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Mission Bell
William Fitzsimmons Live
Jack Kerouac's Tristessa: Abridged Reading by William Fitzsimmons
Gold In the Shadow (Bonus Material)
Gold In the Shadow (Bonus Version)
Live From the Downtown Studios (Live)
The Sparrow and the Crow
Until When We Are Ghosts
20 Jahre Grönland Records 20 Jahre Grönland Records 2019
Venue: Festsaal Kreuzberg (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
William Fitzsimmons at Ideal Bar, Vega - Musikkens Hus (October 6, 2019)
Venue: Ideal Bar, Vega - Musikkens Hus (Copenhagen, Denmark) Find tickets
William Fitzsimmons at Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof (October 8, 2019)
Venue: Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof (Heidelberg, Germany) Find tickets
William Fitzsimmons at TRIX (October 9, 2019)
Venue: TRIX (Borgerhout, Belgium) Find tickets
William Fitzsimmons Jun 06, 2019
Come celebrate your 4th of July with William Fitzsimmons at the Audiofeed Music Festival in Urbana, IL! Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here:
William Fitzsimmons Jun 05, 2019
Groenland Records is turning 20 this year! The label will celebrate its birthday with a festival on October 3-4 in Berlin at Festsaal Kreuzberg. William Fitzsimmons will join the lineup on October 3rd. Grab your tickets here:
William Fitzsimmons May 15, 2019
William Fitzsimmons will be returning to Europe in October! He will be playing a handful of headlining shows and Enjoy Jazz Festival. Check out the full list of dates below, and grab your tickets from William’s website NOW!
William Fitzsimmons May 02, 2019
We absolutely love this remix of “In the Light” made by the incredibly talented Wonderarp! Check it out on Soundcloud here:
William Fitzsimmons Apr 12, 2019
Big announcement - the new William Fitzsimmons EP In The Light: Mission Bell Alternate Versions is available to stream and download NOW! Check it out here: William has this to say about the new EP: I believe there are two sides to every story. And the story behind the Mission Bell record is no exception. The alternative versions represent a completely different way of seeing the story of two people realizing that there time together has come to an end. Above anything else I hope these songs remind you that you’re not alone in whatever pain you’re going through.
William Fitzsimmons Apr 10, 2019
Psst. We have a secret we're going to tell you on Friday. Until then, go ahead and try to guess what it is!
William Fitzsimmons Apr 06, 2019
Sno-cone day!!
William Fitzsimmons Apr 03, 2019
See y’all tomorrow night at Nashville City Winery, w/ @scorpionfader and @wearejimandsam :)
William Fitzsimmons Apr 03, 2019
Nashville! I’ll be playing my likely last US show of the year on Thursday at @citywinerynsh (City Winery Nashville) with the amazing @wearejimandsam. This is a picture of Jim and I with our belts connected. Because why not :)
William Fitzsimmons Mar 28, 2019
This is my new friend Lucy (@luciennenoelle). She made me a very special poster and a matching t-shirt. She is incredibly cool and I’m so lucky to have her as my new bud :). You’re wonderful Lucy!
William Fitzsimmons Mar 22, 2019
Touring is special because I get the chance to connect with my fans who have supported me and my music through all of my ups and downs. I love meeting you, hearing your stories, talking gear, and getting the chance to be vulnerable and honest. I’m excited to be back on stage! We are kicking off the tour TOMORROW at City Winery Boston with special guest Jim and Sam. Tickets for all dates are available here:
William Fitzsimmons Mar 21, 2019
First drive of tour on this beautiful morning. See you in a couple days Boston.
William Fitzsimmons Mar 20, 2019
Check out William Fitzsimmons’ interview with Union Stage here: Tickets for the show at Union Stage in Washington, DC on 3/27 and the rest of the March/April tour dates are on sale NOW:
William Fitzsimmons Mar 18, 2019
Rehearsal day. My house looks like a music shop right now.
William Fitzsimmons Mar 18, 2019
Rehearsal day. My house looks like a music shop right now.
William Fitzsimmons Mar 14, 2019
William Fitzsimmons is back on eTown radio! Listen to the broadcast + check out the videos of the performances on the eTown website here: You can also listen to the full broadcast here: Podcast: Local Stations:
William Fitzsimmons Mar 11, 2019
Writing. Photo: @air_inn_brown
William Fitzsimmons Mar 09, 2019
Playing in the rain with daddy :)
William Fitzsimmons Mar 07, 2019
Timeline Photos
William Fitzsimmons Mar 05, 2019
Did you know William Fitzsimmons will be touring on the east coast late this month? Now you do!!
William Fitzsimmons Mar 01, 2019
Friday morning with my ladies.
William Fitzsimmons Feb 28, 2019
We hope you’re getting excited about William Fitzsimmons touring the East Coast in March! You don’t have to experience FOMO - grab your tickets NOW: on sale @
William Fitzsimmons Feb 27, 2019
Gear purge alert! To anyone interested, I’m currently selling several studio & live pieces to make room for new work, including my Martin D35. Head over to my Reverb shop ( Fitzsimmons) if you’re interested. Thanks y’all.
William Fitzsimmons Feb 27, 2019
Chalk drawing on my front porch. I think my kids might be trolling me.
William Fitzsimmons Feb 26, 2019
Homemade pizza night is being met with resistance 😂