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By Any Remixes Necessary
By Any Beats Necessary
By Any Beats Necessary
By Any Beats Necessary (Instrumental Version)
Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra
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Dusty Rainbow from the Dark
Dusty Rainbow from the Dark (Youtube version)
Dusty Rainbow from the Dark (Instrumental pour Youtube)
Dusty Rainbow from the Dark (Instrumental Version)
Dusty Rainbow from the Dark
Live 2010 à l'Olympia
In the Mood for Life
In the Mood for Life (Instrumental Version)
Hope & Sorrow
Tales of the Forgotten Melodies
Wax Tailor Dec 17, 2018
Galt MacDermot passed away today one day before his 90th Birthday. Like most people, I discovered his music as a child through Hair OST. 15 years ago I sent him an email not expecting for any answer. He did answer me himself & gave me the right to use a sample of his music with those words : "Good Luck, Love Galt" He has always been one of my biggest influences he was a unique maestro. Over the years we've kept in touch with him & his family. Even if I know he passed away peacefully I feel deeply sad. My deepest thoughts to Mary Anne, Vince & his Family. Galt your music will keep you in our hearts, thank you for everything, let the sunshine in 🙏❤ __________________ Je viens d'apprendre la disparition de Galt MacDermot, un jour avant l'anniversaire de ses 90 ans. Comme beaucoup j'ai découvert sa musique, enfant, avec la bande originale de Hair. Il y a 15 ans je lui ai écrit sans espoir de réponse. Il m'a répondu lui même me donnant l'autorisation d'utiliser un sample de sa musique avec ces mots "Love, Galt" Il fait parti de mes grandes influences, c'était un Maestro unique. Au fil des années nous sommes restés en contact avec lui et sa famille. Même s'il est parti paisiblement, je suis très triste d'apprendre son décès. Mes sincères condoléances à MaryAnne, Vince et sa famille. Galt, ta musique te gardera vivant dans nos coeurs 🙏❤ #galtmacdermot #maestro
Wax Tailor Dec 17, 2018
As promised this week I make you win a vinyl album every day on my insta account (just click on the picture) (I invite you to follow me rather on Instagram since no one sees posts anymore with "the new order" of the facebook algorithm, no how...) Stay tuned, see you tomorrow!
Wax Tailor Dec 14, 2018
🔥 WIN A ZIP HOODIE 🔥 Until this Sunday included, a 2CD album "By Any Beats Necessary" offered for any order online from 25 euros. Today you can also win "IWWT" Hoodie, simply by sharing this post, I’ll announce the winner tomorrow! All next week I will make you win some gifts on my Insta : Have a good WE!
Wax Tailor Dec 13, 2018
What is your 2018 preferred album? This is the album I got in mind Pusha T - Daytona (If we agree that in 2018, 7 tracks is an album & not a rich EP & focus about Kanye the producer not the lost soul) By the way, don't buy the vinyl it's a shame, so cheap & disrespectful quality, no credit, nothing, don t even talk about the disgusting cover (Whitney Houston's bathroom picture that Kanye spent 85 000$ for) About 2018 albums, I also got in mind, Artic Monkeys, Anderson Paak, Edan & Homeboy Sandman, The Du-Rites, Kids See Ghosts & a few I forget now. What's yours?
Wax Tailor Dec 10, 2018
SHOP: The holidays are upon us. Until December 16th (to guarantee you’ll be delivered in time for Christmas), I am giving away my last album “By Any Beats Necessary” (in a 2xCD digisleeve version) to anyone who spends over $25 on my online store! -- Noël dans 15 jours, en panne d'idées cadeaux? Jusqu'au 16 décembre (pour garantir la livraison avant Noël), je vous offre mon dernier album By Any Beats Necessary (digisleeve 2 CD) à partir de 25€ d'achat dans la boutique en ligne!
Wax Tailor Dec 07, 2018
🔥 B-SIDES & REMIXES - BONUS 1 🔥 A few months ago I released "B Sides & Remixes", a compilation of tracks released exclusively in vinyl so far. Some of you guys have pointed out to me that I forgot some. So here's a little catch-up bonus session available on your platforms right now: B Sides & Remixes still available here: Full disco: Good WE!
Wax Tailor Nov 28, 2018
Morning Mood The Meters « Cissy Strut » (1969)
Wax Tailor Nov 27, 2018
《Happiness Of Being Sad 》 (VF en dessous) If you were born & raised in France in the late 70', this music would remind you of childhood, as it was the TV music background for an animated movie by JM Folon. It was announcing the end of the programs (yes when TV was not 24h a day). The song's inspired by baroque composer Alessandro Marcello (concerto for oboe) is called "Emmanuel" (in memory of his son who died as a child) It was 1st released earlier in 1971 on this album "Wings" French composer Michel Colombier did work a lot in the shadow as an arranger with Serge Gainsbourg, Quincy Jones, Pierre Henry, Charles Aznavour & later for Madonna & Air. ---- Si vous avez plus de 40 ans, ce titre est sûrement associé à un souvenir d’enfance. C’était la musique du film d’animation de JM Folon qui annonçait la clôture des programmes d’Antenne 2 (oui quand la télé ne diffusait pas H24) Ce titre inspiré par le concerto pour hautbois d'Alessandro Marcello s’appelle « Emmanuel » (en mémoire de son fils décédé). Michel Colombier a beaucoup travaillé dans l’ombre en tant qu’arrangeur avec Quincy Jones, Serge Gainsbourg, Pierre Henry, Aznavour et plus tard avec Madonna ou Air.
