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Megaplex: Rise of the Lycans
Helter Seltzer
Tv En Francais: Sous La Mer
TV en Français
Tv En Français
Live from Union Chapel, London
Brain Thrust Mastery
With Love and Squalor
Venue: Unknown venue (Tenerife, Spain) Find tickets
Gigante Gigante 2019
Venue: Festival Gigante 19 - Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Spain) Find tickets
Wilkestock Festival Wilkestock Festival 2019
Venue: Wilkestock Charity Music Festival (Stevenage, UK) Find tickets
We Are Scientists with 'WL&S' 50th Anniversary Shows at ZAKK - Halle (November 26, 2019)
Venue: ZAKK - Halle (Düsseldorf, Germany) Find tickets
We Are Scientists with 'WL&S' 50th Anniversary Shows at Uebel & Gefährlich (November 27, 2019)
Venue: Uebel & Gefährlich (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
We Are Scientists with 'WL&S' 50th Anniversary Shows at Heimathafen (November 28, 2019)
Venue: Heimathafen (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
We Are Scientists with 'WL&S' 50th Anniversary Shows at Technikum (November 29, 2019)
Venue: Technikum (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
We Are Scientists with 'WL&S' 50th Anniversary Shows at Bitterzoet (November 30, 2019)
Venue: Bitterzoet (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
We Are Scientists at O2 Academy 2 Leicester (December 4, 2019)
Venue: O2 Academy 2 Leicester (Leicester, UK) Find tickets
We Are Scientists with 'WL&S' 50th Anniversary Shows at Swg3 Galvanizers (December 5, 2019)
Venue: Swg3 Galvanizers (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
We Are Scientists at O2 Ritz Manchester (December 6, 2019)
Venue: O2 Ritz Manchester (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
We Are Scientists Aug 01, 2019
Recently jumped onto the Bellwether Music Festival lineup in Ohio next weekend b/c we are last-second, jet-setting, seat-of-our-pants kinda guys!
We Are Scientists Jul 10, 2019
Who did it better? @ Miami, Florida
We Are Scientists Jun 23, 2019
We met the @thelonelyisland gang back toward the beginning. At the time, we thought they were funny, smart, and actually pretty musically gifted. We did some early music video stuff with them, etc. Fast-forward to tonight… tbh, Akiva, Jorma & Andy would have been the *last* members of the Lonely Island crew that we’d ever have imagined making it this far… but damn, here they are, with a vengeance. Tonight’s show was incredible. Would love to have also seen Mark, Antoinette, Lon, Kerri, Beatriz, Greg, and Foster. 🤷‍♂️
We Are Scientists May 30, 2019
UK: Slipping in one more festival show end of the summer due, obviously, to overwhelming, ungovernable demand. Tickets at Wilkestock
We Are Scientists May 17, 2019
Here’s us with two-4ths of Communipaw, Keith Carne’s mistress band. (KC winning the smile competition here.) They’ve got a record-release show THIS SUNDAY at Union Pool (North Brooklyn), several hours before #gameofthrones lops off its own head. (This will be the perfect pre-party.) This Communipaw record, “Power Plant,” is a GREAT listen, and whether you can come to the show or not (lookin at you, Australians, Europeans, and Chinese) you should Spotify it ASAP. /// Also playing is the wonderful @anniehartforsure, who we vouch for, plus Nave Especial, who we’ve never seen but are likely pretty damn good, considering their company. /// See ya at the thing! @communipawmusic @ Union Pool
We Are Scientists May 17, 2019
#tbt Shot right after we beat up the football team by @danmonickphoto
We Are Scientists May 11, 2019
On this date in the year 1917, on a hot Brooklyn night etched with lightning and drenched by rain, Keith Murray was born. He had a full head of argentine hair and a piercing wail that shattered the monocle of the attending physician. A year later and in the same hospital, Steve Rogers entered the world, and each man would go on to become central figures in entertainment, and in defending the planet from alien monsters. Indeed, when Captain America went off the grid after the events described in the documentary film “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” it was Keith to whom Pepper Potts and Natasha Romanoff turned as a best-case replacement for Cap’s lynchpin role in The Avengers. Keith knew that because of his schedule with We Are Scientists he couldn’t accept the offer, but he didn’t tell that to Potts and Romanoff until after they had flown with him on the Quinjet to Iceland, where the three spent a lost weekend together in the geothermal baths, availing themselves of round-the-clock darkness. // During the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, Keith became recognized as a pioneer of rock-&-roll guitar, musical theater, puppetry, conjuring, phrenology, locksmithing, hypnosis, and shiatsu. By 1990 he was burned out, and decided to devote himself to motorboat racing. It has often been said that Keith Murray never attempted an activity at which he didn’t subsequently excel, but in nearly ten years of motorboat racing, he disabled or destroyed 91 boats, fatally injured a dozen manatees, and completed just one race, crossing the finish line 36 minutes after the second-to-last finisher. At the turn of the century, he chose to rededicate himself to show business, and We Are Scientists was born. // For the last 19 years, he has been our axe-handler, our crooner, and easily our most aggressive dancer. He has led the charge, and without his exceptional skill as both a performer and a songwriter, we’d never have made it out of the basement. He may have chosen a path less purely dedicated to public service & sacrifice than Captain America did, but as anyone who’s seen the final minutes of “Avengers: Endgame” can attest, Keith looks a hell of a lot better for his age. 🎂
We Are Scientists May 03, 2019
Less than a month till Long Division fest, our only UK stop this summer. It is going to get real in Wakefield.
