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White Rabbits: Live [in Spaceland - June 13th, 2007] [Live]
Fort Nightly
White Rabbits Jun 30, 2014
Just reached 30,000 Trackers! - Track White Rabbits
White Rabbits Jun 15, 2014
Today: White Rabbits @ Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, NY
White Rabbits May 28, 2014
Just Announced: White Rabbits @ Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, NY
White Rabbits Sep 05, 2013
Help Andrew, our friend and collaborator, finish a beautiful documentary on a disappearing town in Missouri: RICH HILL
White Rabbits Dec 31, 2012 named our performance one of the top 40 of 2012. Listen here:!/concert/best-sessions-of-2012/20056407-37383585
White Rabbits Dec 10, 2012
White Rabbits's cover photo
White Rabbits Dec 10, 2012
Timeline Photos
White Rabbits Oct 20, 2012
Last night of tour in Columbus, OH at A&R Bar. #12in12
White Rabbits Oct 09, 2012
Night 2 with @TheShins
White Rabbits Oct 05, 2012
hello friends stephen here. i wanna take a moment to let you all know about a few changes within the band. if you've come out to any of our shows over the past few months you might have noticed that there's some missing and some new members onstage. same deal if you've seen the video for "i'm not me". i regret not filling all of you in earlier, but to be honest, we weren't entirely sure how we were gonna proceed until very recently. so here we are. the most obvious change has been the absence of our beloved bald drummer jamie levinson. jamie's been with us for over 6 years, and although we thought he was already great at being our embarrassing dad, he and his wife are starting a family of their own. they're expecting their first child any day now as a matter of fact. we love jamie and will miss him beyond belief.. but we're of course very happy for him and wish him nothing but the best. after searching for a new drummer for a very long couple months, we found dave scalia. he's a pretty good drummer i guess, but we were mostly impressed by his freakishly long hands and extensive collection of gray cardigans. he's a young boy so be nice to him. i also wanna take this opportunity to thank rustine bragaw, who has toured with us throughout the year playing bass. he's a fantastic musician and has a lovely australian accent..but for our fall tour we've decided to go out as a five-piece, something we've talked about for awhile. we'll still be doing the two drummer thing. we're all just gonna be taking turns playing the bass guitar. boring stuff perhaps, but exciting for us. ok that's all for now. thanks you so much to all our fans that have been supporting us for so long. we love you. WR
White Rabbits Oct 05, 2012
Have you seen the new video for "I'm Not Me" yet?
White Rabbits Sep 15, 2012
White Rabbits's cover photo
White Rabbits Sep 15, 2012
Even Stephen. Performing for @iD_magazine in our practice space.
White Rabbits Sep 14, 2012
Tune in now to see our Soundcheck (WNYC Radio) performance LIVE.
White Rabbits Aug 18, 2012
Festival X-Press. #sixflags #lowlands
White Rabbits Aug 17, 2012
Lowlands Festival 2012.
White Rabbits Aug 12, 2012
White Rabbits Aug 09, 2012
Barely made our flight. See you sern Haldern!
White Rabbits Aug 07, 2012
Stephen, Matt, and Jamie were interviewed in DRUM! Magazine. Check it out.
White Rabbits Aug 05, 2012
g'morning lallapalaaza.
White Rabbits Aug 04, 2012
Gettin real ominous in Chicago.
White Rabbits Aug 02, 2012
Werkin for the weekend.
White Rabbits Jul 31, 2012
Our entire Webster Hall concert from last April is currently available Moshcam.
White Rabbits Jul 29, 2012
The Cavesman. Matt's up there too.
White Rabbits Jul 27, 2012
Moshcam's recording of our show at Webster Hall is now available. Check it out here: