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Irresistible EP
Salvation Stripped
The Irresistible EP
Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You...
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Wakey!Wakey! at Geary Theater (January 23, 2020)
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Wakey Wakey May 23, 2019
Apologies for not writing for a minute. I've been making music. Lots of music. And while I'll continue playing solo shows as W!W!, I want to announce that I've started a new project. It's called Cheap Synths. For those of you that met me through my character 'Grubbs' on One Tree Hill, I'm basically that guy in real life right now. Tending bar and playing music. So you can be part of my story in real life by following us on Spotify and voting for us in this poll- I'll put our spotify and applemusic URLs in the comments. All my love. -M
Wakey Wakey Oct 19, 2018
Wakey Wakey
Wakey Wakey Oct 19, 2018
Surprise, there’s a new Wakey!Wakey! EP out today! Strange is Beautiful - EP by Wakey!Wakey!
Wakey Wakey May 30, 2018
I'm excited to be returning to Rockwood Music Hall's Main Stage, Saturday June 9th!
Wakey Wakey May 14, 2018
I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be opening for Gavin DeGraw this Friday, May 18th at Resorts World Catskills! Get your tickets here-
Wakey Wakey Feb 09, 2018
I'm releasing 20 more direct to vinyl personal recordings today. The others sold out really fast, and this will be it for a while, so grab yours now!
Wakey Wakey Jan 23, 2018
Hey guys! Congrats on making it to the New Year in one piece. I already have a couple of big things happening. First, I’m returning to Rockwood Music Hall this Thursday the 25th at 10PM. Tickets are still available. Grab them at Second, after the overwhelming response to my first attempt at “Direct to Vinyl” recording, I’ve decided to give it another try. This time I’m ratcheting it up a little. You guys have the option to pick your song and add a personalized message. And like before, each vinyl is a special one time recording that will never exist anywhere else. They're the opposite of streaming. These are actually pretty tough to make, so again I’m only doing a limited number of recordings, so act now to reserve yours. When they’re gone, they’re gone! All my love, -M
Wakey Wakey Jan 16, 2018
Hey guys! I'm excited to announce that last week I recorded some special direct to vinyl performances of songs from Almost Everything... There are just 16 takes total, and one vinyl copy of each take, so grab them up while they last. They are signed and ship directly from Leesta Vall studios here in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This is about as exclusive as it gets. This first set is priced at 50$ per take. The songs I recorded are Light Outside (5 takes available), Brooklyn (5 takes available), Almost Everything (5 takes available), and Dance So Good (1 take available). Act quick because when they're gone they're gone!
Wakey Wakey Dec 13, 2017
Look at this nerd, getting ready for his show tomorrow (Thursday) at Rockwood Music Hall. You coming?
Wakey Wakey May 11, 2017
Just got my home studio back up and running. It's a good day.
Wakey Wakey Apr 17, 2017
Hey everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter weekend and eaten all the Peeps. I've had a busy few weeks working on some new songs and producing some tracks for an amazing band I've been working with called The Nectars. I'll keep you all in the loop. All my love, -M
Wakey Wakey Mar 18, 2017
Hello from sunny Burlington, VT. I'm here for a friend's wedding and it's just gorgeous. I ate at a place this morning called Penny Cluse Cafe, and I'm pretty sure I had the most incredible breakfast I've ever had in my life. I'm excited to see my friends get married in the mountains, celebrate some good love, then get back to NYC just in time for my two night stand at Rockwood Music Hall Monday and Tuesday night. Life is busy. Life is good. Talk to you soon. -M
Wakey Wakey Mar 09, 2017
Big shout out to Rockwood Music Hall for featuring Light Outside on their Monthly Spotify Playlist! I'm excited to be doing a 2 night stand there March 20 & 21. Got Tix? Tickets- Monday March 20 at 8:30- Tuesday March 21 at 8:30- TWO NIGHT PASS- All my love, -M
Wakey Wakey Mar 08, 2017
Happy International Women's Day everybody!
