, 2019
Jari Mäenpää Wintersun
Wintersun Mar 05, 2019
Jari Mäenpää Wintersun
Wintersun Feb 25, 2019
MERCH CONTEST RESULTS! We’d like to thank again all the artists for their awesome submissions to our merch design contest, and everybody who voted for your favorites during the past week! Here are the results: TOP 3: WINNER: DESIGN #1 - 21% of all votes 2nd place: DESIGN #3 - 17% of all votes 3rd place: DESIGN #9 - 14% of all votes Honorable mentions: 4th place: DESIGN #7 - 11% of all votes 5th place: DESIGN #5 - 10% of all votes The TOP 5 was quite clear in the end. The five most voted designs got 73% of all the votes, leaving only 27% to the other five TOP 10 designs. We’ll be contacting the winner personally and the design will become an official Wintersun shirt, available at the upcoming 15th Anniversary shows and later on in our webstore (the artist’s name will be announced then as well, if he/she wishes so). Since there were so many cool designs we might also end up making some of the other most voted ones into shirts sooner or later…. Big thanks again for participating!
Wintersun Feb 18, 2019
MERCH DESIGN CONTEST VOTING A big Thank You to everyone who sent their submissions for our merch design contest! Nice to see such great talent and enthusiasm out there! We were honoured to get close to a hundred artwork designs and we have chosen our ten favorites (in no particular order) for you guys to vote. The most voted design(s) will be printed as official Wintersun shirt(s) and will be available soon at our gigs and online store. VOTING INSTRUCTIONS: Vote your favorites by commenting the design numbers in this post. Please vote maximum three (3) of your favourite designs! So for example comment clearly “1, 2, 3” if you like the designs 1, 2 and 3 the best. Voting deadline is Sunday 24th of February! #wintersun #15thanniversary #wintersun15th #epicmetal #merch #designcontest
Wintersun Feb 13, 2019
MERCH DESIGN CONTEST DEADLINE on Friday February 15th! Voting starts next Monday! We’ve received some great designs already and now it’s the last two days to send your submissions! All infos in our original post! #wintersun #15thanniversary #wintersun15th #epicmetal #merch #designcontest
Wintersun Feb 12, 2019
WINTERSUN TEST - FORTIN NAMELESS & NTS SUITE Jari's personal and honest review: FIRST IMPRESSIONS When I first tried the Nameless Suite very quickly back in autumn 2018 on Teemu's laptop I wasn't too impressed with it. It had a lot of noise and a very "Swedish death metal" type sound to it, which surprised me. The sound wasn't my kinda thing. Then later the kind folks from Neural DSP send me a license to give it another chance. I've been now testing it more thoroughly and I have to say that I absolutely love it! I found out that first time I tried it, Teemu had the plugin's pedal section on, which has the "Grind" pedal. That pedal is not for my specific taste, but can be great for others. Without it the amp actually sounds very natural and rocking to me! My signal chain is now GUITAR ---> PRECISION DRIVE ---> UA 6176 ---> DAW ---> NAMELESS. AMP MODELING IS THERE! Ok, nothing is perfect, but I think that amp modeling is there now! Neural DSP has changed the game. And I'm including everything here from Kemper's, Axe-Fxs and other plugins etc. Nothing to me so far hasn't reached this level yet. The Nameless feels and sounds like a real amp and I can get a really tight metal & rock sounds out of it, BUT... IR BOTTLENECK But the problem is this, I don't think the IRs are not quite there yet or maybe people just aren't making good enough IRs. I've realized that the cabinet or the IR is the most important part of the guitar sound. It paints the whole wall of sound onto your mix so it needs to be correct without any nasty or harsh frequencies (unless you like black metal and bad sound is good sound to you). I think most of the IRs sound very boxy, thin with screechy ear hurting upper mid pikes or contrary they sound very muddy and out of control. There's always something wrong and unnatural with the sound of IRs and they just don't sound great to my ears. I've been trying to find good IRs for years, but haven't had much luck until recently I found a nice 3rd party IR that sounds ok, but only with quite a lot of serious and precise EQing and FX on top (tape saturation, multi-band compression etc). I think the IRs are still the bottleneck when it comes to amp modeling and digital guitar sounds. This needs to be improved! The IR section in Nameless and NTS just doesn't sound that good to me and trust me I went through all the mics and positions. It just sounds quite harsh to my ears. The good thing is that you can load 3rd party IRs to the plugin, but unfortunately only one at a time. I wish you could load multiple IRs at once and be able to scan through them quickly. NAMELESS VS NTS For me the Nameless won the NTS. NTS had nice upper mids vs Nameless which can be just a tiny bit more harsh and dry, but has a little bit more deep low and airy high frequencies, which makes