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The Forest Seasons
Wintersun Live at Tuska 2013
Time I
Wintersun with Wheel (FI) at Nosturi (May 10, 2019)
Venue: Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland) Find tickets
Wintersun with Wheel (FI) at Tuiskula (May 11, 2019)
Venue: Tuiskula (Nivala, Finland) Find tickets
Wintersun at Rytmikorjaamo (May 17, 2019)
Venue: Rytmikorjaamo (Seinäjoki, Finland) Find tickets
Wintersun at Apollo Night Club (May 18, 2019)
Venue: Apollo Night Club (Turku, Finland) Find tickets
Rock the Coast Rock the Coast 2019
Venue: Marenostrum Music Castle Park (Fuengirola, Spain) Find tickets
Rockharz Open Air Rockharz Open Air 2019
Venue: Rockharz Open Air (Osterode am Harz, Germany) Find tickets
Wintersun at Baden in Blut (July 20, 2019)
Venue: Baden in Blut (Weil am Rhein, Germany) Find tickets
Wintersun Feb 13, 2019
MERCH DESIGN CONTEST DEADLINE on Friday February 15th! Voting starts next Monday! We’ve received some great designs already and now it’s the last two days to send your submissions! All infos in our original post! #wintersun #15thanniversary #wintersun15th #epicmetal #merch #designcontest
Wintersun Feb 12, 2019
WINTERSUN TEST - FORTIN NAMELESS & NTS SUITE Jari's personal and honest review: FIRST IMPRESSIONS When I first tried the Nameless Suite very quickly back in autumn 2018 on Teemu's laptop I wasn't too impressed with it. It had a lot of noise and a very "Swedish death metal" type sound to it, which surprised me. The sound wasn't my kinda thing. Then later the kind folks from Neural DSP send me a license to give it another chance. I've been now testing it more thoroughly and I have to say that I absolutely love it! I found out that first time I tried it, Teemu had the plugin's pedal section on, which has the "Grind" pedal. That pedal is not for my specific taste, but can be great for others. Without it the amp actually sounds very natural and rocking to me! My signal chain is now GUITAR ---> PRECISION DRIVE ---> UA 6176 ---> DAW ---> NAMELESS. AMP MODELING IS THERE! Ok, nothing is perfect, but I think that amp modeling is there now! Neural DSP has changed the game. And I'm including everything here from Kemper's, Axe-Fxs and other plugins etc. Nothing to me so far hasn't reached this level yet. The Nameless feels and sounds like a real amp and I can get a really tight metal & rock sounds out of it, BUT... IR BOTTLENECK But the problem is this, I don't think the IRs are not quite there yet or maybe people just aren't making good enough IRs. I've realized that the cabinet or the IR is the most important part of the guitar sound. It paints the whole wall of sound onto your mix so it needs to be correct without any nasty or harsh frequencies (unless you like black metal and bad sound is good sound to you). I think most of the IRs sound very boxy, thin with screechy ear hurting upper mid pikes or contrary they sound very muddy and out of control. There's always something wrong and unnatural with the sound of IRs and they just don't sound great to my ears. I've been trying to find good IRs for years, but haven't had much luck until recently I found a nice 3rd party IR that sounds ok, but only with quite a lot of serious and precise EQing and FX on top (tape saturation, multi-band compression etc). I think the IRs are still the bottleneck when it comes to amp modeling and digital guitar sounds. This needs to be improved! The IR section in Nameless and NTS just doesn't sound that good to me and trust me I went through all the mics and positions. It just sounds quite harsh to my ears. The good thing is that you can load 3rd party IRs to the plugin, but unfortunately only one at a time. I wish you could load multiple IRs at once and be able to scan through them quickly. NAMELESS VS NTS For me the Nameless won the NTS. NTS had nice upper mids vs Nameless which can be just a tiny bit more harsh and dry, but has a little bit more deep low and airy high frequencies, which makes the Nameless sound fuller/bigger vs NTS being more mid focused, which can be a good thing if that is your taste. But mainly NTS to me didn't have fast enough attack and I couldn't scoop the mids enough. In fact I had to dial all the mids from both Nameless and NTS to zero. And even after that I had to do more precise scooping with an EQ to get a satisfactory HEAVY sound. NTS was nice, but not "toight" enough for my needs. Nameless had that fast attack that I love, but maybe still not quite as fast than the analog Mesa Boogie