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Victor Ruiz Dec 06, 2018
Hey y'all! It's been a while since I uploaded the last live set for you guys, so I felt that was time to be back. This recording is from the amazing party I played in Melbourne: LUFT. I loved the set I played there so much that I had to upload it for you all. Hope you enjoy. Love, Victor
Victor Ruiz Dec 02, 2018
Thank you LUFT for the best way to end this tour. I had such an amazing time. And was so happy to do an impromptu B2B with Any Mello and Alex Stein Thanks Australia. See you really soon! 💙
Victor Ruiz Nov 18, 2018
WOW! I have no words to describe what happened last night. What an amazing club with the craziest atmosphere. Definitely it’s among my favorites. The Grand Factory, you fucking rock! Thanks Beirut once again for the love! ❤️
Victor Ruiz Nov 06, 2018
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz Nov 06, 2018
Victor Ruiz Oct 30, 2018
Thank you all for the beautiful support to our “Wonder”. We’ve received so much love from everyone on this release that me and Thomas Schumacher can’t thank you enough. 🖤 #wonder
Victor Ruiz Oct 25, 2018
Thank you Hyderabad! What a start of the tour. Already in love with India’s energy! ❤️
Victor Ruiz Oct 22, 2018
Farewell Amsterdam! Thank you for another year of amazing meetings, gatherings, parties and experiences. ❤️ Also a big shout to all friends, colleagues, partners and party people that I saw and met this week. See you all next year! 😘
Victor Ruiz Oct 16, 2018
Hey there Budapest! I'll be there for the first time in my career. October 20th @ Tesla Budapest With me on stage, Any Mello! 🤗 More info & tickets:
Victor Ruiz Oct 12, 2018
Mission accomplished! 🤘The first night of my residency at Watergate was legendary. Thanks to the amazing crew for having us last night, to Any Mello and Alex Stein for their flawless performances, and to all the party people that kept dancing with us until 8:30am! ❤️ See you next month with Thomas Schumacher! 😘
Victor Ruiz Oct 11, 2018
Warming up for tomorrow! 💪
Victor Ruiz Oct 10, 2018
's cover photo
Victor Ruiz Oct 10, 2018
by Muto
Victor Ruiz Oct 10, 2018
's cover photo
Victor Ruiz Oct 09, 2018
Warungão, tô voltando, e dessa vez mais especial ainda: farei um B2B com meu irmão Thomas Schumacher. Nos vemos em Dezembro! ❤️
Victor Ruiz Oct 08, 2018
BERLIN! 🐻 I’ll be hosting for the first time my own night at Watergate this Thursday. The guests will be Alex Stein and Any Mello. We are ready to dance our asses off the whole night, how about you? See you there! ⚡️
Victor Ruiz Oct 07, 2018
Mandando as melhores energias possíveis ao nosso amado país. Que a consciência seja elevada no dia de hoje e que, por mais incerto que possa parecer o futuro, tenhamos sempre esperança e perseverança para continuar lutando por um Brasil melhor. 💚💛
Victor Ruiz Oct 06, 2018
Have the chance to win these amazing mousepads from our new EP “Apollo II” by lettings us now your favorite track from it. Good luck! :)
Victor Ruiz Oct 06, 2018
Victor Ruiz Oct 05, 2018
The cat is out of the bag! 😼 Three years after our first collaboration, me and Mr. Thomas Schumacher decided to make the sequel of Apollo. Behold, Apollo II Ep! 🖤
Victor Ruiz Oct 03, 2018
Weidendamm last night was off the hook! Vielen Dank Hannover! Hope to see you soon!
Victor Ruiz Sep 29, 2018
Muchas gracias Mar del Plata! Espero volver pronto. Argentina siempre en mi corazón! 💙
Victor Ruiz Sep 24, 2018
Trevas sendo Trevas! 🖤
Victor Ruiz Sep 23, 2018
Que noite foda! Valeu Tribaltech e Elfortin pela recepção sempre tão calorosa. Foi animal! E agradeço muito à minha musa @anymello pelos dois B2B divertidíssimos que fizemos ontem à noite. ❤️
Victor Ruiz Sep 20, 2018
Brasil, cheguei! Pronto para um fim de semana daqueles. Bora? 21 - Vision :: Neuquen / AR 22 - Tribaltech :: Curitiba / BR 22 - Elfortin :: Porto Belo / BR