the Nameless sound fuller/bigger vs NTS being more mid focused, which can be a good thing if that is your taste. But mainly NTS to me didn't have fast enough attack and I couldn't scoop the mids enough. In fact I had to dial all the mids from both Nameless and NTS to zero. And even after that I had to do more precise scooping with an EQ to get a satisfactory HEAVY sound. NTS was nice, but not "toight" enough for my needs. Nameless had that fast attack that I love, but maybe still not quite as fast than the analog Mesa Boogie Triaxis, which has been my favorite amp for years. But out of these two amps, Nameless is my favorite. CONCLUSION Is the modeling 100% accurate than the real amp? I'm sure it is very accurate, but I don't know and I really don't care. How does the Nameless sound and feel? That is the more important question to me. A good sound is a good sound, no matter how it is created. The Nameless impressed me, it really kicks ass! I'm not sure if the sound still beats my "real" Mesa Boogie Triaxis analog rig. In some ways it does, but in other ways it doesn't. I have to do some tests later, when I get a chance to mic up cabinets and crank the Triaxis loud again. But the bottom line is this, the guys at Neural DSP have done an amazing job! Especially with the Nameless and they have really proved that the amp modeling is there already and you could definitely use these on an album, if you find an good IR that suits your ears. I can't wait to see what they come up with next! Maybe some Mesa Boogie amps which I love! Or maybe some good IR innovation! Also I'm waiting for companies to start making their own digital amps and perfecting sounds that way, not just do the amp modeling with old analog amps, because even in the analog domain nothing is perfect. We'll see, interesting times we live in! Big thanks to the guys at Neural DSP! Jari Neural DSP Fortin Amplification, Inc. Daemoness Guitars Evertune
Wintersun Jan 28, 2019
Just got this amazing plugin called Gullfoss from Sound Theory. It's sort of a dynamic EQ, but not quite. They call it "intelligent automatic EQ". It's great for mixing or mastering. It takes care of the whole frequency range balancing out what your mix or an individual instrument is lacking by either cutting or boosting some frequencies in real time. Of course this is not a "magic plugin" that will fix a bad mix. You still need to know your shit and use regular EQs etc., but after you've got your mix nailed, it can really be the icing on the cake and sweeten your music. Using it subtly is the key! It can be very helpful with individual instruments as well that can have nasty resonances. For example I was just trying it out with french horns and some of the notes in the melody had too much boxy lower mid frequencies poking out and then again some notes were fine. Gullfoss made all the notes even and it cleared nicely the french horns in the mix. I love how the plugin technology keeps going forward, makes my job easier. This is plugin innovation! Check it out: Soundtheoryltd #gullfoss #soundtheory
Wintersun Jan 24, 2019
Heikki did some epic drumming on our latest US tour. Check out this drum cam filmed in Denver by Sick Drummer Magazine. Heikki Saari Wintersun Official Merch Shop:
Wintersun Jan 15, 2019
WINTERSUN DEBUT 15th ANNIVERSARY MERCH DESIGN CONTEST This year we’ll be celebrating the 15th anniversary of Wintersun’s debut album at selected special shows. We are currently working with professional designers on some new merchandise design but we thought it would be cool to also let the Wintersun fans create and vote one new design! Anybody can take part in the contest by sending their own original artwork. The band will pick their favorites and the fans will get to vote the final design that they’d like to see as Wintersun shirts! Instructions: We are looking for something in the theme of the first album and something that fits nicely to be printed on a shirt (it can be just the front or front+back of the shirt). Include the Wintersun logo in the design (included in the post). Note: Don't use any copyrighted, 3rd party or inappropriate materials. This contest is to submit art designs to be officially licensed. Be creative and let your imagination fly! Send your artwork to Important: the emailed file type needs to be JPEG 1080p, maximum 2 MB size! (For the original image the bigger resolution the better, but for the contest entry please use the specs above.) Deadline for sending the artwork: February 15th 2019. The fan voting will be held on our social media sites from February 18 until February 24. PRIZES FOR THE WINNER Besides bragging rights of his/her design printed as official Wintersun merchandise the winner will get: 1. Bunch of free Wintersun merchandise (including a shirt with his/her own design) 2. A small cash prize 3. VIP treatment and meeting the band at a selected Wintersun club show 4. Possiblity to get to work with the band on future designs 5. Next Wintersun album (digital of physical) for free PLEASE SHARE THIS!
