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WhoMadeWho Aug 20, 2019
Returning to Burning Man Project. This time we have prepared a whole new Hybrid-live show. Playing the sun down Thursday, August 29th at the magnificent Mayan Warrior artcar. For those who won't be there - it will all be filmed to be enjoyed away from dust and naked people. - Other Burning Man DJ sets to be announced soon.
WhoMadeWho Aug 16, 2019
Ibiza bound again👍 Tune in below and party with us later tonite at B! CRAZY Ibiza w/ Jean Claude Ades • WhoMadeWho • Mar+Mer
WhoMadeWho Aug 14, 2019
What a great billing by RadioBosque💪 Viva La Mexico. See you soon!
WhoMadeWho Aug 06, 2019
We are here....Cova Santa Ibiza
WhoMadeWho Jul 31, 2019
Heading to Kiev, Odesa and Leipzig this weekend for some DJ action and hope to see you around! In the meantime check out this good read at ÂUGHT Magazine:
WhoMadeWho Jul 29, 2019
Be there or be square for this FREE entry event: Berlin, 5th Sep - 10pm CET - WMW live in concert at Fest der Zukünfte: Eröffnung WhoMadeWho is a band with its own distinctive sound. When the experimental dance band arrived with their single ‘Space for Rent’ in the mid-2000s, it was a time of musical upheaval. Club music was turning into rock and vice versa, and the Copenhagen-based trio suddenly found itself at the forefront of an international movement that was uniting indie, techno, pop and pretty much every other genre of music imaginable. The world has changed since then – as has the band. Their core, however, has remained the same: in early 2018, with the release of their sixth studio album, ‘Through the Walls’, WhoMadeWho created a shimmering sonic odyssey that is epic, sincere, fast-paced and captivating in equal parts. Arriving fresh from their appearance at the legendary Burning Man Project, the band will be here for Futurium’s opening to present the European premiere of their new Hybrid live setup.
WhoMadeWho Jul 19, 2019
We had a lovely chat with the folks at WOMADE a few weeks ago at the Watergate Records open air in Berlin. Hit the link below to check out the footage and don't miss us next week Friday at Tomorrowland + the weekend after at Westhafen: 10 Years of Watergate Records in Leipzig. 👉
WhoMadeWho Jul 13, 2019
On our way to Minsk for an electronic extravaganza: Live @ Kosmos Nash at 2am tonight. Come along and dance with us!
WhoMadeWho Jul 01, 2019
Had the best times at Mayan Warrior / The Brooklyn Mirage. We have selected the tracks available on Spotify from our set i Brooklyn last weekend.
WhoMadeWho Jun 27, 2019
Whomadewho at Mayan Warrior x The Brooklyn Mirage
WhoMadeWho Jun 24, 2019
Thank you New York City, Mayan Warrior and The Brooklyn Mirage🙏 Saturday night was truly epic! The Watergate 26 release tour continues this week in Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Alacati. For those of you who can't make it, check out our performance at the Watergate Open Air a couple of weeks ago👇
WhoMadeWho Jun 22, 2019
We had the best time playing for Mayan Warrior at Burning Man last year. So highly excited + delighted to team up with them again and support their art car fundraiser in New York City tomorrow. They will be driving the Mayan from Mexico City to New York and we fly in from Copenhagen to bring the beats🤝 Get ready to experience the playa at The Brooklyn Mirage!
WhoMadeWho Jun 20, 2019
Louden up now to the new DIYNAMIC MUSIC Radio Show, curated by us! SoundCloud👉 Spotify Playlist👉
WhoMadeWho Jun 19, 2019
For our fans asking about our gig in Tel Aviv on June 25❤ Line-Up: Lonya, Jenia Tarsol, Magit Cacoon, WhoMadeWho WMW Hybrid DJ Set Time: 1:30am FB Event: Check out our remix of Magit Cacoon & Lonya on WG 26👇
WhoMadeWho Jun 16, 2019
Arrived in Ibiza! Looking forward to playing Cova Santa Ibiza with Guy Gerber, Emanuel Satie and many others.
WhoMadeWho Jun 13, 2019
Lovely Summer ahead! Happy to reveal our festival schedule for summer 2019: 20/06: WhoMadeWho live, Mollono.Bass & Guests | Springfestival Graz (Live Set) 27/06: Kløften Festival 2019 (Live Set) 26/07: Do Not Sit On The Furniture @ Tomorrowland 2019 - Weekend 2 (Hybrid DJ Set) 10/08: Lethargy Festival (Live Set) 23/08: Salt Wave Festival 2019 (Live Set) 25/08 - 02/09: Burning Man Project (Hybrid DJ Set)
WhoMadeWho Jun 07, 2019
No excuses Berlin...Watergate Club Open-air this Sunday and a devoted sun!
WhoMadeWho Jun 05, 2019
Ibiza committed: Every month during the season starting June 18th! Mini-residency at Cova Santa Ibiza + one encore at HEART IBIZA CLUB. See you around!
WhoMadeWho Jun 04, 2019
Watergate Club calling! WhoMadeWho coming! Time to celebrate 10 years of Watergate Records next Sunday at SAGE BEACH in Berlin. Go and get your tickets here: And for those of you who can't make it, Beatport got you covered with a live stream👌
WhoMadeWho May 31, 2019
This release has been in the making for a long time. Our liaison with Rampa 'Tell Me Are We' is finally out and about. Make sure to grab your copy here: And for those you in North America we will be playing this tune among others here & there this weekend: 31/05: Satin Jackets & WhoMadeWho at La Casona Montejo 452 01/06: Cirque Noir L.A X WhoMadeWho See you around!
WhoMadeWho May 22, 2019
'TELL ME ARE WE' WILL BE OUT MAY 31st. Last year we sent a couple of demos to Rampa​ from KEINEMUSIK - a few jam sessions with drums, guitar, synths and an acapella. He was supposed to vacate in Ibiza but apparently he got inspired... so a few days later we got this very special version back. Now many months later we are proud to release it on Innervisions​: Special thanks to Âme​, Adriatique​ & Dixon​ for the continuous support!
WhoMadeWho May 20, 2019
Yet another interview for Watergate 26👇 Thanks to We Own The Nite NYC for having us! Speaking of NYC will be hitting the US for a couple of gigs next month: 1st June - Cirque Noir L.A X WhoMadeWho 22nd June - Mayan Warrior (Full Art Car) at The Brooklyn Mirage
WhoMadeWho May 16, 2019
Bound for Mexico and the US in the next few weeks where the Watergate 26 Tour continues in Guadalajara, Tulum, Tijuana, Monterey, Merida, Los Angeles ❤️ Good reason to point out and highlight the Mexican contribution by Concret & Tyu for Watergate 26 which is sitting at #9 in the Beatport Electronica / Downtempo charts right now👏 Check it out👇
WhoMadeWho May 08, 2019
We just can't get enough of Watergate and vice versa! Next month we will be playing at the Watergate Open Air with WhoMadeWho, Artbat, Jimi Jules and more on 9th June in Berlin. Looking for a countdown soundtrack? Have a listen here 👉
WhoMadeWho May 06, 2019
Sweet touch: 'Closer' was BBC 1's Essential New Tune last week! Tune in at the 29:25 mins mark: "It’s taken from a brand new Watergate 26 mixed by WhoMadeWho, and it contains two exclusive tracks on it from former guests ARTBAT. Here they are combining with WhoMadeWho on Closer as the Ukranian duo score a big Essential New Tune."