We Are Scientists Apr 29, 2019
After dispatching the Night King yesterday, we & Snow Patrol begin our march to King’s Landing with a stop tonight in Boston. #muddledtourmetaphor
We Are Scientists Apr 27, 2019
Please see our current stories for crushing news about #Joshua, the remarkable flat-bottomed pretzel we were lucky to have in our lives this last week. (If you haven’t met #Joshua, see the highlight in our profile titled “It has risen.”)
We Are Scientists Apr 26, 2019
Guys, holy smokes — 50 YEARS. It’s time to celebrate “With Love & Squalor” the way it deserves: full commitment, no ear plugs. We’re playing the album top to bottom, plus more (music, theater, lights, shoes). General sale begins now.
We Are Scientists Apr 25, 2019
Here’s WHAT’S HAPPENING: - We’re in Raleigh NC tonight headlining Kings - “MEGAPLEX: Rise of the Lycans” is gobbling up the world’s streaming bandwidth—it wants yours, too. - Pre-sale tix for our UK With Love & Squalor-50 shows are gone. General sale starts tomorrow. ❤️
We Are Scientists Apr 24, 2019
The 50th anniversary of “With Love & Squalor” is coming this autumn(!). To celebrate, we’re reissuing the album on vinyl, and playing it live at a short run of shows in Germany, Holland, & the UK. Reserve your copy & pre-order tickets now:
We Are Scientists Apr 23, 2019
☀️LOS ANGELES: The finest man we know is also one hell of a photographer. Dan Monick has shot many of our best promo pics and album covers over the last 15 years, and he constantly shoots awesome sh*t for other people and for himself. If it were anyone else, we’d be jealous, but it’s Dan, and the world needs as many of his images as it can get. This Saturday from 7-9pm, his show Goodbye to Romance opens at . You will feel like a stupid asshole if you miss it, especially if you live in Southern California. We have a show in Philadelphia this Saturday, so definitely can’t make it, and we still feel like foolish, foolish assholes. -~-~-~-~-~- @danmonickphoto
We Are Scientists Apr 22, 2019
Tomorrow we fulfill a longtime dream: playing Nashville’s historic Ryman Autorium Nashville alongside Snow Patrol on a Tuesday 🗓 in the springtime 🌷during a year that ends in “-9”. Come share the fantasy with us!
We Are Scientists Apr 19, 2019
🐺 MEGAPLEX: RISE OF THE LYCANS is in your back yard. Go pet him. 🎧
We Are Scientists Apr 17, 2019
The next four days are our 🌟TEXAS TURKEY HUNT🌟, and YOU are the quarry, ya turkey. We’ve got shows in Dallas, Austin, & Houston with Snow Patrol, and without ‘em in San Antonio. C’mon out and get your waddle coddled! 🦃
We Are Scientists Apr 13, 2019
🌺WASABI🌺, our award-baiting collaboration with Art Brut, arrives in select U.K. boutiques & jam shacks today as part of Record Store Day UK. Send us a pic if you’re lucky enough to score one, or else, frankly, we’ve gotta assume you’re lying.
We Are Scientists Apr 09, 2019
PRE-SAVE!💥Pre-saving our upcoming release does 2 good things: it teaches your preferred service that you like W.A.S., & makes it more likely to recommend us to other people. Cost? 0! Value? $Wow! This will take you:
We Are Scientists Apr 05, 2019
Behold “Megaplex: Rise of the Lycans”—the double-sized expansion of last year’s album, with new songs, remixes, Under the Sea versions, & demos. A feast too big to budge. Cue it up and retire in it. Let your family visit YOU here. Out 4/19; pre-order
We Are Scientists Apr 04, 2019
#tbt 13 years ago — we did a tour diary for now defunct website iMeem. The first two pics show the outline for a web banner advertising the diary. Pic 4 is the text for the entry we logged the day after our show with @arcticmonkeys at The Warfield in SF. If memory serves, we stretched the truth a little for this update. @ The Warfield
We Are Scientists Mar 24, 2019
Guilty. We often sit down at tables stacked with empty cans & glasses and pretend we drank them all for a photo. #ad
We Are Scientists Mar 15, 2019
Please enjoy “Give It Up” — a sunny little acoustic number with a spring in its step and a melody in its pocket. It’s track 14 or 15 off the forthcoming deluxe edition of “Megaplex,” out April 19th ☀️
We Are Scientists Mar 14, 2019
Lol the FBI’s investigation into college admissions was code-named “Varsity Blues.” This #tbt goes out to the g-men✌️😚
We Are Scientists Feb 28, 2019
WASABI = We Are Scientists + Art Brut International. A limited edition split 12” vinyl coming on Record Store Day UK 2019, featuring new tunes, covers, rarities, and an esprit de joie that will infect even the snobbiest collector. Out April 13. More info at