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William Beckett Aug 03, 2018
Early mornin’ garb. #ravenclaw
William Beckett May 31, 2018
I’m at it again tomorrow night in DC... Come hang.
William Beckett May 18, 2018
Tonight! San Diego!
William Beckett Apr 20, 2018
Austin bound! I need a haircut.
William Beckett Apr 17, 2018
Friday. 4/20. Best guest in Texas....
William Beckett Apr 01, 2018
Less than 2 hours away from my live performance on StageIt! I flew the pride flag proud last time around. Which flag should I fly tonight? Ps. Come hang with us - 7PM CT. TICKET link is in my bio. Muah.
William Beckett Mar 30, 2018
Hey @traviemccoy - I miss you, boo. #fbf #7weeks
William Beckett Mar 28, 2018
Spring Fever is upon us! Live streaming my show this Saturday. Join us, fellow free folk! Ticket link in bio. 💃💃💃
William Beckett Mar 28, 2018
She literally wore this hat all day. Arrrrrggh!
William Beckett Mar 27, 2018
March Madness.
William Beckett Mar 17, 2018
She told me she’s “using the force”....
William Beckett Mar 05, 2018
This past month I’ve received some pretty amazing flags and banners to fly proudly during my StageIt shows. You are amazing humans. Which should I feature tonight?
William Beckett Mar 03, 2018
Join me for a Sunday special on StageIt. Playing old faves, requests, new prizes, Oscar predictions... plus I’ll be featuring some of the amazing flags and banners people have sent me 😍 Tix link in bio 💃💃💃
William Beckett Feb 28, 2018
I loved that Johnny Jump-Up...
William Beckett Feb 18, 2018
Pops and me sometime in ‘87.
William Beckett Feb 15, 2018
Surprise, surprise! I’m tonight’s Valentine guest at #emonitechicago. Join us. I may have very sweet treat for everyone as well. 🖤
William Beckett Feb 04, 2018
Stranded at the drive in. Branded a fool. What will they say... yup. delayed in Dallas.
William Beckett Feb 03, 2018
Heading to el aeropuerto destination Dallas. Or Destination Beautiful because @emonitetx is upon us! Get it???
William Beckett Feb 02, 2018
Surprise! I’ll be Guest DJing @emonitetx in Dallas tomorrow night. I’ll also be playing some songs acoustic. What to play? (Link in bio)
William Beckett Jan 23, 2018
I’ve got a Valentine’s Day special going right now on DownWrite. You can now get your song on 7” vinyl - which is pretty badass. Get your song now with promo code “LOVELY” for 10% off anything in the store. Link in bio. ❤️
William Beckett Jan 23, 2018
Glampire. (Art by @mjkeysz)
William Beckett Jan 20, 2018
Tomorrow night... I’m returning to for Part 2 - playing a live stream show from my house to yours. I’ll be playing my new favorite cover song, a rare TAI song, and doing requests. Songs! Prizes! Dad jokes! Link in bio. 💃💃💃
William Beckett Jan 19, 2018
Coffee and a mug.
William Beckett Jan 18, 2018
I spent the weekend in the UK and it was fantastic. Thanks to @mjkeysz, Seth, Faith and the whole #wbukcrew. Until next time!
William Beckett Jan 08, 2018
Happy 30th birthday to one of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege of calling a friend - bass whiz sisky biz @siskybusiness.