Triaxis, which has been my favorite amp for years. But out of these two amps, Nameless is my favorite. CONCLUSION Is the modeling 100% accurate than the real amp? I'm sure it is very accurate, but I don't know and I really don't care. How does the Nameless sound and feel? That is the more important question to me. A good sound is a good sound, no matter how it is created. The Nameless impressed me, it really kicks ass! I'm not sure if the sound still beats my "real" Mesa Boogie Triaxis analog rig. In some ways it does, but in other ways it doesn't. I have to do some tests later, when I get a chance to mic up cabinets and crank the Triaxis loud again. But the bottom line is this, the guys at Neural DSP have done an amazing job! Especially with the Nameless and they have really proved that the amp modeling is there already and you could definitely use these on an album, if you find an good IR that suits your ears. I can't wait to see what they come up with next! Maybe some Mesa Boogie amps which I love! Or maybe some good IR innovation! Also I'm waiting for companies to start making their own digital amps and perfecting sounds that way, not just do the amp modeling with old analog amps, because even in the analog domain nothing is perfect. We'll see, interesting times we live in! Big thanks to the guys at Neural DSP! Jari Neural DSP Fortin Amplification, Inc. Daemoness Guitars Evertune
Wintersun Jan 28, 2019
Just got this amazing plugin called Gullfoss from Sound Theory. It's sort of a dynamic EQ, but not quite. They call it "intelligent automatic EQ". It's great for mixing or mastering. It takes care of the whole frequency range balancing out what your mix or an individual instrument is lacking by either cutting or boosting some frequencies in real time. Of course this is not a "magic plugin" that will fix a bad mix. You still need to know your shit and use regular EQs etc., but after you've got your mix nailed, it can really be the icing on the cake and sweeten your music. Using it subtly is the key! It can be very helpful with individual instruments as well that can have nasty resonances. For example I was just trying it out with french horns and some of the notes in the melody had too much boxy lower mid frequencies poking out and then again some notes were fine. Gullfoss made all the notes even and it cleared nicely the french horns in the mix. I love how the plugin technology keeps going forward, makes my job easier. This is plugin innovation! Check it out: Soundtheoryltd #gullfoss #soundtheory
Wintersun Jan 24, 2019
Heikki did some epic drumming on our latest US tour. Check out this drum cam filmed in Denver by Sick Drummer Magazine. Heikki Saari Wintersun Official Merch Shop:
Wintersun Jan 15, 2019
WINTERSUN DEBUT 15th ANNIVERSARY MERCH DESIGN CONTEST This year we’ll be celebrating the 15th anniversary of Wintersun’s debut album at selected special shows. We are currently working with professional designers on some new merchandise design but we thought it would be cool to also let the Wintersun fans create and vote one new design! Anybody can take part in the contest by sending their own original artwork. The band will pick their favorites and the fans will get to vote the final design that they’d like to see as Wintersun shirts! Instructions: We are looking for something in the theme of the first album and something that fits nicely to be printed on a shirt (it can be just the front or front+back of the shirt). Include the Wintersun logo in the design (included in the post). Note: Don't use any copyrighted, 3rd party or inappropriate materials. This contest is to submit art designs to be officially licensed. Be creative and let your imagination fly! Send your artwork to [email protected] Important: the emailed file type needs to be JPEG 1080p, maximum 2 MB size! (For the original image the bigger resolution the better, but for the contest entry please use the specs above.) Deadline for sending the artwork: February 15th 2019. The fan voting will be held on our social media sites from February 18 until February 24. PRIZES FOR THE WINNER Besides bragging rights of his/her design printed as official Wintersun merchandise the winner will get: 1. Bunch of free Wintersun merchandise (including a shirt with his/her own design) 2. A small cash prize 3. VIP treatment and meeting the band at a selected Wintersun club show 4. Possiblity to get to work with the band on future designs 5. Next Wintersun album (digital of physical) for free PLEASE SHARE THIS!
