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Human Taxonomy
Slanting Ray
Winter Severity Index Jul 15, 2019
Venerdì prossimo, 19 Luglio, dalle ore 15 non prendete impegni e seguite il nostro simpatico delirio nel consueto appuntamento con la trasmissione di Elisabetta Laurini Dark Entries su Radio Elettrica. Vi delizieremo con una selezione dedicata alle cover per noi più riuscite realizzate dai nostri artisti preferiti. Sintonizzatevi e fatevi sentire!
Winter Severity Index Jun 24, 2019
WSI on air from Michigan, thanks so much to DJ Shadowplay! ❤️
Winter Severity Index Jun 23, 2019
WSI on air on MundoXradio, in Perù, Costarica, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay <3
Winter Severity Index Jun 23, 2019
On air in Boston <3 thanks so much DJ Seraph!
Winter Severity Index Apr 24, 2019
Post- Everythig, trasmission of ModSnap Radio, from South Texas, dedicated us such kind words. I feel really proud when someone give us this kind of attention. It means a lot for a band like us.
Winter Severity Index Apr 24, 2019
Thanks so much for these words!!! Winter Severity Index on the air in Texas <3
Winter Severity Index Jan 20, 2019
Guess what we're doing.
Winter Severity Index Dec 13, 2018
Pic from our last gig in Bologna. Amazing night, amazing friends, amazing city. Thanks to Atmosphere Giuseppe Lo Bue, to European Ghost Joseph Rips ASanda, Cristiano Biondo, Mario d'Anelli. ♥️ See you soon in Rome.
Winter Severity Index Dec 07, 2018
Il Covo Club Bologna, ready.
Winter Severity Index Oct 17, 2018
We're on air on the other side of the world:)
Winter Severity Index Jul 15, 2018
When you want to head bang all night long, no matter what. Only in London. ❤️
Winter Severity Index Jun 14, 2018
Winter Severity Index + Belgrado (Sala Trashcan Music Club) Madrid 09/06/18 - Muzikalia
Winter Severity Index Jun 11, 2018
Winter Severity Index's cover photo
Winter Severity Index Jun 11, 2018
A promise is a promise. Slanting Ray, second press, double green vinyl gatefolded, limited edition 500 copies, via Blood Rock Records. Now available on our bandcamp page.
Winter Severity Index Jun 11, 2018
Untitled Album
Winter Severity Index Jun 08, 2018
Check check check...
Winter Severity Index Jun 06, 2018
We told you. SLANTING RAY, SECOND PRESS is ready! Out now viaBloodRock Records. Available on our Bandcamp page from next Monday. But lucky our Spanish fans! They can buy it from Friday. Double green vinyl gatefolded. Includes also the remix of A Sudden Cold by H ø R D
Winter Severity Index Jun 04, 2018
Waiting for our next concerts in Barcelona and Madrid next Friday and Saturday, an interview for the zine segundopremio. Barcelona: 8 de junio en Sala Upload Barcelona + Belgrado. Chroma Nation. Madrid: 9 de junio en Trashcan Music Club - TCMC + Belgrado. Indypendientes.
Winter Severity Index May 08, 2018
Little footage from Athlete, performed live in Prague last saturday.
Winter Severity Index May 08, 2018
Some pics from our last gig in Prague
Winter Severity Index May 08, 2018
Back from a weeekend we're going to remember. A special thank to Sereina Noelle Winters from Berlin and to Vaclav Sobert Belcak from Prague for the amazing nights. Your passion is real and contagious <3 And a special thank to the great artists we had the great pleasure to share the stage with, Suki San, Ryan and Alex from Second Still and Marta Raya, all great musicians and lovely people.
Winter Severity Index May 06, 2018
Winter Severity Index May 06, 2018
Marta Raya now playing. Underdog, Prague. Amazing venue, amazing atmosphere.