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Tell It to the Judge
Year of the Dog EP
Walker Lukens Dec 11, 2018
Have you ever been on drugs and watched us play ? Have you ever been on drugs, eight stories up, while City of Austin’s fireworks show is blazing and we’re singing “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith ? Exactly. You only live once.
Walker Lukens Dec 11, 2018
Come spend NYE with us! TIX -
Walker Lukens Dec 11, 2018
Had a blast producing this song for Taméca Jones with the home team. It was engineered and performed by James Westley Essary, drums by Zac Catanzaro, mix by Jim Eno.
Walker Lukens Dec 10, 2018
Austin! Come spend NYE with us!
Walker Lukens Dec 06, 2018
First 50 people to show up to the Kebabalicious 12th birthday celebration get the Never Understood EP and a limited edition Kindle To Your Fire (Oprah Voice) 7” for free.
Walker Lukens Dec 03, 2018
Three years ago when I was one of @tribeza’s “people.” Kinda laughed when I read this because I feel this way ten times more now than I did then.
Walker Lukens Dec 01, 2018
I’m DJing at Waterloo Records tomorrow from 3-4:30. Buy some records, donate some non perishable food to Capital Area Food Drive.
Walker Lukens Nov 29, 2018
Austin, you choose Huey Lewis & The News and we delivered. Enjoy.
Walker Lukens Nov 12, 2018
Come celebrate the birth of the fusion of the kebab and the delicious. 12/8.
Walker Lukens Nov 09, 2018
Tonight’s the night. We play at 7.
Walker Lukens Nov 07, 2018
America spoke yesterday on a smaller local matter... and They Want A New Drug. That’s the thing about democracy. It doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear, but you gotta make it work. Looking forward to doing new drugs with ya on Friday, AUSTIN at Mueller Park. #hueylewisandthenews
Walker Lukens Nov 06, 2018
Two years ago, I thought we agreed that the future was female. Like so many of us I was very wrong. I don’t fully identify with the Democratic Party, but working with the @traviscountydems on the election confession project has proven to me that they are the best option we have to keep this country from devolving into fascism. Go fucking vote blue. If you think healthcare should be a right and not a privilege, vote blue. If you know a border wall is insane, vote blue. If you think racists and misogynists shouldn’t hold office in this country, go vote. If you want to do even more, buy this vinyl. All proceeds go to the dems.
Walker Lukens Nov 05, 2018
Narrowing down this list was hard. Vote.
Walker Lukens Nov 01, 2018
Next week we’re gonna record a cover and then play it at KUTX 98.9’s Rock The Park. Because I’m feeling masochistic, you get to decide. Leave all your suggestions in the comments.
Walker Lukens Nov 01, 2018
Come tell me your secrets. Thanks Austin Chronicle.
Walker Lukens Nov 01, 2018
A few months ago, I interviewed some amazing horn players for ASTON Microphones. We discussed the studio, the stage, and everything in between. Almost everything we've recorded in the song confessional has been on Aston mics. They rule hard and won't break the bank.
Walker Lukens Oct 31, 2018
I know politics are the opposite of erotic but this new song The Bright Light Social Hour is sexy AF and I feel things. 🤭
Walker Lukens Oct 30, 2018
I really LOVE this The New Nine write up about Ume’s song inspired by Sheryl Cole for State Representative. All proceeds from the vinyl go to the Travis County Democratic Party. Help us turn Texas a little more blue.
Walker Lukens Oct 29, 2018
All the tracks from the election confession are going to be pressed onto a limited edition vinyl. All proceeds go to the Travis County Democratic Party. Thank you to the Austin Chronicle for premiering this awesome Superfónicos track (produced by James Westley Essary and mixed by Jim Eno.) ORDER LINK IN THE ARTICLE.
Walker Lukens Oct 17, 2018
I literally just told it to the judge.
Walker Lukens Oct 17, 2018
I’m watching @tblsh record a song right now based on a convo they had with @joifortexas. You could be doing that too while volunteering for the @traviscountydems.
Walker Lukens Oct 20, 2018
Thanks Alyssa Goard and KXAN News for covering what we’re doing all week with the confessional at Native Hostels. Today we’ve got The Bright Light Social Hour talking to Joi Chevalier for Comptroller and Ume talking with Sheryl Cole.
Walker Lukens Oct 10, 2018
Jim Eno will Be mixing the songs on site. Sign up to Volunteer here:
Walker Lukens Oct 05, 2018
Help turn Texas blue! Volunteer for the Travis County Democrats Office's Text Bank and you'll get to watch Alexander and I write and record a song inspired by one of the democratic candidates. Sign up now:
Walker Lukens Oct 03, 2018
Hey SHREVEPORT, If you’re going to Louisiana Film Prize make sure to check out the short film Daisy and Smiling Jack. It features a handful of songs from Tell It To The Judge and Devoted as well as some new compositions.