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Wait for Green
Wait For Green Feb 16, 2018
New EP from Wait for Green lead singer/songwriter
Wait For Green Dec 14, 2017
Hey guys new music is coming !!! EP dropping Feb 18'
Wait For Green Oct 14, 2017
Check the new sounds!
Wait For Green Sep 13, 2017
If you are a fan of WFG follow Drew Dockerill as he releases his debut single "The Breakers Are Rolling In" on 10.14.17. The link to Like is 👇
Wait For Green Jun 04, 2017
Wait For Green Mar 27, 2017
Lining up shows for 2017 and may even drop some new songs! Who's in?
Wait For Green Jan 20, 2016
Elevate your mind and soar.
Wait For Green Nov 09, 2015
New song "All On Tomorrow", check it, share it
Wait For Green Apr 01, 2015
What do you guys think about Tidal?! A Music Revolution or a Money Grab by already rich artists?
Wait For Green Mar 27, 2015
"Golden Hour" - FREE DOWNLOAD on Soundcloud, click link below
Wait For Green Mar 25, 2015
New single!!!!!!! Please share with friends
Wait For Green Feb 09, 2015
Wait for Green is currently looking for a drummer....If you know one in Los Angeles let them know there is a funky band in need!!
Wait For Green Jan 31, 2015
Our entire catalog is now on Spotify from 2006-Present. Go check it out!!
Wait For Green Jan 19, 2015
Self Titled is back up on iTunes and in stores, along with All In. Go download some WFG today!
Wait For Green Dec 28, 2014
Wait For Green Dec 22, 2014
If you are a fan of Wait For Green than go like my new project Galiksy. I just released my first song called "All I Need", and its currently up for FREE DOWNLOAD. EP dropping in 2015, stay tuned and have a very Happy Holiday!
Wait For Green Dec 17, 2014
Check out the first song "All I Need" from my new project Galiksy. Go like the page if you haven't yet and let me know what you think about the track;
Wait For Green Nov 06, 2014
Hey guys, "like" my new project GALIKSY for updates and releases. Here is a sample of the sounds. Album will be dropping in 2015! #voxcomingsoon #lookingtocollabwithmc's
Wait For Green Aug 12, 2014
A little "Psilo Theory" for your morning. Enjoy
Wait For Green Aug 05, 2014
Check out these old WFG songs from our first album "All In", recorded in 2006-2007 while still in college at FSU!
Wait For Green Aug 05, 2014
's cover photo
Wait For Green Aug 01, 2014
Drew Dockerill and bassist AJ Larson will be releasing an album of acoustic Wait For Green songs along with some new tunes.. Which songs would you like to be featured acoustic?
Wait For Green Jul 26, 2014
Wait For Green Jun 09, 2014
Happy Sunday! Go outside enjoy the night
Wait For Green May 23, 2014
What is your favorite WFG song to date?