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Voxtrot Aug 31, 2018
New single LOVE DISTORTIONS by Ramesh out today! Available on all platforms. Painting by Brazilian artist Érika Miglioli.
Voxtrot Nov 06, 2017
Ramesh + JAPAN!!!
Voxtrot Oct 27, 2017
Ramesh is coming to Japan! <3
Voxtrot Aug 11, 2017
From Ramesh: Did this track a while ago with my pal, Emeen Zarookian. Available from today on iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music...etc!
Voxtrot Mar 18, 2017
Ramesh plays tonight!
Voxtrot Jan 26, 2017
Voxtrot Dec 12, 2016
Our early EPs are now available on Bandcamp
Voxtrot Nov 08, 2016
Life After Voxtrot: An Interview with Ramesh Srivastava | All Things Go
Voxtrot Nov 04, 2016
New song, Revolution. Flip side to The Fool! Mixed by Jim Eno. Tour rolls on...Tree Bar in Columbus tonight 🙂
Voxtrot Oct 31, 2016
Ramesh is hittin' the road November 1st. Come on out!
Voxtrot Oct 19, 2016
Ramesh's new single, "The Fool," is officially released today. Purchase from Bandcamp: Vielen danke!
Voxtrot Oct 18, 2016
Ramesh has a new song, "The Fool," streaming now. Merci beaucoup, BrooklynVegan!
Voxtrot Jul 20, 2016
Ramesh plays at Larimer Lounge in Denver tonight! Doors at 7 pm! 🎸🎹🎶
Voxtrot Jul 20, 2016
Ramesh plays tonight at Dawg Pound Tavern in Salt Lake City, UT! Doors at 8 PM 👍🏽
Voxtrot Jul 05, 2016
Ramesh is going on tour! Coming soon to a soundsystem near you :)
Voxtrot Dec 19, 2015
Ramesh plays in Austin tonight!
Voxtrot Dec 17, 2015
Tonight! Ramesh is at Yerberia Cultura in McAllen, TX!
Voxtrot Dec 13, 2015
Ramesh plays tonight in San Antonio! With YOUNG GIRLS and Moving Panoramas!!! ❤️
Voxtrot Dec 12, 2015
Ramesh is playing in Denton, TX tonight at J & J's on the Square. Doors around 9 PM. Yeehaw!
Voxtrot Dec 04, 2015
Ramesh is touring Texas this month! Beginning ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. Texas forever.
Voxtrot Sep 18, 2015
CE SOIR Ramesh is playing tonight at Holy Mountain in Austin, Texas, alongside The Eastern Sea and Walker Lukens Music! This will be his last show in TX for a bit as he prepares his next album. Holy Mountain will be closing its doors on October 1st, so please come bid farewell to this wonderful venue! :) :'( <3 OFFICIAL EVENT PAGE HERE:
Voxtrot Jan 29, 2015
Also, for those of you who don't know, Ramesh's full-length solo debut, The King, is now available on vinyl from the great guys at Austin Town Hall records!
Voxtrot Sep 18, 2014
Excited for tonight!!! Ramesh plays at 9:15 PM!! Doors at 7. See you there!
Voxtrot Sep 17, 2014
Nice article from Pop Press International! Thank you! Looking forward to Ramesh's show at The Belmont tomorrow :)
Voxtrot Sep 16, 2014
This Thursday at The Belmont, Ramesh will be celebrating the vinyl release of his album, The King. At long last, the records are here! The band will be joined by Mahogany and She Sir. Information on the show is here: Ciao! <3