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Different Animals
No Sleep
Volumes Jun 13, 2019
Some more behind-the-scenes shots from our music video shoot for “Until The End”. Watch the video now at!
Volumes Jun 11, 2019
Some sick Volumes ink!
Volumes Jun 09, 2019
We released our album ‘Different Animals’ and the music video for “Finite” on this day 2 years ago! What’s your favorite song from the album?
Volumes Jun 06, 2019
Can’t wait to get back to this. 🎥: Sam Shapiro
Volumes Jun 04, 2019
Have you watched our music video for “Until The End” yet? Check it out at
Volumes May 30, 2019
#TBT SwanFest back in March. We can’t wait for Rock USA so we can finally play some of these new songs live.
Volumes May 29, 2019
Coming clean, I’ve been so high for too long Finally I've found the strength to hold on
Volumes May 23, 2019
Just a couple months until we’ll be heading to Wisconsin for Rock USA. Who’s coming out to see us?
Volumes May 21, 2019
Some behind-the-scenes photos from our music video shoot for “Until The End”. Watch the video here:
Volumes May 16, 2019
Who else is repping Volumes with some ink?
Volumes May 14, 2019
In case you missed it - we just released a new music video for “Until The End”! Watch it here:
Volumes May 08, 2019
Our new music video for “Until The End” is out now! Watch here:
Volumes May 07, 2019
Feels so good to finally share these new songs with you. Check out our new EP ‘Coming Clean’!
Volumes May 03, 2019
Now that we got some new tunes for you, where should we go on tour next? 📸: Megan Choi Photography
Volumes May 01, 2019
Listen to “Coming Clean” from our new EP on Spotify’s Rock Hard and New Noise playlists!
Volumes Apr 30, 2019
Catch us on the cover of Spotify’s Got Djent? playlist and listen to “No Love” featuring Fronzilla!
Volumes Apr 24, 2019
We’re stoked to see ‘Coming Clean’ holding the #1 spot on the iTunes Metal Album Chart! 🔥 Stream the EP now on Apple Music -
Volumes Apr 24, 2019
THE WAIT IS OVER. Our new EP ‘Coming Clean’ is OUT NOW. LISTEN HERE:
Volumes Apr 24, 2019
New EP 'Coming Clean' OUT NOW
Volumes Apr 24, 2019
New EP 'Coming Clean' OUT NOW
Volumes Apr 24, 2019
SURPRISE! We just dropped a brand new EP. ‘Coming Clean’ is OUT NOW for you to stream. iTunes – Apple Music – Spotify – Amazon Music – Google Play –
Volumes Apr 18, 2019
#TBT Throwback to the wig. Maybe we should bring it back the next time we’re on tour. 📸: Photo Flash Focus Photography
Volumes Apr 16, 2019
Keep an eye out next week...
Volumes Apr 11, 2019
Who’s listening to Different Animals today? We can’t wait for you to hear what’s coming next.
Volumes Apr 09, 2019
Sick shot by Rosario Gutierrez