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Hungry Ghost
Violent Soho
Violent Soho
Violent Soho Dec 14, 2018
Cool new shit from Marcus Dixon and some purple blazin skulls up on the online store. Get ya order in by the 18th for Chrissy.
Violent Soho Dec 10, 2018
Xmas bundles extended 'til Wednesday 12noon AEDT or until we run out. Get amongst it! 🤙🎅
Violent Soho Dec 07, 2018
Molly's on board 👍
Violent Soho Dec 06, 2018
Get amongst our Xmas bundles and snap up a free Soho Santa hat (until we run out). Offer ends Monday!
Violent Soho Nov 27, 2018
Not sure who made this so copyright goes to us and ya lunch 🤣
Violent Soho Nov 16, 2018
Family Choices for Aus Band T Day 😅
Violent Soho Nov 15, 2018
Check out The ledge Tim from LOSER doing an instrumental acoustic version of Saramona Said”
Violent Soho Nov 13, 2018
Violent Soho Nov 09, 2018
Black on Black Blazin Skull. Fry a bloody egg on ya shirt. 🍳
Violent Soho Oct 31, 2018
New tee from legend designer Marcus Dixon got those nuclear winter feels 🤙🏻
Violent Soho Oct 30, 2018
Having a beer with a gold record to celebrate a gold record. Gold records drink XXXX Gold by the way.
Violent Soho Oct 26, 2018
Fucken Huge Turn Out Yeww 📸 Matt Walter Photo
Violent Soho Oct 19, 2018
Oi Brissy folks! Who’s heading to see The Gooch Palms at Crowbar Brisbane tonight? 🎉🤟🏻
Violent Soho Oct 17, 2018
Mad legend pals The Bronx going to kill Australia starting this week 🤟🏻 don’t fucken miss out
Violent Soho Oct 12, 2018
“Rock’n’Roll is the greatest thing on earth” - Mikey Richards (📸 Matt Walter Photo )
Violent Soho Oct 11, 2018
#TBT a couple Saturdays ago 🔥 📸 Matt Walter Photo
Violent Soho Oct 05, 2018
Legends x Legends collaboration going strong LOSER x Domestic La La ❤️💯
Violent Soho Oct 03, 2018
End of set chill with legend Bernard Fanning bashing out “These Days” on the Riverstage was a mad Brissy bucket list moment we will never forget 👌🏻 (📸 Matt Walter Photo )
Violent Soho Oct 01, 2018
Had a huge one over the weekend? Bloody oath! Cheers for the party Bris 🎉💯❤️ (📸 Zennieshia )
Violent Soho Sep 30, 2018
Thanks for going off last night Brissy. Bloody hell that was fun! (📸 @Charlyn Cameron )
Violent Soho Sep 26, 2018
T’will be a magical evening on Sat’d’y. What shall we play?
Violent Soho Sep 23, 2018
Lil message from our mate Gocsy. See ya at Riverstage on Sat 29 Sep with MEG MAC, METHYL ETHEL, WAAX, MANE & other legends. Grab tix from
Violent Soho Sep 21, 2018
Reissue in a rad new colourway that we are proud to have worked with legend Murdoch Stafford on. He is a local Bris crust master so suss it out 🤟🏻
Violent Soho Sep 20, 2018
❤️ Brissy and can’t bloody wait to play Brisbane Festival on Riverfire night next week 🔥🤟🏻 📸 Matt Walter Photo
Violent Soho Sep 18, 2018
DZ Deathrays currently on their mega 10th anniversary tour... so proud of our old mates Shane and Si. This photo is from when they used to be called Denzel, how time flies...