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Lost in the Shadows
Far from the Current
Willamena Apr 26, 2019
Always awesome to get airplay on @onUndercurrents, an uber-prestigious syndicated radio show. A decade later, Broken Heart's still right in there with the big dogs, like Stevie Wonder and Tom Waits. Playlist 4949, hour 2, here:
Willamena Mar 04, 2019
Bonjour, Quebec! WKND 91.9 FM @WKND919 plays "Open Up the Stars" by request 2/18/19. Thanks and merci to Marie-Christine Morin @MorinMiss for getting it on!
Willamena Feb 01, 2019
When You Close Your Eyes is now our third song over the 400 mark @Shazam.
Willamena Dec 21, 2018
185 stations in the U.S. & New Zealand, one of the coolest programs ever - and our "Broken Heart" still gets on @onUndercurrents with Old 97s, Elvis Costello, John Lennon and more legends. Top of hour 4, show #4840 here:
Willamena Dec 20, 2018
We are sorry Willamena news has been a bit slow recently. A new album is in the works but the steps are slow going. The project IS taking shape. Please stay tuned and stay ready for a new release from Willamena in 2019! On that note thanks to all the stations and shows STILL spinning Willamena including the nationally-syndicated Undercurrents ("Broken Heart" 12-19-2018, 4th set opener next to the Beatles, Old 97s and Elvis Costello, and KRVM ( just to name a couple of many. AND, as the holidays are here again, we like to share "The Things That I Forgot" which always seems right to listen to this time of the year. Thanks again everyone.
Willamena Nov 06, 2018
Salutations to Kent, UK and Europe via digital satellite radio - European Klassik Rock @EkrRock spins The Other Side of Loneliness
Willamena Oct 21, 2018
April 2018..."Strong Enough to Last" live acoustic performance in Grand Rapids, MI.
Willamena Oct 17, 2018
From the Willamena's self-produced 2004 Far From the Current album, this is Back on You. A weird rockin' tune that feels right to listen to now:
Willamena Oct 10, 2018
Thanks for the incredible support! Very cool.
Willamena Sep 16, 2018
Willamena's Strong Enough to Last is still one of the top albums of the year for 2018 so far. Beating out some great acts like Weezer, Bleachers, Cage the Elephant, the Killers and many others. #18 on the AAA top albums of 2018. VERY cool:
Willamena Sep 11, 2018
Guess who just cracked the 2000 mark @Shazam?
Willamena Sep 04, 2018
I can't remember if we shared this record review from November 2017 but just in case here it is! Some cool things said about the newest Willamena EP "Strong Enough to Last" including: "All things considered, this latest effort from what is – in this critic’s ears – one of the music industry’s best kept secrets is more proof that the indie music industry has just as much to offer audiences if not more." "Tom Petty-esque," "All things considered, Strong Enough to Last proves that even after a little more than 20 years Willamena is itself still strong enough to last and that the record itself is easily one of this year’s top new EPs." "The songs featured in this 24-minute record will appeal to a wide range of fans, including fans of Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, Counting Crows and other similar acts. "
Willamena Sep 03, 2018
Throwing out a big thanks to KEPC for spinning Willamena's song "Edge" from 2013s "Lost in the Shadows." Very cool. The last spin was on 8/29/2018 at 7:25 AM (you can search by date and time to see this killer playlist). KEPC in in Colorado Springs, CO. Thanks Sharon!
Willamena Sep 02, 2018
What's cooler? Broken Heart still spinning on one of the world's best syndicated radio shows - @onUndercurrents - or having Tom Petty playing right next to it? 8/29, top of hour #2, here: The shows play on different days, so maybe you can still catch it?
Willamena Aug 21, 2018
More folks are using @Spotify these days; probably time to let everybody know where to find us there --
Willamena Aug 16, 2018
Thanks 92.6 The Blitz for including Willamena's song "Broken Heart" as part of your playlist on Spotify. Very cool. Thank you for the support!
Willamena Jul 25, 2018
Thanks for being patient with us folks. Recording is ongoing and tracking in happening. Our next record is well under way and we are working hard to get that finished. News as it happens. Thanks again everyone. We hope you are enjoy your summer!
Willamena Jun 25, 2018
It was just over a year ago that Willamena released our newest EP "Strong Enough to Last" and we wanted to take a moment to thank every one for supporting this record and all the past Willamena recordings. To date Willamena has over 2,600 Shazams ( from fans all over the world based on radio support from stations and shows that broadcast everywhere but especially in America and Canada. That Shazam amount is really strong for a 100% independent band. Outlets like Paste, Skope, Local Spins and many others featured "Strong Enough to Last" and even more outlets support our radio singles. Willamena has five nationally charting Triple A radio singles to our credit so far too. Thanks for all the support folks! The quick update is that a new album is being mixed and recorded right how. Plans are being made to finish recording the last one or two songs and we hope to have a new release in a few months, sometime in 2018 still. This new record will be a reflection of the just over twenty years that Willamena has been making music and releasing albums including re-mixing some songs that are out of print, never before released and a couple live tracks too. Exciting!
Willamena Jun 01, 2018
Bubble Gum Radio, Quito, Ecuador spins As Long As I Can - our 250th outlet @radiobubblegum
Willamena May 27, 2018
Open Up the Stars is our 7th song with 200+ @Shazam (Falling... has a separate page.) Follow along here
Willamena May 13, 2018
Happy Mother's Day to all our supporters, friends and families! Family is important and Willamena would not be where we are without the help of a lot of cool people including our own Moms! Reflect on this day and give a shout out to your Mom if you can.
Willamena May 11, 2018
Rock on, Erica!
Willamena May 03, 2018
Okay, news teaser here. There is a new Willamena record being worked on right now. It will be a celebration of the twenty years that Willamena has been making and recording music and a couple live tracks may be included. This is very exciting. A release date is still undetermined and total tracks is also not decided. But it should be a full album, unreleased tracks will be included and re-mixes for a few tracks that are out of print may also be included. This should be very, very cool! Thanks all.
Willamena Apr 25, 2018
The guys in Willamena often mark events and moments with shows we played and events going on. I know we missed it by close to a month but in March 2003 the US invaded Iraq. The Chris Shaffer Band (Chris was the lead singer for The Why Store) was opening the night for us at a place in Chicago called The Note I believe. As they fired up the first song we were all at the bar having an adult beverage. Next thing someone turns on CNN and the bombs were flying and the Iraq War started. Chris's band could see the events from the stage as no one was watching them at all. They lost their focus and ended their set. We were set top go up and hardly anyone came down for the show that night. All hell was breaking loose are we were all distracted. Willamena went on and played a solid show. We did a special version of one of our tunes called "I Know Nothing" and at the end of the night I (Chad Hendrickson) got in a shouting match with the owner who was upset at turnout (I was too). He just didn't understand that the war started and people were watching that in disbelief. It is a very, very weird feeling to be on stage while real bombs are on television and you are holding a guitar, drum sticks, a mic or bass. Helpless and inspiring all at once. We quickly loaded up and left back for Kalamazoo that night. Lucky we did as large scale protests started the next morning and Lakeshore Drive was shut down and the whole city was affected by the protests of that unpopular war. Those are the kinds of moments that affect future tunes and inspire us to keep going. Almost fifteen years ago in March. And we are still there and in Afghanistan. And Willamena is still making music.