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We The Committee Apr 23, 2015
Great to see an old song of ours getting some airtime. Was always one of our favourites....
We The Committee Apr 01, 2015
For those of you on Tidal...
We The Committee Jan 11, 2015
Still can't believe TWEQ made it across the pond last year to be used in bizarre
We The Committee Sep 08, 2014
Thank you for everyone's support up until now. We've been a little quiet lately and we apologise for that. We're looking to find some new inspiration and we've been working on new ideas but its been a slow process. We don't want to bring something out that we're not happy with, but we hope to have something for you guys in the next couple of months. thanks for all your messages, we're still completely overwhelmed that our music has reached people from all over. Back soon. WTC
We The Committee May 24, 2014
We had so much fun in Estonia and were truly humbled by everyone's kindness. Thanks for having us. Now to catch up on some sleep
We The Committee May 22, 2014
Our live show is now 'cabin bag' friendly
We The Committee May 10, 2014
Estonia, we'll see you soon
We The Committee Apr 24, 2014
Just another normal street corner magazine. Happy Thursday
We The Committee Apr 19, 2014
Something for your iminent Easter hangover
We The Committee Apr 16, 2014
We're gearing up ready for Estonia on the 23rd May. We can't wait
We The Committee Mar 25, 2014
Great fun at the Hype night last night, big thanks to Hype and Extreme Music for having us
We The Committee Feb 22, 2014
Incase you missed it the other day, you can hear some of Pat's other project over here
We The Committee Feb 20, 2014
Pat has set up a little side project. Check out some early remixes here
We The Committee Jan 25, 2014
We'll be playing Madame Jojo's (London) on the 24th march for the cool kids over at Hype Music. Pretty, pretty, pretty excited
We The Committee Jan 11, 2014
Really pleased to announce we'll be playing in Estonia in May. More details coming soon
We The Committee Dec 25, 2013
A very merry Christmas to everyone. X
We The Committee Nov 29, 2013
Post Winter Wonderland stroll
We The Committee Nov 20, 2013
Incase you missed it yesterday Arklow is now up for free download. Enjoy
We The Committee Nov 19, 2013
HQ Bandcamp download of Arklow available here
We The Committee Nov 19, 2013
New e.p Arklow now available for free download. Enjoy
We The Committee Nov 12, 2013
Tube Love
We The Committee Nov 01, 2013
My pumpkin attempt,. Happy Halloween guys!
We The Committee Oct 27, 2013
Coming soon
We The Committee Oct 19, 2013
We can't quite believe that This Won't End Quietly has now had over 200,000 hits on YouTube. This is by far the strangest video that someone's uploaded Thanks for listening
We The Committee Oct 10, 2013
Hospital fish fingers and mash. This was the healthiest option. #lovinglife