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Wild Cub Nov 18, 2017
Wild Cub Nov 07, 2017
Online store updated with new “CLOSER” merch & signed colored vinyl! 10% off with discount code “RAIN” through 11/13
Wild Cub Oct 26, 2017
Special email going out next week with exclusive discounts and a couple surprises. Make sure to signup at
Wild Cub Oct 18, 2017
The gents at Imaginary Towers have done it again, this time with “Magic”.
Wild Cub Oct 10, 2017
Hey remixers! Get your hands on the stems for "MAGIC" here.
Wild Cub Oct 08, 2017
First 75 people through the door in Nashville tonight get this free collector 10”. Doors at 6!!
Wild Cub Oct 06, 2017
THIS SUNDAY. NASHVILLE. EARLY SHOW!! Doors at 6 and music at 7pm
Wild Cub Oct 04, 2017
See you tonight NYC
Wild Cub Oct 04, 2017
We’ll be live with Billboard today at 11:30am EST!
Wild Cub Sep 30, 2017
Wild Cub Sep 29, 2017
BOSTON / NEW YORK / NASHVILLE get your tix now:
Wild Cub Sep 25, 2017
Wild Cub Sep 23, 2017
MINNEAPOLIS, COLUMBUS, DC & PHILLY! We're coming for you, don't miss it. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW:
Wild Cub Sep 18, 2017
Wild Cub Sep 11, 2017
WEST COAST. Grab your tix now!
Wild Cub Sep 09, 2017
Wild Cub Sep 08, 2017
Here it is… finally out and swimming in the world… our brand new record “CLOSER.” LISTEN: We hope you love it. Turn it on, lay on your bed and stare at the ceiling for 40 minutes. Turn it up loud and drive around your city for no reason. We hope it becomes a part of your long walks home at night in your ear buds. We hope there are songs you listen to over and over. Songs that instantly take you somewhere, instantly touch an emotional chord somewhere deep inside for you. From wondering if you’d ever hear these songs, to now sharing them with you and the world… we are forever grateful. Come see us out on the road over the couple of weeks so we can say thank you in person. Thank you for your support and letting our music be a part of your lives. Film by Milly Cope
Wild Cub Sep 08, 2017
New Album 'Closer' OUT NOW: Tour Dates/Tickets:
Wild Cub Sep 07, 2017
Really happy to announce that we will be bringing along FUTURE FEATS​ and Soft Swells​ for the west coast and Parade of Lights​ for all mid-west and east coast dates. If you don't have your tickets... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Grab them now at
Wild Cub Sep 06, 2017
Just Announced! Win tickets to our Fall Tour plus the shot at signed merch and more! Enter Here:
Wild Cub Sep 06, 2017
‘Closer’ vinyl has arrived! Order yours now and get ready for the album, out this Friday!
Wild Cub Sep 05, 2017
‘Closer’ comes out Friday! Watch the Milly Cope short film that goes with the album over on and pre-order the record to listen to the early tracks! Pre-Order -
Wild Cub Aug 31, 2017
As I wrote the lyrics and music for “Closer”, it felt like it was writing something very specific and I couldn’t understand exactly what. It was a specific emotional life of a very specific person (and/or couple). It felt distant, like I was pulling it from the darkness, but at the same time, very personal and close. As we began to finish the record, I found the photos and films of a young UK artist named Milly Cope and just like that… I had found it. The voice that I had been trying to channel musically and lyrically. She was speaking very plainly and truly about self-doubt, emptiness, the empowerment of love, trying to be brave, trying to understand herself. In her photos and her films, I felt like I there was a flickering back at me in the dark… this was what I had been writing. It felt even more powerful that it was someone so different from myself, but still very authentic and honest. This film short, featuring an instrumental reworking of our album-track “Wait”, is a distillation of that linkage. Thank you to Milly for lending us such a personal piece of herself, and we hope you enjoy.
Wild Cub Aug 25, 2017
NASHVILLE! We'll see you Oct 8th with Lightning 100 at 3rd & Lindsley Nashville GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW:
Wild Cub Aug 22, 2017
Listen to "Magic," the final early track off our upcoming album 'Closer,' out Sept 9th! Can't wait for you to hear the whole thing!