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New Violence EP
Sarah Williams White Dec 13, 2018
🔥🔥🔥🔥 #nowplaying Lightboxes new single ‘Play Fair’ 🙏😵🙏
Sarah Williams White Nov 22, 2018
‘Of The New World’ turns 3 in a few days! Can’t believe how time flies...… #newworld #hum #rainmaker #sww #progsoul #futuresoul #imaginativerealism #southlondon #femaleproducer #timmyrickard #firstword #LP
Sarah Williams White Jul 17, 2018
Seeing as yall my good friends, here’s a link to cheaper friends & fam tickets 🤫Live next weds 25th July at Archspace London, down to the raw bones of a song, just me & a keyboard Cheaper tix >>
Sarah Williams White Jul 13, 2018
Thanks for making the fam so welcome Lauren Laverne & BBC Radio 6 Music loads of fun today with Paul White🍦xx listen again
Sarah Williams White Jul 12, 2018
Tomorrow going to be fun - singing LIVE with my bro Paul White on Lauren Laverne’s BBC Radio 6 Music show!! Tracks off his brilliant album #rejuvenate 🌊 📻‬
Sarah Williams White Jun 28, 2018
Representing the #southlondoner corner on 25th July at Archspace London’s #FourCorners event with an artist from each corner of the capital. Arrrrr yuuuu readyyyyyy! 🔞💪 Tickets
Sarah Williams White Jun 25, 2018
Just a coupla vocal layers making ‘The Looking Glass’ on mr Jonny Drop beat 🔮👄🔮 Thank you kindly to Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music for adding it to #JustAdded playlist 🙏
Sarah Williams White May 28, 2018
Current bedroom studio vibes making songs that go pop 🍭 Still haven’t set up all my gear but it’s fun having less to try get down a song somehow!#changeshitup #smallstudio #songsthatgetstuckinyourhead #songwriting #femaleproducers
Sarah Williams White May 05, 2018
Pure joy! I’m on my big bro Paul White’s beautiful new album ‘Rejuvenate’ out now 💛 very proud sis as ever! Perfect for a sunny day -
Sarah Williams White Feb 14, 2018
My first gig of the year this Sunday 18th. Chilled daytime set on keys, playing some old some new and some even newer songs at the Four Letter Word Weekender @ The Old Blue Last Starts 3pm Tickets available on DICE - UK, Ireland & USA Facebook event
Sarah Williams White Feb 13, 2018
My new inspiration. Hello world.
Sarah Williams White Nov 08, 2017
That time I met the Queen and handed her my music... probably in some offshore lockup now, making millions
Sarah Williams White Oct 16, 2017
Making new music with mr man. Amongst other things... !
Sarah Williams White May 19, 2017
Had a quick chat with CDR HQ ahead of tomorrow's talk panels & workshops at Peckham Rye Music Festival >
Sarah Williams White Apr 28, 2017
I can always trust in Cornwall to inspire and cleanse. A very welcome break from working solo in the studio! Thank you 🌍
Sarah Williams White Feb 09, 2017
Petalhead #eveningsessions #studio #ua610 #korgms20mini #moogerfooger #sp404 #cactusbeats
Sarah Williams White Feb 02, 2017
#OfTheNewWorld #Rainmaker #Hum download proceeds go to ACLU Nationwide for 24hrs from 00:00GMT tonight! via First Word Records and Bandcamp Go get em here:
Sarah Williams White Jan 14, 2017
Looking forward to this! Playing live for Worldwide FM, tune in online weds 18th
Sarah Williams White Jan 07, 2017
this is what happens when you mic up a coconut candle
Sarah Williams White Dec 22, 2016
Here's a festive gift to mark the end of 2016 💥 download my track #Rainmaker for free as part of the First Word Records compilation #TwoSyllables over at #bbc6music #sww #freedownload #weirdbeats #imaginativerealism #progsoul #homemadesauce #experimental #womenmakemusic
Sarah Williams White Nov 18, 2016
newness fun back creating dans le studio 🌈 #producersbelike #beats4daze #womenmakemusic #forealtho #afrikan #inspired #analoglove #sww #dubiyudubiyu
Sarah Williams White Oct 31, 2016
For everyone who dreams of the future and Of The New World! > #eyesopen #inspired #seekknowledge #spreadtheseed
Sarah Williams White Oct 11, 2016
WE FOUND A HANDFUL OF LPs(!!) which we have nicked back from the distributers and they are now up in the shop for you to part with a mere few pounds and await that happy parcel > < but best be quick!
Sarah Williams White Sep 23, 2016
Making a table top for my new studio room! #createordiy #geometric #monochrome #studiodesk
Sarah Williams White Sep 01, 2016
Only 1 x vinyl LP left on Bandcamp