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No Moon at All
Wildcat Wildcat May 06, 2016
Wildcat Wildcat
Wildcat Wildcat May 05, 2016
get hype... ...go give the new jam a heart on Hype Machine if you're so inclined. love.
Wildcat Wildcat May 03, 2016
we got our eyes glowing white, we got our feet on the ceiling... #relentless #newWW #newmusic #listensharerepeat photo by: Taylor Woods
Wildcat Wildcat May 02, 2016
as single...out now. #relentless
Wildcat Wildcat May 02, 2016
Wildcat Wildcat's cover photo
Wildcat Wildcat Mar 17, 2016
listen for "Up & Beyond" on American Idol tonight. the perfect soundtrack for anyone living their dreams or having them crushed on national tv.
Wildcat Wildcat Feb 26, 2016
if you tube... new b-side "Breakfast Drugs" is all up on there.
Wildcat Wildcat Feb 26, 2016
just dropped the new instrumental/experimental b-side to Straight To The Top on our soundcloud. it's called "Breakfast Drugs" and you're gonna wanna hear it... let's go in. #newWW
Wildcat Wildcat Feb 24, 2016
when wildcat interviews wildcat... "let’s go ahead and get the most important question out of the way… what’s your favorite Dave Matthews Band song?" Play Too Much
Wildcat Wildcat Feb 10, 2016
guess who put their new single on Spotify today? #youguessedit #us #newWW #straighttothetop #forallyourplaylistneeds
Wildcat Wildcat Feb 02, 2016
don't see nothing wrong with a little music monday. our latest contribution for those of you that like #newWW music...
Wildcat Wildcat Jan 29, 2016
love FROM the neon gold fam. love FOR the neon gold fam. #sinceday1
Wildcat Wildcat Jan 28, 2016
thankful for the kind words from Buzznet on the new jam.
Wildcat Wildcat Jan 26, 2016
Straight To The Top
Wildcat Wildcat Jan 26, 2016
Wildcat Wildcat Jan 25, 2016
tomorrow's a #newWW day. #newyear #newmusic #allneweverything
Wildcat Wildcat Jan 15, 2016
do we need to spell it out for you? #newWW #comingsoon
Wildcat Wildcat Dec 23, 2015
our debut album was only released in 2 out of the 196 countries that it should've been. so... HAPPY HOLIDAYS, WORLD! love, W!W! #musicisforeveryone #happydownloading #happylistening
Wildcat Wildcat Nov 18, 2015
the future is (almost) now. #2016 #newWW <3
Wildcat Wildcat Aug 15, 2015
Wildcat Wildcat's cover photo
Wildcat Wildcat Jun 09, 2015
please excuse our silence... puttin in work... new/good things coming sooooon.
Wildcat Wildcat Feb 06, 2015
today feels like a FREE MUSIC kind of day... "there's only so much you can do in a tour van to not go crazy...but it's what you do after you go crazy that matters. you can either start naming clouds after the method actors that they look like or you can come up with an idea to do something that no one has ever done before and spend the rest of your tour mashing up all the vocals from your own bands album with some of your favorite new/old school hip hop and r&b tracks and accidentally create the genre that everyone's been waiting for." -jesse carmichael (when overheard describing #nomashupatall) listen / share / listen more
Wildcat Wildcat Dec 22, 2014
new remix of Hero by one of our's...the incredible Marley Carroll laying it down...gotta have it.
Wildcat Wildcat Dec 08, 2014
thank you Audiotree for a great session. watch us play some of our favorite songs and answer some deep questions
Wildcat Wildcat Dec 06, 2014