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Wareika Apr 25, 2019
Wanna order already? Our Wareika rework of Matheiu's "Parameter Locked" is on presale now. incl. another great remix from Denis Kaznacheevh . Out soon on Rockets Audio via DBH Music. deejay: decks: juno : technique:
Wareika Apr 17, 2019
Live is live! Here is our set that we played at Moskvich Bar last week. <3
Wareika Apr 10, 2019
Garbicz confirmed! <3
Wareika Apr 06, 2019
Spasibo! #aboutlastnight
Wareika Apr 05, 2019
Hello Ukraine! ‘ ‘ ‘ #infrontofyourself #ukraine #kharkiv #thetrio @moskvichbar @antonslepoy #5yearslater
Wareika Apr 03, 2019
Preparing for our weekend in Ukraine. ‘ ‘ ‘ See you on friday at Moskvich Bar in Kharkov and sat at Tsarsky Bar in Kiev. #sirhenri #hotellovers #equipment #gear #ukraine #kiev #kharkov @denis.orbit @aimed_music
Wareika Mar 27, 2019
Here comes the first release of Matheiu on his new label Rockets Audio, incl. a suuuuuuper good remix by us and an amazing re-work of Denis Kaznacheev. : ))))) Pre order here! deejay: decks: juno : technique: DBH Music #rocketsaudio #matheiu #deniskaznacheev #wareika
Wareika Mar 22, 2019
Wareikian Jakobi on his way to Athens! - - - #hellohellas #yamas #olymp #hellozeus @revoltathens
Wareika Mar 16, 2019
Pasta Ampere! - #ampere #spaghetti #live
Wareika Mar 16, 2019
Arrived in Antwerp. Mister Jakob in his straat. See you later for Wareika live* at Ampere. - @ampere_antwerp @signorvicente @static_films #antwerp #straatfotografie
Wareika Mar 13, 2019
Some underwater love for our Re-work of HEAR & Hakim Murphy. Premier via Revolver mag plus interview.
Wareika Mar 13, 2019
Wareika's Jakob Seidensticker is coming to blow your mind at REVOLT in Athens on march 23rd. Please save the date! <3 Revolt! Presents Jakob Seidensticker (Secret Location)
Wareika Mar 12, 2019
Belgium 🇧🇪 here we go. - Alongside #ionludwig, @signorvicente, @_die_clique_ #mattsbrouns #chocolatecountry #antwerp
Wareika Mar 07, 2019
Wareika remix alert 2.0!! This one is for our lovely friend Sary! ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ #aprilweather #remix @hear_dj #sundayblues #minimalismus
Wareika Mar 06, 2019
Bärtaub (Wareika Remix)
Wareika Mar 05, 2019
Oh yes, please save the date already! #perlon #ampere #ionludwig #liveislive
Wareika Feb 26, 2019
YES!! ❤️❤️❤️
Wareika Feb 25, 2019
This one will be a very good one!!! Our Wareika Remix for Matheiu is on pre-sale already. Matheiu PARAMETER LOCKED (incl Wareika, Denis Kaznacheev Remixes) on Rockets Audio. A1-1. PARAMETER LOCKED A2-2. PARAMETER LOCKED WAREIKA REMIX B1-3. EARLY BIRD B2-4. EARLY BIRD DENIS KAZNACHEEV REMIX FORMAT: VINYL ONLY DISTRIBUTION: DBH
Wareika Feb 22, 2019
Happy vinyl day! Our “Propaganda” track is out now on Muna Musik 009. - - - #propaganda #muna #rockybalboa
Wareika Feb 20, 2019
Our "Propaganda" track is out now on Muna Musik 09. Grab a copy at your favorite store. <3
Wareika Feb 17, 2019
Hugs from Manchester! #pinkfloyd #sundown
Wareika Feb 11, 2019
Please save the date already. Wareika live* with our good friend Ion Ludwig live* at Ampere, Anwerp. March 16th.
Wareika Feb 05, 2019
Just can't get enough of this!! <3
Wareika Jan 31, 2019
Our Original of Shamania is out now via yoyaku. Enjoy listening. <3
Wareika Jan 28, 2019
Thank you Resident Advisor Japan for the nice feature about Red pig flower's release "Thought Crime", including our Wareika Remix. <3