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Drunk N Crunk

Wormhole EP
White Noize Jan 07, 2019
Happy New Year everyone! Well, here we are in 2019 (where did last year go?!?) and the band are ready to 'hit the road' again! Up next is a return to the Square Brewery in Petersfield on Saturday 16th February, followed by the Cuckoo Pint, Stubbington on Friday 1st March. We've plenty more gigs booked/planned throughout the year, so please come along to see us if you can and keep an eye on our page for more gig announcements soon. Cheers.
White Noize Jan 01, 2019
A massive happy new year from all at white noize , mainly the drummer as i dont get to see u lot as much as th front 3 do , im.not jealous but i think abiut the fans, love jim, Ps their only in tune because i say they sound rubbish xxx
White Noize Dec 31, 2018
White Noize Dec 11, 2018
Fleming Park Bowling Club Function Room
White Noize Dec 09, 2018
Another good night at the Grantham Arms. Big thankyou to all that came to see us.
White Noize Dec 06, 2018
Don't forget folks, we are playing at the Grantham Arms this coming Saturday 8th December. Be good to see you there!!
White Noize Dec 03, 2018
Hi all, if any of you have photos or videos of the band and wouldn't mind sharing them with us, that would be much appreciated.
White Noize Dec 01, 2018
All set up ready for our gig at The Fox And Pelican tonight. What a great night. We will be back!!
White Noize Dec 01, 2018
Cracking gig at The Fox And Pelican tonight. Thanks to all that came along to see us. Your on going support is much appreciated by the band. Look forward to seeing some of you at The Grantham Arms in Eastleigh on December the 8th. Keep on rocking in the free world!!
White Noize Nov 11, 2018
White Noize Oct 27, 2018
I don't think there is anything to say about this poster!
White Noize Oct 07, 2018
wild thing
White Noize Oct 07, 2018
stand by me
White Noize Oct 07, 2018
horse and groom 2018 , rocking in the free world
White Noize Oct 07, 2018
feeling good
White Noize Sep 30, 2018
Two great gigs this weekend. Our first outing to Grayshott Social Club was a blast, looking forward to playing there again soon! And last night saw us playing a private party for Chris our Guitarist and Ang's combined 50th birthday party at The Winchester Club. Thanks to all who came and supported us. You make it all worthwhile .
White Noize Sep 29, 2018
Great gig tonight at Grayshott Social Club, in deepest darkest Surrey!! ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽต๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽค
White Noize Sep 22, 2018
Apologies, for the late cancellation of our gig at The Halfway in Chandlers Ford tonight. This was due to the pub, showing the boxing. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We will be arranging another date with this venue.
White Noize Sep 18, 2018
GIG UPDATE: Some of you may have noticed that we've recently had to cancel some of our gigs. Unfortunately, all of these cancellations have been down to the venues cancelling, with reasons ranging from bands being double-booked, venues deciding to no longer have live music, or even because they've subsequently taken a 40th birthday party booking! Needless to say it's very frustrating for us, particularly when we've turned down other bookings, but we'll keep plugging away and hope to see you at one of our usual (and reliable) venues again soon! Cheers.
White Noize Sep 16, 2018
Rockin' out at JonFest with our guest singer!
White Noize Sep 14, 2018
We have had a busy summer, and had some great gigs. As autumn approaches, there is no let up. We have several upcoming gigs with some new venues to play, Saturday 22nd September sees us at the Halfway in Chandlers Ford. We will be starting at 8pm and finishing around 10pm, to allow for the boxing. Would be good to see a few of you there. Check out our gig list to see if we are playing near you. We appreciate your continued support.
White Noize Sep 13, 2018
GIG UPDATE: For those of you who are planning on coming along to our gig next Saturday (22nd September) at the Halfway Inn, Chandlers Ford, our start time is 8PM, with a finish time of 10PM, as the pub are showing the Anthony Joshua fight afterwards!
White Noize Sep 08, 2018
Great gig tonight guys. Thanks to all that came along. Big thankyou to Jon Allen for putting it all together. ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽธ๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŽต
White Noize Aug 26, 2018
GIG UPDATE: Next stop on the 'world tour' is The Whistle Stop, Liss this coming Friday 31st August. Another new venue for us and one we're very much looking forward to. Also, a further gig date added for one of our favourite venues, The Grantham Arms, in the run-up to Xmas on Saturday 8th December. More gig news to follow soon. Cheers.
White Noize Aug 25, 2018
A couple of retro pics from our gig at The Monks Brook in Chandlers Ford 24/08/18.