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I Am For You
Live Music Series: Waking Ashland
Waking Ashland Sep 06, 2017
All future music I release will be under WSLY. Enjoy these tunes. More to come!-JJ
Waking Ashland Mar 18, 2017
Waking Ashland Aug 19, 2010
Thank you to everyone who came out to the reunion shows! Hope you had a great time, we sure did! :)
Waking Ashland Aug 11, 2010
Few more days! you guys should come to our reunion shows:)
Waking Ashland Aug 04, 2010
2 more weeks 'til the reunion shows in Salt Lake, Anaheim, and Phoenix! Do you have tickets?
Waking Ashland Jul 19, 2010
Jonathan Jones playing Counting The Stars - thoughts?
Waking Ashland Jul 16, 2010
anyone see this yet? Jonathan Jones and the silly shades of grey:)
Waking Ashland Jul 14, 2010
who wants another practice video? :)
Waking Ashland Jul 02, 2010
You guys should do the same. RT Jonathan Jones: Tomorrow I am going to put on Composure and start to practice singing those songs again. Memory lane, ready or not here I come!
Waking Ashland Jun 22, 2010
who has their ticket for the reunion shows already?
Waking Ashland May 21, 2010
Getting excited for the 3 shows in August!
Waking Ashland May 07, 2010
The original members of Waking Ashland are getting together and doing a few reunion shows this summer. Check out our myspace for dates and ticket info. Get your pre-sale soon, these shows will sell out! A special thanks to Tiff Dow for being such a good sport (and being such a good fan)!
Waking Ashland Apr 30, 2010
Waking Ashland