Wax Tailor Nov 20, 2018
Today I had the privilege of visiting the Charles Cros collection at the National Library Of France. I ll post you a video early December. Thanks to the team for receiving me. #history #bnf #recording #gramophone #charlescros #ouaiscros #lafabriqueculturelle
Wax Tailor Nov 16, 2018
Wax Tailor Nov 14, 2018
François De Roubaix - Daughters Of Darkness O.S.T (1971) One of the greatest O.S.T french composers gone too soon in 1975
Wax Tailor Nov 13, 2018
Wax Tailor Nov 09, 2018
VINYL ATTACK!!! Shop: I've just received my last 3 albums "instrumental versions" that will be released for the first time in vinyl next Friday. I've also repressed "Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies" and "By Any Beats Necessary" that were out of stock, so it's all available in vinyl now in my online shop: Have a good WE! — Products shown: 2LP Vinyl - In The Mood For Life (Instrumental Version), 2LP Vinyl - Dusty Rainbow From The Dark (Instrumental Version) and 2LP Vinyl - By Any Beats Necessary (Instrumental Version).
Wax Tailor Nov 05, 2018
NEW INSTRUMENTAL VINYLS! Only 10 days before the release! You now can pre-order the vinyl editions (DLP Gatefold) of my instrumental albums. They’ll be shipped for November 16. I’ll sign them if you ask for it (except for North America as we got to send them oversea earlier). Thanks for sharing, have a good day!
Wax Tailor Oct 25, 2018
Probably far from a "Citizen Kane" but still curious to see it anyway with the documentary coming out the same day "They'll Love Me When I'm Dead"
Wax Tailor Oct 19, 2018
Homeboy Sandman & Edan - Grim Seasons
Wax Tailor Oct 17, 2018
NEW INSTRUMENTAL VINYLS NOW ON PRE-ORDER: You now can pre-order the vinyl editions (DLP Gatefold) of my instrumental albums. They’ll be shipped for November 16. I’ll signed them if you ask for it (except for North America as we got to send them oversea earlier. Thanks for sharing !! — Précommande ouverte sur mon shop pour les double albums instrumentaux vinyls (DLP Gatefold). Livraison pour le 16 novembre et pour ceux qui le souhaitent je les dédicace avant envoie (sauf commandes Amérique du Nord maheureusement vu que les disques seront déjà là bas). Merci de partager !
Wax Tailor Oct 16, 2018
🎂 Happy 50th 🎂 "Electric Ladyland" Jimi Hendrix Experience
Wax Tailor Oct 11, 2018
👉INSTRUMENTAL VINYL👈 (VF à la suite) Life is a "Long Play". You asked me again and again and as I am ultra responsive, it took me respectively 9 years, 6 years and 2 years to finally release my last 3 albums in instrumental vinyl version. I received the pressing test and gave the green light. "In The Mood For Life", "Dusty Rainbow From The Dark" and "By Any Beats Necessary" will be available in vinyl double LP Gatefold instrumental version on November 16 and pre-order next week in my online store. --------------------------------------- Il faut du temps pour "creuser son microsillon". Vous me l'avez demandé encore et encore et comme je suis ultra réactif, il m'aura fallu respectivement 9 ans, 6 ans et 2 ans pour finalement sortir mes 3 derniers albums en version instrumentale vinyle. J'ai reçu les test pressing et donné le feu vert. "In The Mood For Life", "Dusty Rainbow From The Dark" et "By Any Beats Necessary" seront donc dispo en version instrumentale vinyle Gatefold double LP le 16 novembre prochain et en précommande dès la semaine prochaine dans ma boutique en ligne.
Wax Tailor Oct 01, 2018
Charles Aznavour (1924-2018)
Wax Tailor Sep 30, 2018
Sunday Classic - Chicago Blues - R.I.P Otis Rush
Wax Tailor Sep 24, 2018
Here is a 25 songs playlist with female vocalists, some with whom I had the chance to collaborate, some with whom I hope to collab one day and some legends. It misses a lot but I will add titles. Enjoy
Wax Tailor Sep 20, 2018
Nearly ¼ century together with my ol’ ASR10. Diggin in the old floppy disks. I did this beat in 1995 straight from the internal sequencer (at this time I had no computer…) mono, 29khz
Wax Tailor Sep 18, 2018
🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯 6 years ago today I released my 4th studio album "Dusty Rainbow From The Dark" Happy Birthday 🎉
Wax Tailor Sep 16, 2018
Sunday Classic "Stevie" 🎶