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Vive La Fête Aug 11, 2019
Thank you all! Antwerp Pride, hope to see you all back!
Vive La Fête Aug 11, 2019
Later today, at 17h30 we have the honour to play at Antwerp Pride - Closing Festival! We count on your energetic presence! With Dirk Cant, Danny Mommens, Sidney Marinus, Maarten De Meyer, Gino Geudens, Kris De Troch, Bruno Habex and all of you!
Vive La Fête Aug 10, 2019
We are ready for tonight! See you all at Bezemrock 2019 - Weekend! Together with: Dirk Cant, Gino Geudens, Sidney Marinus, Danny Mommens,Kris De Troch, Maarten De Meyer, Bruno Habex
Vive La Fête Aug 02, 2019
Festival Amougies
Vive La Fête Jul 27, 2019
Troostie Photo Booth
Vive La Fête Jul 26, 2019
Troostie Photo Booth
Vive La Fête Jul 24, 2019
Antwerp Pride
Vive La Fête Jul 22, 2019
De Camino Op Armkracht
Vive La Fête Jul 18, 2019
We have the honour to close the 2019 edition of Kneistival! After the Intergalactic lovers we will perform at 22h30! Hope to see you at the beautiful North Sea Hugs, The Vive La Fête-gang
Vive La Fête Jul 02, 2019
Vive La Fête Jul 01, 2019
This Sunday we are playing at the Salto Festival. All the info you need is HERE We hope to see you there! Hugs The Vive La Fête-gang
Vive La Fête Jun 28, 2019
Wanroij, here we come! See you tonight, we hope to see you at Mandala Festival 2019 met Dirk Cant, Maarten De Meyer, Gino Geudens, Bruno Habex Sidney Marinus, Kris De Troch, Danny Mommens
Vive La Fête Jun 23, 2019
We are looking forward to see you at the Mandala festival. Tickets and info are available via this link: The Mandala festival info See you Friday!
Vive La Fête Jun 22, 2019
We are ready for you Paradiso Amsterdam! See you all tonight!
Vive La Fête Jun 13, 2019
We are! Looking forward to see you all @Paradiso Amsterdam. Great warming-up by Schwierige Franz! Tickets via the event-page Vive La Fête + Schwierige Franz Zaterdag 22 Juni in Paradiso Zaal open 19:00, Voorprogramma 19:30, Hoofdprogramma 20:30 Waar Vive La Fête komt, is het feest. Het opvallende duo uit Gent is al zo’n twintig jaar succesvol met een energieke combinatie van op new wave geïnspireerde electro en rauwe rockklanken. [ 69 more words ]
Vive La Fête Jun 13, 2019
We are looking forward to see you at Paradiso Amsterdam on the 22nd of June!
Vive La Fête Jun 01, 2019
3 weeks left, we can’t wait! 🎸 Do you have your tickets already?
Vive La Fête May 28, 2019
Do you follow us already on Instagram? You can find there exclusive backstage pictures with our fans and much more!
Vive La Fête May 22, 2019
Did you know our next show will be at Paradiso Amsterdam on the 22th of june?! Who are we going to see there? 🇾🇪 You can find the event and tickets here:
Vive La Fête May 20, 2019
Afgelopen weekend stond Els met het artikel ‘lang weekend’ in De Standaard | Heb jij het al gelezen?
Vive La Fête May 19, 2019
Lang weekend
Vive La Fête May 10, 2019
Throwback of Brazil. Thanks to all our great fans, for the amazing energy over and over again!
Vive La Fête May 07, 2019
De koe in de hooiberg is gevonden. Maybe time for a job switch, what do you think?! #boerentrots 🐮
Vive La Fête May 03, 2019
We wish you an amazing weekend!! 🤟🏼
Vive La Fête May 01, 2019
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