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Sweet Dreamer
Will Joseph Cook at The Forum (September 11, 2019)
Venue: The Forum (Tunbridge Wells, UK) Find tickets
Will Joseph Cook at Louisiana (September 13, 2019)
Venue: Louisiana (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
Will Joseph Cook at The Bodega Social Club (September 14, 2019)
Venue: The Bodega Social Club (Nottingham, UK) Find tickets
Will Joseph Cook at Omeara (September 16, 2019)
Venue: Omeara (London, UK) Find tickets
Will Joseph Cook Aug 21, 2019
Very happy to announce Matilda as support for September! Also tickets for the new T-Wells show are now on sale, as well as the remaining bois for Nottingham and Manchester. Mmmkkayyy
Will Joseph Cook Aug 19, 2019
Home town show added. See u in September 🐲 tickets on sale Wednesday 10am x
Will Joseph Cook Jul 19, 2019
UK live shows now on sale, get them while they hot 🤠 https://www.willjosephcook.co.uk/shows
Will Joseph Cook Jul 15, 2019
Tickets on sale Friday, 9AM. Four very special shows, set your alarm ✌
Will Joseph Cook Jul 12, 2019
Hey Friends, my new song Hey Brother just came out! Feels very good to be back. Thanks for all the love, THE FEELING IS MUTUAL. Check it out here https://www.willjosephcook.co.uk/
Will Joseph Cook Jul 11, 2019
Tomorrow 👋
Will Joseph Cook Jul 10, 2019
Two days👋
Will Joseph Cook Jul 09, 2019
Three days 👋
Will Joseph Cook Jul 08, 2019
I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE... https://www.willjosephcook.co.uk/signup
Will Joseph Cook Jun 13, 2019
Heya, just put up a new episode of my podcast Bad Hotel! 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂 www.thebadhotel.com 🏠 It’s Episode 6 and everything is aligning perfectly. In this instalment of Bad Hotel, Daniel and Will are joined by artist, producer and pop writer - @oscarscheller. Together they explore the pivotal transition Oscar made from lone wolf solo artist, to hyper collaborative writer. It’s no easy ride switching lanes like that, so bring your mediation mat and call your therapist, we’re about to unpack this knapsack of change. Available on Spotify, iTunes and podcast services.
Will Joseph Cook May 03, 2019
Hey 👋 New episode of my podcast Bad Hotel is up! Featuring Jamie Glass, lead singer of indie rock band Indoor Pets. Topics include moisturising routines, the dangers of soy, end of the world fantasies and MUSIC. It's a wild ride, go take a listen www.thebadhotel.com
Will Joseph Cook Feb 19, 2019
🏠 Eyyyy, I recently released another podcast. Episode 4 of the Bad Hotel podcast features the new face of BBC Radio 1’s Indie Show, Jack Saunders. Me and my friend Daniel dive into Jack’s impulsive journey through the ranks of UK radio, from University beginnings to landing a slot on the country’s most influential new music station. How on earth did he do it? Should porn be on the radio? Can Jack really communicate with those beyond the grave? There’s only one way to find out 😱 Listen here www.thebadhotel.com Also available on Spotify, iTunes and podcast services.
Will Joseph Cook Nov 19, 2018
Hey 👋 Just released the very last of the Sweet Dreamer merch from my tour supplies. Hoodie/Beanie/Coloured caps/Tees all just added to the store 💕 International shipping 🌏 www.willjosephcook.com
Will Joseph Cook Nov 16, 2018
🏠 Episode 3 of the Bad Hotel podcast is up. Listen at thebadhotel.com or go to our Spotify 💛 Ever wondered who’s behind the pictures of your favourite indie bands? There’s a good chance it was Phoebe Fox. Alongside this super talented guest, Will and Dan delve into the world of live music photography. Covering a range of topics from studying at the infamous Brit School to capturing candid ‘fly on the wall’ moments on a band’s sleeper bus tour. If you’ve ever considered working in music photography, definitely check this out.
Will Joseph Cook Nov 12, 2018
The second instalment of my podcast, Bad Hotel...What the slug? It’s episode 2! The beds have been dusted in preparation for the first ever guest at Bad Hotel - Dan Wild. We discuss the touring life of a roadie and what it’s like to run an independent a venue. It’s a rock show, enjoy it. Listen here! - thebadhotel.com
Will Joseph Cook Aug 23, 2018
“Feels Good. Feels right. Feels so damn right.” 🏠 First ever Bad Hotel Podcast is UP www.thebadhotel.com (animation by @palacewatson)
Will Joseph Cook Aug 21, 2018
🏠 Hello everyone, excited to announce Bad Hotel Episode 1 is up. It’s a podcast that I’ve started with my good friend Daniel 👬 We talk a load of shit including second album stuff, so check it outttt - www.thebadhotel.com
Will Joseph Cook Apr 14, 2018
SWEET DREAMER JUST TURNED ONE OKAY 🎉 Thank u for listening 🧡
Will Joseph Cook Apr 13, 2018
O DAMMNNN. Sweet Dreamer turns one tomorrow!! 🤱 To celebrate I’m doing a competition on my Instagram to win one of the original white label test pressings (@willjosephcook) 👍❤️
Will Joseph Cook Apr 04, 2018
When everyone else is too lit to notice the bowl of snacks but ur fuckin smart 🤤 (ps this vid just turned 2 wow thanks for 660,000 plays 💓)
Will Joseph Cook Apr 03, 2018
My debut album 'Sweet Dreamer' is out now: https://atlanti.cr/sweetdreamer
Will Joseph Cook Mar 10, 2018
I don't sing or anything now, I just play this drum.
Will Joseph Cook Mar 05, 2018
100% concentrate 👁
Will Joseph Cook Feb 08, 2018
Super excited to be coming back to South Korea in May for Green Plugged 😃😃😃💕 Plus I'll be turning 21 in Seoul turn uppppp.
Will Joseph Cook Dec 14, 2017
Wowee thanks for listening to my songs this year ❤️ love you lots