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Ghost Town
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jun 12, 2019
How would y’all feel if I did W!TG by myself ? Turns out DJ has picked up some amazing gigs and won’t be able to dedicate the time . Josh is MIA I’ve asked him a few times and no reply . Would I be wasting my time ?
Watchout! Theres Ghosts May 03, 2019
Watchout! Theres Ghosts
Watchout! Theres Ghosts May 03, 2019
Tyler Carter and Jordan Blake will be rocking the house may 16Th at Houston Undrgrnd ! What watchout songs do you think I should sing ?
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Mar 04, 2019
Jordan Blake performing #theshakeup #tenyearanniversary
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Mar 04, 2019
I’m think about putting on some sweet watchout dance tunes ... would you guys like some new music ???
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Feb 26, 2019
Jordan Blake playing the shake up and more
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jul 04, 2018
Cannibal Music Family
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jun 18, 2018
Word on the streets is Jordan Blake will be revising 1 track off of Ghosttown! I was stoked when I found the backing track in a old email so i said fuck it ! I was revising A Skylit Drive songs at #emonight so why not bring back my other emo classics !
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jun 14, 2018
Jordan Blake released some kick ass dance music Fight Team 86 and Richies new band Something Heartfelt is doing well click the links and give em a like ! Also come see Jordan live June 23rd in Ventura #synthwave #fightteam86 #neola #cannibalmusicfamily #thesincircle #cannibalmusicfamily
Watchout! Theres Ghosts May 04, 2018
Everyone tag Joshua Stotts and tell him you want him to take a weekend off from his adult life to lay guitar down on some new music I’ve been working on. Legally it’s going to be to much work to get the band touring and playing shows again but there’s no reason we don’t take advantage of the CMF studio and release an album or EP. . . Would anyone be interested in the original line up working together again? Let us see some love ✌️🙏❤️
Watchout! Theres Ghosts May 04, 2018
Watchout! Theres Ghosts
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Apr 13, 2018
Everyone follow the new watchout there’s ghosts ! Fight Team 86 listen to me here
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Mar 26, 2018
So I tried and tried to get ahold of the proper parties to be able to move forward with watchout and it just would of been way more of a pain then pleasure . I created Fight Team 86 using all the stuff I was writing for the relaunch of watchout . I’m going on a little tour this summer so check the dates and see if I’m coming to a town near you! Also stream my debut ep #takemeback thanks ghosts !
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Mar 26, 2018
's cover photo
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Mar 24, 2018
Every wonder what happen to the original touring members of wtg well if you ever saw us live then you must remember Jerry! Turns out he’s slinging houses in the California valley ! He also started a energy bar company called VICIA Energy Bar ! Check em out and give em a like
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Aug 03, 2017
Sadly we have not been able to get a hold of our original producer/engineer. We were really hoping to get a second album with him but we aren't going to let that hold us back. Thankfully Richie Abelia is a great writer and will be able to contribute to the writing process. I'm a little worried thou cause i've released 5 songs under wtg since being dropped from Rise Records and none of the tracks received any attention at all so I don't know if its my writing or the simple fact were not on a label but none the less I'm moving forward with the writing process & should have tracks ready for Richie asap. check out Richie's band Something Heartfelt so you can get an idea of how sexy his playing is. Until then listen to our latest demo "Rise".
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jul 24, 2017
Take me back to my people! Dreamed about moving to Japan all night. Wish it were true! I'm gonna start working on my Japanese again just in case<3
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jul 24, 2017
We miss #JAPAN & everyone at TripleVision entertainment! If you live in Japan our album is still available on T.V.E sister site
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jul 16, 2017
Proud to announce that Watchout! Theres Ghosts will be working with Cannibal Music Family Check out the rest of the family here
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jul 10, 2017
Who lives in Sacramento and plays guitar?!
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jul 04, 2017
Some new ideas.
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jul 03, 2017
's cover photo
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jul 01, 2017
Drinking with old ladies. Lolol.
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jun 26, 2017
Where were you the first time you heard our 2008 debut release #ghosttown? What was your favorite song and why?
Watchout! Theres Ghosts Jun 22, 2017
Richie Abelia, our new guitarist and friend. Meeting up tomorrow with him to get music ready for you all!