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WIDOWSPEAK Jul 23, 2018
hi. letting you know. show alert. ruby won’t be there but we’re playing @colonywoodstockny on wednesday with @bermudatriangleband duo style, many reimagined old ones and also maybe a couple new ones... having some cold ones... remember: a one that is not cold is scarcely a one at all.😏
WIDOWSPEAK Jul 19, 2018
*widowspeak duo flys again* wednesday 7/25 opening for Bermuda Triangle at Colony Woodstock NY it’s a magical place let’s hang deep. photo by andrew smith.
WIDOWSPEAK Jul 19, 2018
*widowspeak duo flying back into action* wednesday 7/25 opening for @bermudatriangleband at @colonywoodstockny it’s a magical spot and we should all hang deep. photo by andrew smith.
WIDOWSPEAK Jul 06, 2018
bob and his band are playing toronto tonight at the monarch tavern, go say hi! tomorrow they’ll be in cleveland at the beachland ballroom 😎
WIDOWSPEAK Jun 29, 2018
@mollyhamilton made a lil lyrics vid for bob! also singin that backup. inspired by sesame street animations 🔵🔴🌕
WIDOWSPEAK May 04, 2018
TONIGHT! 🤘🏻 if you are in the catskills already or headed this way for the weekend, we are playing another last-minute duo set at the most magical @catskillpines in Mt. Tremper! ...and also this is the new most important style of show flyer. lol.
WIDOWSPEAK Mar 22, 2018
attempts at watercoloring lol. but hey! catskills and hudson valley zone, or if you find yourself upstate from the city this weekend! we are playing a special duo set on saturday at @catskillpines and we would love to see you there.
WIDOWSPEAK Mar 02, 2018
hiiii we still have some shirts up on our bandcamp, t shirts are exceptional and timeless! get them now before they are gone forever. extra fee for the essence of @robert_earl_thomas. Order them here! Deals for days!!!!!
WIDOWSPEAK Feb 21, 2018
new bob video for new bob song “cryin” and it’s super dope!!!!! peep it over at his gram @robert_earl_thomas
WIDOWSPEAK Feb 05, 2018
took this pic of bobby thom. follow his page Robert Earl Thomas and other social media for news and things, stuff coming up! shows in **PHILLY** and **KINGSTON** and **BROOKLYN** and **BOSTON** :) :) :) the record comes out next weekend 2.16.18! proud of him.
WIDOWSPEAK Jan 29, 2018
leftover merch alert! put up the last bits from tour! you too can own a t-shirt with a drawing of molly's little brother Iron with a rose in his teeth and/or a shirt with a drawing of Ruby and a plant.
WIDOWSPEAK Jan 26, 2018
a bob song to add to your "get hyped" mixes (or maybe your "staring out the car window" mixes) :) Robert Earl Thomas
WIDOWSPEAK Jan 24, 2018
This is my (molly's) favorite song by Robert Earl Thomas and the video is great too <3 mellow vibes check it out buddies
WIDOWSPEAK Jan 17, 2018
brooklyn friends: our very own Robert Earl Thomas is releasing his solo record in one month and THIS is the amazing record release show happening at Alphaville 2/16!!! Featuring Lina Tullgren and Anna Fox Rochinski of Quilt. yall. this is going to be a great night. <3 <3 <3 (also i took this photo of rob)
WIDOWSPEAK Jan 15, 2018
heartbroken. one of our favorite singers/songwriters of all time.
WIDOWSPEAK Jan 09, 2018
it is super wild that we made this video FIVE YEARS AGO. honestly sometimes me (molly) and rob will listen to old songs or watch old videos and almost forget they even happened because... so much has happened since the band started. but yeah! just want to say it's really cool that we've gotten to make and share things with you all.
WIDOWSPEAK Dec 13, 2017
Robert Earl Thomas made a playlist (with some contributions by me, molly) of mostly old soft and sweet jams that are classics for when you are tired of christmas songs this holiday season. excellent for driving around your hometown to, for after you've left the family party, for thinking about special someones to. feelings!!!!
WIDOWSPEAK Dec 12, 2017
Here's a session we did with TOUTPARTOUT sessions ! On a floating tattooshop at DOK, Ghent. It was very cold! but maybe it will warm your hearts... lol ;) "Right On" & "The Dream" In collaboration with Humo, Music Mania Gent and Anton Coene TOUTPARTOUT
WIDOWSPEAK Dec 11, 2017
's cover photo
WIDOWSPEAK Dec 04, 2017
we are back home after three weeks of tour in europe and feeling really full of love from all these great shows. thanks to all the rad people who came out, y’all rule. some of our very favorite shows of life were on this tour.... ❤️❤️❤️ photo by @wim_barzilay_fotografie from our show at @rotownrotterdam ✌️
WIDOWSPEAK Dec 01, 2017
pics from our show in Paris ✌️✌️✌️playing Gothenburg tonight at Oceanen!
WIDOWSPEAK Nov 29, 2017
Photos from our show in London last week, and we are in Stockholm tonight at Obaren and it is free! Get here soon yall.
WIDOWSPEAK Nov 23, 2017
playing rotterdam tonight @rotownrotterdam ! ✌️pic from last night in paris, show was wonderful. thank you @espace.b ❤️ 📷 by @koyuki75
WIDOWSPEAK Nov 22, 2017
had a rad time in brighton and london and now we are in paris playing tonight!!!! at @espace.b ✌️
WIDOWSPEAK Nov 21, 2017
our very own robert earl thomas has a solo album coming soon! check out the first song ✌️also we are in Brighton tonight see y’all soon