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Wareika Feb 22, 2019
Happy vinyl day! Our “Propaganda” track is out now on Muna Musik 009. - - - #propaganda #muna #rockybalboa
Wareika Feb 20, 2019
Our "Propaganda" track is out now on Muna Musik 09. Grab a copy at your favorite store. <3
Wareika Feb 17, 2019
Hugs from Manchester! #pinkfloyd #sundown
Wareika Feb 11, 2019
Please save the date already. Wareika live* with our good friend Ion Ludwig live* at Ampere, Anwerp. March 16th.
Wareika Feb 05, 2019
Just can't get enough of this!! <3
Wareika Jan 31, 2019
Our Original of Shamania is out now via yoyaku. Enjoy listening. <3
Wareika Jan 28, 2019
Thank you Resident Advisor Japan for the nice feature about Red pig flower's release "Thought Crime", including our Wareika Remix. <3
Wareika Jan 22, 2019
Happy birthday Red pig flower!! <3 Our Wareika Remix for her is out on Sound Of Vast today! Red Pig Flower / Thought Crime EP Label : Sound Of Vast Cat No : SOV015 Format : 12”
Wareika Jan 15, 2019
Do you wanna have a listen to our "Moondog" track on Uvar in full length? Thanks to Sepp & Nu Zau to make this VA happen. <3 #moondog #romaniantechno
Wareika Jan 14, 2019
9/10! Thanks to Faze Magazin for this lovely review of our "The Inner Spartacus" Ep on mobilee records. Big ups also to HALF HAWAII (Sammy Dee & Bruno Pronsato) & SIS (official page) for their great remixes. Muchas gracias!
Wareika Jan 13, 2019
Mille grazie to Francesco Assenza & Andrea Ferlin for their great No Stop Remix as Dunkle Dummies. <3 SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL SICLTD008 Have a great sunday. #outnow #sleepiscommercial #bellasardegna #cdv
Wareika Jan 11, 2019
Yeah!! Position 1 in the Buzz Charts of Decks. #letsrock #betterbefast #vinylonly #decks #shamania
Wareika Jan 10, 2019
Earlier than expected but long awaited and finally out!! Wareika-" Shamania" on SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL. incl. Remixes by Villalobos & Melchior & Dunkle Dummies. Vinyl Only! We hope that you gonna like it. <3
Wareika Jan 08, 2019
2019 will be a year full of nice Wareika releases, remixes and cooperations with greatest artists. Stay tuned! Our "Propaganda" track will be out on various artists Muna Musik 009 next week. Pre-sale started already at your preferred dealer. alongside Anja Schneider, Alexander Aurel & Micha Klang #uffdamuna #mathiaskaden #paracou
Wareika Jan 07, 2019
Here are the first 28min of our liveset for Get Perlonized (August 2018).. after 28min the battery went out or the recorder was out of function because of temperatures of more than 50 degrees at Panorama Bar. You will find the link with the downloadable snipet set in the comments below. <3
Wareika Jan 05, 2019
This lovely remix will be part of our upcoming release on Sleep is Commercial. #thomasmelchior & #ricardovillalobos spirit Remix Video: Future Error Thomas Melchior/Melchior Productions Ltd, Ricardo Villalobos SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL Andrea Ferlin Francesco Assenza Club der Visionaere "official" #cdv #clubdervisionäre #getperlonized #epizode
Wareika Jan 04, 2019
Test Pressing alert. 2019 starts with some nice releases of us. The first one is our Wareika Remix for Red pig flower. Red pig flower - Thought Crime EP (incl. WareikaRemix) Cat No : SOV015 (Sound Of Vast) Format : 12” Release Date : January 2019 Pre Order: Tracklisting A1 Thought Crime A2 No Fear B1 Thought Crime (Wareika Remix) B2 Since 1984
Wareika Jan 04, 2019
Nesta & 3LIAS playing our Wareika “Motion Currents” Remix for HEAR & Hakim Murphy. Out now on Naissance Musik #beirut #wareikaremix #indaclub #naissance
Wareika Dec 31, 2018
Sir Henry got guitar. #infrontof #ampalert #frankfurt @tanzhaus.west
Wareika Dec 31, 2018
We wish you a happy new near.❤️ See you later at Tanzhaus West. ❤️
Wareika Dec 31, 2018
Thanks to Meoko London for this great feature. Incl. a Videopremiere for the Villalobos & Melchior Remix of Shamania, a part of our last Get Perlonized gig at Panorama Bar to download plus talks, talks, talks.. ❤️ @meoko_london @sleepiscommercial @my_king_is_light #panoramabar #getperlonized #happynewyear #ricardovillalobos
Wareika Dec 30, 2018
Here is a belated Christmas present for you and us too. Incl. a new Video, a downloadable liveset from Get Perlonized at Panorama Bar and an interview giving some insight. ALL THE BEST FOR 2019!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Wareika Dec 27, 2018
Lets have some wine! #1976 #rothschild #someyoungerarebetter #redwine
Wareika Dec 21, 2018
What a perfect gift 🎁! The final copies of our Shamania release just arrived. Out in Jan 2019 on SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating it and thanks to everybody for a lovely year 2018. <3
Wareika Dec 18, 2018
More white labels arrived. This time for our Remix for the awrsome Red Pig Flower. Out on vinyl in January 2019. Red pig flower - Thought Crime EP (incl. WareikaRemix) Cat No : SOV015 Format : 12” Release Date : January 2019 Pre Order : Tracklisting A1 Thought Crime A2 No Fear B1 Thought Crime (Wareika Remix) B2 Since 1984