Wintersun Dec 23, 2018
Jari Mäenpää Wintersun
Wintersun Dec 21, 2018
FINNISH 15th Anniversary SHOWS 2019 We are happy to announce four very special headliner shows in Finland next spring! We will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of our first album and we will play it all the way through - but of course we’ll play a good selection of other songs too and maybe even something new? 😉 We have also great opening bands for these shows, check them out! ‪10.5.2019 Wintersun @ Nosturi - Helsinki‬ ‪Special guests: Wheel & Darkest Horizon‬ Wintersun Debyyttilevyn 15-vuotisjuhlakeikka / Nosturi, Helsinki ‪11.5.2019 Wintersun @ Tuiskula - Nivala‬ ‪Special guests: Wheel & Darkest Horizon‬ Wintersun w/ Wheel & Darkest Horizon @Tuiskula ‪17.5.2019 Wintersun @ Rytmikorjaamo Seinäjoki‬ ‪Special guests: Arion & Darkest Horizon‬ Wintersun w/ Arion & Darkest Horizon Rytmikorjaamolla ‪18.5.2019 Wintersun @ Apollo - Turku‬ ‪Special guests: Arion & Darkest Horizon‬ Wintersun w/ Arion & Darkest Horizon - Apollo, Turku ‪Tickets available NOW! Click the FB Events above for tickets links.‬ Other Wintersun 15th Anniversary Shows: 3.5.2019 Karmoygeddon Festival, Norway 14.6.2019 Rock The Coast Festival - Fuengirola, Spain 3-6.7.2019 Rockharz Festival, Germany 19.7.2019 John Smith Festival - Laukaa, Finland 20.7.2019 Baden In Blut, Germany
Wintersun Dec 18, 2018
Daemoness Guitars new website is up! Check it out! Jari here: Insane guitar work here:
Wintersun Dec 17, 2018
Jari Mäenpää Wintersun
Wintersun Dec 06, 2018
WINTERSUN OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE The official European Wintersun online store is now open at: We are glad to start a partnership with Kapanen Production and with this new store we want to give the fans a chance to get official Wintersun merchandise in high quality with reasonable pricing and shipping costs (produced and shipping from Germany). The current collection includes all the Seasons shirts, album cover shirts and one new exclusive design! We’ll be adding more designs and items later on. If you got any questions regarding Wintersun merchandise you can write your questions to us in Facebook/Instagram or contact the Wintersun Store directly via the contact form on the page. Official North American store at:
Wintersun Nov 30, 2018
We are happy to announce the next addition to Wintersun 2019 15th Anniversary Special Shows: @johnsmithrockfestival in Laukaa, Peurunka (Finland) on July 18-20! Tickets available at Wintersun 2019 15th Anniversary Special Shows: May 03: Karmøygeddon Festival, Norway June 14: Rock The Coast Festival - Spain July 03-06: Rockharz Open Air, Germany July 18-20: John Smith Rock Festival, Finland July 20: Baden In Blut, Germany #wintersun #15anniversary #wintersun15th #johnsmith #2019 #fewtivalseason #laukaa #peurunka #finland #epicmetal
Wintersun Nov 29, 2018
Jari Mäenpää Wintersun
Wintersun Nov 22, 2018
Black Friday Sale is on! Get 20% off all items from November 21st through November 26th at JSR Wintersun store Discount will automatically be added in your cart. No special code needed.
Wintersun Nov 17, 2018
WINTERSUN BLACK FRIDAY SALE We'll be doing a Black Friday Sale from November 21st through November 26th at our Official North American Webstore: All items 20% off!