Wintersun Dec 23, 2018
Jari Mäenpää Wintersun
Wintersun Dec 21, 2018
FINNISH 15th Anniversary SHOWS 2019 We are happy to announce four very special headliner shows in Finland next spring! We will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of our first album and we will play it all the way through - but of course we’ll play a good selection of other songs too and maybe even something new? 😉 We have also great opening bands for these shows, check them out! ‪10.5.2019 Wintersun @ Nosturi - Helsinki‬ ‪Special guests: Wheel & Darkest Horizon‬ Wintersun Debyyttilevyn 15-vuotisjuhlakeikka / Nosturi, Helsinki ‪11.5.2019 Wintersun @ Tuiskula - Nivala‬ ‪Special guests: Wheel & Darkest Horizon‬ Wintersun w/ Wheel & Darkest Horizon @Tuiskula ‪17.5.2019 Wintersun @ Rytmikorjaamo Seinäjoki‬ ‪Special guests: Arion & Darkest Horizon‬ Wintersun w/ Arion & Darkest Horizon Rytmikorjaamolla ‪18.5.2019 Wintersun @ Apollo - Turku‬ ‪Special guests: Arion & Darkest Horizon‬ Wintersun w/ Arion & Darkest Horizon - Apollo, Turku ‪Tickets available NOW! Click the FB Events above for tickets links.‬ Other Wintersun 15th Anniversary Shows: 3.5.2019 Karmoygeddon Festival, Norway 14.6.2019 Rock The Coast Festival - Fuengirola, Spain 3-6.7.2019 Rockharz Festival, Germany 19.7.2019 John Smith Festival - Laukaa, Finland 20.7.2019 Baden In Blut, Germany
Wintersun Dec 18, 2018
Daemoness Guitars new website is up! Check it out! Jari here: Insane guitar work here:
Wintersun Dec 17, 2018
Jari Mäenpää Wintersun
Wintersun Dec 06, 2018
WINTERSUN OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE The official European Wintersun online store is now open at: We are glad to start a partnership with Kapanen Production and with this new store we want to give the fans a chance to get official Wintersun merchandise in high quality with reasonable pricing and shipping costs (produced and shipping from Germany). The current collection includes all the Seasons shirts, album cover shirts and one new exclusive design! We’ll be adding more designs and items later on. If you got any questions regarding Wintersun merchandise you can write your questions to us in Facebook/Instagram or contact the Wintersun Store directly via the contact form on the page. Official North American store at:
Wintersun Nov 30, 2018
We are happy to announce the next addition to Wintersun 2019 15th Anniversary Special Shows: @johnsmithrockfestival in Laukaa, Peurunka (Finland) on July 18-20! Tickets available at Wintersun 2019 15th Anniversary Special Shows: May 03: Karmøygeddon Festival, Norway June 14: Rock The Coast Festival - Spain July 03-06: Rockharz Open Air, Germany July 18-20: John Smith Rock Festival, Finland July 20: Baden In Blut, Germany #wintersun #15anniversary #wintersun15th #johnsmith #2019 #fewtivalseason #laukaa #peurunka #finland #epicmetal
Wintersun Nov 29, 2018
Jari Mäenpää Wintersun
Wintersun Nov 22, 2018
Black Friday Sale is on! Get 20% off all items from November 21st through November 26th at JSR Wintersun store Discount will automatically be added in your cart. No special code needed.
Wintersun Nov 17, 2018
WINTERSUN BLACK FRIDAY SALE We'll be doing a Black Friday Sale from November 21st through November 26th at our Official North American Webstore: All items 20% off!