Wakey Wakey Mar 02, 2017
Hey everyone! I just wanted to tune in from my little songwriting ether to thank everyone for all of the Birthday wishes. I had a great day with my friends. I should also remind you all that I'm playing some shows in March. March 20 and 21 I'm doing a two night stand at Rockwood Music Hall, so come see me. I'm also taking song requests in the comments, so... Tickets- Monday March 20 at 8:30- Tuesday March 21 at 8:30- TWO NIGHT PASS- All my love. I'm headed back to my piano now. -M
Wakey Wakey Feb 07, 2017
There are some good shows coming up guys! A band I love very much and am proud to work behind the scenes with, called The Nectars is playing every Wednesday this month at Pianos and you should come. My friend Bryan Dunn is playing tonight at the Knitting Factory in BK, and you know I'm all about that. Also, a pretty cool guy named Wakey Wakey is playing a TWO NIGHT STAND at Rockwood next month. If you live in the New York area, it seems like we have a lot of opportunities to hang out coming up. Come check out my new haircut.
Wakey Wakey Feb 03, 2017
Hey guys, I know I haven't been posting a ton on facebook lately. Just be assured that while I might not be writing as many facebook posts, I am writing music. There are a lot of things happening in the world right now with which I'm uncomfortable. The last time I tried to write something on here from the heart, some fans told me to 'stick to the music'. While I know it was intended to be offensive, I think there might be some accidental intelligence there. Wakey!Wakey! was born as a political statement, because it was born in a time of political turmoil. According to the news it's time to get back to my roots. So instead of writing a facebook post a handful of people might read, I'm gonna get to work writing another one of these. More people will listen to it anyway. And for those covering their ears, trying to silence artists and anyone they disagree with- thanks for encouraging me. You've helped me trade my love letter for a megaphone. Sincerely, -M
Wakey Wakey Feb 01, 2017
Hey guys! A couple of exciting things happening. First, I'm going to see Hamilton tonight. Have any of you guys seen it? Any tips for me as I head there? Second, my last show at Rockwood Music Hall was so good we've decided to double down. I'm returning to their listening room for a two night stand, March 20th and 21st at 8:30pm I'll be playing two intimate shows and I hope to see you all there. Here's the link- March 20: March 21: Two show pass:
Wakey Wakey Jan 26, 2017
Today's hot WW Newsflash- Bye bye man bun.
Wakey Wakey Jan 19, 2017
I'm praying for America this weekend. Everyone be safe. And loud.
Wakey Wakey Jan 17, 2017
I hope you guys all had an epic MLK day. I spent it in the studio hard at work. I actually totally overbooked myself this week and have been pulling some really long days. That being said, they've been really fun. Today I spent all day in the studio, and tomorrow I'm doing the same, working on all sorts of exciting projects for myself and others. Tomorrow night, however I get to return to Rockwood Music Hall for my first show of the year, so hopefully I'll see you all there? We'll have a drink and I'll play some songs. You know. The usual. All my love, -M Tix- @RockwoodMusicHall, 8:30pm (8:15 doors) 12$ Rock and roll.
Wakey Wakey Jan 11, 2017
The crazy thing about getting sick is when you eventually and hopefully get not sick. I've been laid up with a hardcore infection since New Years Day, and I'm finally pulling out of it. It strangely feels like the year actually started this week. I feel energized, hopeful, happy, and almost like I have a new lease on life. Maybe for some of you who feel the January 1st excitement starting to fade, this can be a reminder that it's all just a head game. Anyway. New Year, new man. New Music. New Shows. Starting with next week at Rockwood Music Hall. Back in the big room on their gorgeous baby grand. Not a bad way to kick things off. See you there? All my love, -M
Wakey Wakey Jan 08, 2017
Happy New Year everyone and Happy Sunday. I've been enjoying 2017 from a bed for the most part so far. I'm deep up in these antibiotics now and excited for my first week on my feet again. I feel energized and ready for another year of music. That's it for now, just wanted to say hi. All my love, -M
Wakey Wakey Dec 13, 2016
I'm so excited to announce that I'm returning to Rockwood Music Hall's big stage (Stage 2) on Tuesday, January 17th and tickets are on sale now at Also, I might get in trouble for this, but I have so many songs written that I could never record them all in a proper studio setting. Today I got bored and sang one at my house in my pajamas and recorded it. So there ya go. If you guys like it enough maybe I'll record it someday. Also it's on my MichaelGrubbsMakesThings Youtube channel where I post weekly updates, and you should subscribe to it if you haven't. Here it is-
Wakey Wakey Dec 13, 2016
Excited to announce: January 17 I return to the big room at Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) for my first show of 2017. Tickets are on sale now! -M