Wintersun Nov 07, 2018
And finally: Thank You Aschaffenburg, Germany for coming to celebrate the tour end with us and filling up @colos_saal_aschaffenburg on a Monday night! It was magic! The Forest Seasons touring cycle is now officially done after 112 shows in 33 different countries. We’d like to thank again everybody to came to see the shows and showed their support! We love you guys! Now we’re going to take a bit of time off, a creative break to focus on new things but we’ll be back next May-August for some selected 15th Anniversary special shows! More news soon! #wintersun ##wintersunbyrequest #aschaffenburg #germany #wintersunforesttour #theforestseasons #tourend #epicmetal #epicfans
Wintersun Nov 06, 2018
Thank You Bochum, Germany for packing up @matrixrockpalast for the second last show of The Forest Seasons era on Sunday! #bochum #germany #matrix #wintersun #wintersunbyrequest
Wintersun Nov 04, 2018
Thanks You Amersfoort, Holland for the sold out show! You were awesome! Tonight we play at @matrixrockpalast in Bochum, Germany and tomorrow the last show of the Forest Tour era at @colos_saal_aschaffenburg in Aschaffenburg, Germany. Tickets at (link in bio)!#wintersun #wintersunbyrequest #epicmetal #epiccrowd #fluor #amersfoort #netherlands #holland #soldout
Wintersun Nov 03, 2018
Today’s schedule at Fluor, Amersfoort: 19:00 Doors 19:15 @vetrardraugurinn 20:00 @darkesthorizon 20:45 @wintersunofficial Remember to check out our merch stand for some special items tonight! #wintersun #wintersunbyrequest #amersfoort #holland #soldout
Wintersun Nov 03, 2018
Thank You Metal Hammer Paradise! Today we’re playing a sold out show in Amersfoort, Netherlands! 03-Nov NL, Amersfoort BY REQUEST - Fluor 04-Nov DE, Bochum BY REQUEST - Matrix 05-Nov DE, Aschaffenburg BY REQUEST - Colos-Saal #wintersun #metalhammerparadise #epicmetal
Wintersun Nov 02, 2018
Amersfoort, Netherlands show tomorrow is now SOLD OUT! Thank You! Get your tickets for the Bochum and Aschaffenburg shows at while you still can! This evening we play at Metal Hammer Paradise festival in Germany! #wintersun #wintersunbyrequest #amersfoort #fluor #netherlands #holland #soldout
Wintersun Nov 01, 2018
LOW TICKET WARNING! Last 30 tickets for Amersfoort, NL show are now available at: These are the last shows of The Forest Season touring cycle so make sure to get your tickets while you can! Click the events below for ticket links: 2.11.2018 Wintersun @ Metal Hammer Paradise 3.11.2018 Wintersun By Request | FLUOR Support: Darkest Horizon & Vetrar Draugurinn 4.11.2018 Wintersun By Request at Matrix - Bochum, Germany Support: Darkest Horizon & Asenblut 5.11.2018 Wintersun By Request at Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany Support: Darkest Horizon & Precipitation
Wintersun Oct 30, 2018
We’ll be bringing our last TIME II Stressballs for the By Request shows in the Netherlands and Germany this/next week! Very limited amount available at our merch stand as long as they last! 02-Nov DE, Metal Hammer Paradise 03-Nov NL, Amersfoort BY REQUEST - Fluor 04-Nov DE, Bochum BY REQUEST - Matrix 05-Nov DE, Aschaffenburg BY REQUEST - Colos-Saal #wintersun #stressball #officialmerchandise
Wintersun Oct 27, 2018
#Repost @teemumantysaari with @get_repost ・・・ Looking forward to getting back on stage next week at these shows: 02-Nov DE, Metal Hammer Paradise 03-Nov NL, Amersfoort BY REQUEST - Fluor 04-Nov DE, Bochum BY REQUEST - Matrix 05-Nov DE, Aschaffenburg BY REQUEST - Colos-Saal See our Facebook Events for tickets! In-person guitar lessons at the venues before the shows available at (link in bio) #wintersun #byrequest #bochum #aschaffenburg #amersfoort #germany #holland #ibanez 📸 @nix.lynn.official
Wintersun Oct 26, 2018
It’s Asim’s birthday today! Please join us wishing him a Happy Birthday by sharing your favorite photos of Asim with the hashtag #asimsearah and follow him at @asim_searah on Instagram and @asimsearahofficial on Facebook! 📸 by @nix.lynn.official #hbd #wintersun #asimsearah #epicmetal #epicbirthday
Wintersun Oct 24, 2018
SPAIN! 🇪🇸We’ll be celebrating Wintersun’s 15th Anniversary with you at @rockthecoastfestival in Fuengirola on June 14th 2019! Tickets and info: This year’s last Wintersun shows: 02-Nov DE, Metal Hammer Paradise 03-Nov NL, Amersfoort BY REQUEST - Fluor 04-Nov DE, Bochum BY REQUEST - Matrix 05-Nov DE, Aschaffenburg BY REQUEST - Colos-Saal 2019 - 15th Anniversary Special Shows: 03-May NO, Karmøygeddon Festival 03/06-Jul DE, Rockharz Open Air 14–Jun ES, Rock The Coast Festival 20-Jul DE, Baden In Blut #wintersun #metal #epicmetal #rockthecoast #festival #spain #fuengirola