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Wareika Aug 20, 2019
Mr. Jaki (Jakob Seidensticker) did a great track together with our friend Boronas on this lovely VA via UWAGA Music. Wanna listen? Out now at your local vinyl dealer or online shop. #vinylonly #eyegames Meinschäfer&Hirte Moritz Meinschäfer
Wareika Aug 09, 2019
See you soon at About You Pangea Festival. On sat August 24th we are playing live* alongside great artists like Roman Flügel, FJAAK, RØDHÅD, Ida Daugaard, MELINA, Daniel Czerner, Stavroz, Efdemin and many more..
Wareika Aug 04, 2019
The after of the afterparty. Thank you Garbicz Festival! ❤️
Wareika Jul 31, 2019
The Naissance Musik label night at Eden Beirut was awesome!! Here are some pics from our performance. THANK YOU! See you tomorrow at Garbicz Festival 2019 <3
Wareika Jul 30, 2019
Our summerish Remix for Nikho is out now on Auroom Rec. Vinyl only! ❤️
Wareika Jul 23, 2019
Still and always on repeat! Thanks to Cristi Cons for this lovely rework of our track Highlife. <3
Wareika Jul 23, 2019
We did a very nice and summerish Wareika remix for nihko on Oana Leca's great Auroom Rec. Pre-Sale starting already via (link in the comment). Nihko - Barerstr (Wareika Remix) - Auroom Rec 003 Vinly only. <3
Wareika Jul 10, 2019
„Beyrouth à l‘heure berliniose“ Thanks to L'Orient-Le Jour for this nice article. See you for Naissance Musik showcase at Eden Beirut this friday. Alongside Albert Sehnaoui, MELINA, HEAR, Elias Merheb, Raphael Merheb. ❤️🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧❤️
Wareika Jul 01, 2019
Some new and upcoming music for our July RA Charts, incl. Ohm Hourani, M.A., Mike Shannon, Snad, Boronas, Tod Louie, Julius Steinhoff, Bärtaub, nihko, Mothership, MELINA,.. <3
Wareika Jun 27, 2019
We can't wait to go back to Beirut! "The wedding", Lebanon for 10 days and this Party on top! Naissance Musik Showcase <3
Wareika Jun 21, 2019
The last dance with Wareika at Club der Visionaere "official" 10 days ago.. Get well soon and have a good recovery you lovely and favorite place on earth! <3 <3 #wearecdv
Wareika Jun 18, 2019
The new label from Wareika member Jakob Seidensticker together with Snad, Boronas and MELINA called We R The Aliens is just out now. Mothership - Dubby White EP (incl Smallpeople Remix) #vinyl #wareika
Wareika Jun 12, 2019
Next weekend at Istanbul for minimüzikhol @ MM Poolside // Wareika (DJ set) & Melina See you there! <3
Wareika Jun 11, 2019
Mille grazie Club der Visionaere "official". It was fantastico!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The picture was taken during the soundcheck if you took some hot pics and videos don’t hesitate to send them to us. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
Wareika Jun 03, 2019
Sunday, June 9th, Wareika live* at Club der Visionaere "official", Berlin. Playtime// 18-22 Alongside Luciano (Official Page), Idriss D and more. #Deset Music #showcase #cdv
Wareika May 21, 2019
Next Wareika Remix for nihko on Auroom in the pipeline. ❤️❤️❤️
Wareika May 15, 2019
Wareika live* at Club der Visionaere "official" confirmed! Sunday, 09th June. Please save the date already!
Wareika May 14, 2019
Wareika live* in Hamburg. 16th May at Golden Pudel 19th May at Südpol Hamburg Die Welt ist eine Pudel by Alex Solman ❤️
Wareika May 08, 2019
Sign in for art, music, freedom and against police surveillance. ❤️
Wareika Apr 25, 2019
Wanna order already? Our Wareika rework of Matheiu's "Parameter Locked" is on presale now. incl. another great remix from Denis Kaznacheevh . Out soon on Rockets Audio via DBH Music. deejay: decks: juno : technique:
Wareika Apr 17, 2019
Live is live! Here is our set that we played at Moskvich Bar last week. <3
Wareika Apr 10, 2019
Garbicz confirmed! <3
Wareika Apr 06, 2019
Spasibo! #aboutlastnight
Wareika Apr 05, 2019
Hello Ukraine! ‘ ‘ ‘ #infrontofyourself #ukraine #kharkiv #thetrio @moskvichbar @antonslepoy #5yearslater
Wareika Apr 03, 2019
Preparing for our weekend in Ukraine. ‘ ‘ ‘ See you on friday at Moskvich Bar in Kharkov and sat at Tsarsky Bar in Kiev. #sirhenri #hotellovers #equipment #gear #ukraine #kiev #kharkov @denis.orbit @aimed_music