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Die Morgenröte
Departure Remixed
Gegen die Zeit
The Ruin (Remixes)
Weltenwandler Jan 18, 2019
"MEMORIES" is OUT NOW ! + Weltenwandler Remix available on all major online platforms. Check it out!
Weltenwandler Dec 16, 2015
Here are some tracks that I made roughly 1.5 years ago, but never actually uploaded. Rave.
Weltenwandler Oct 29, 2014
Weltenwandler Aug 03, 2014
Coming up: one of my first trials of a live set. Hey or nay? Let me know what you think and feel free to add me on twitter:
Weltenwandler Aug 03, 2014
Fed-up with facebook deciding what you see from your liked pages? Follow me on twitter to be always up to date with new Weltenwandler music and all sorts of chit-chat. And let me tell you, great new stuff is coming your way!
Weltenwandler Jun 19, 2014
I was leading a music workshop recently and made this song: What do you think? Release or bury away?
Weltenwandler May 02, 2014
Ah, finally got around to put together a new DJ set! Enjoy
Weltenwandler Apr 14, 2014
New Music.
Weltenwandler Feb 20, 2014
Youtube loves bootlegs right? I finally got around to put some footage together for my older "Song Of Storms" Bootleg. If you enjoy watching Link messing around with Kakariko's Townpeople and Chicken, this one is for you.
Weltenwandler Feb 09, 2014
Only a few more followers on soundcloud and we are reaching 500! Whenever we reach it, there will be a free exclusive download for you, so tell your friends to like my page
Weltenwandler Jan 26, 2014
Yet another unreleased track. Easily one of the best club weapons I've made so far.
Weltenwandler Jan 06, 2014
Sorry I didn't post any updates recently. I was on vacation exploring Tokyo's awesome night life! To make up for it, here's an unreleased track I made a little while ago:
Weltenwandler Dec 07, 2013
This also happened this week: "Berlin Is Dead" is now available on beatport.
Weltenwandler Dec 07, 2013
A plethora of good tracks were released recently. This is what I found most amazing these days:
Weltenwandler Dec 01, 2013
Regular Beats Records asked me for a track for their upcoming Compilation album. And since it's a label with an interesting sound, I gave them a song that fitted right in. Check it out!
Weltenwandler Nov 19, 2013
And it's out on Beatport!
Weltenwandler Nov 16, 2013
Here's a list of music I play in clubs at the moment or listen to during quiet hours at home. Enjoy:
Weltenwandler Nov 14, 2013
Soundcloud doesn't let me upload my own remix for copyright reasons as it resembles the original song... (how weird, right) But at least you can listen to it here, exclusively!: Enjoy!
Weltenwandler Nov 03, 2013
Good morning everyone, let's start your sunday with an hour of finest selected tunes:
Weltenwandler Nov 02, 2013
It has been a while, but my next DJ-Podcast will be out soon, including some massive new unreleased tracks! Watch this space
Weltenwandler Oct 31, 2013
Dominik Eulberg played "The Black Forest (Mondkrater Remix)"!
Weltenwandler Oct 24, 2013
The Remix LP has hit all the online music stores recently! Go check it out, what's your favourite track from those 10? I really like this one, great music and great video!
Weltenwandler Oct 05, 2013
The Remixed Album is now officially out on Beatport! Head over and check it out!
Weltenwandler Sep 23, 2013
Some short snippets of the upcoming remix album are now hearable on youtube! Check it out. (Second track has already been played by the man himself, Richie Hawtin)
Weltenwandler Sep 08, 2013
I just got all the mastered files for the "Departure Remixed" Album. And my god, they sound great! Snippets to follow very soon!