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Victor Ruiz with Klangkuenstler and d. Santis at Halcyon (May 3, 2019)
Venue: Halcyon (San Francisco, CA, US) Find tickets
Kristin Velvet, Victor Ruiz, Secret Cinema, Egbert, and 2 more… at Watergate (May 24, 2019)
Venue: Watergate (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Sea You Festival Beach Republic Sea You Festival Beach Republic 2019
Venue: Sea You Festival (Freiburg, Germany) Find tickets
SonneMondSterne Festival SonneMondSterne Festival 2019
Venue: Bleilochtalsperre (Saalburg, Germany) Find tickets
Echelon Festival Echelon Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Bad Aibling, Germany) Find tickets
Victor Ruiz Apr 25, 2019
. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I’m here to announce my next release “Nimbus” on Drumcode! . Yes, it’ll be finally out and I couldn’t be more proud and happier. It is a very important milestone for me and I really hope you like it. Big thanks to @realadambeyer and the @drumcoderecords team for having me on board. ❤️ #nimbus #drumcode
Victor Ruiz Apr 20, 2019
. April is here, and with it comes my debut US tour plus some amazing gigs in Europe! . I’m very excited to finally go to the US and spread my music to you. ❤️
Victor Ruiz Apr 15, 2019
. What can I say about this tour? North America just became one of my favorite places ever. Thank all of you party people from USA and Canada! I had an amazing time and I’ll be back really soon. In fact I’m back in two weeks to play in San Francisco and LA, so don’t miss it! ❤️
Victor Ruiz Apr 14, 2019
. That was intense. The best word I could describe this tour. Thank you DC, Philadelphia, Montreal, El Paso, Houston and New York. I am so grateful to be able do what I love and make people happy at the same time. Thanks for dancing, I’ll be around! ❤️
Victor Ruiz Apr 08, 2019
. When I started my career as a producer and a DJ, I had no fucking clue how to start, I just knew where I wanted to be. I began with nothing more than an old computer and a bass guitar amplifier - mono of course. That’s what I had back then and honestly it sucked most of times 😂.It was frustrating. Plus if I wanted to listen to what I was producing I had to render the whole song, or part of it, to be able to have an idea. If I wanted to fix something - another render. It was brutal. After a while I managed to upgrade my setup step by step, but I wasn’t getting there yet, not even near. Ok, let’s fast forward to many years later of struggle and hard work - at least 12 hours per day in front of the computer. I started to release my own music and having a little bit of confidence with my work, and making a living out of it. Still failing to achieve what I wanted, but nothing kept me away to keep trying and trying. And it was a fucking brutal process. It really was! I thought about quitting a couple times, but gladly I didn’t. Then after of many more years, putting a lot of effort, I can say I made it. Of course I still have many goals to achieve, and it’s very important to always keep raising the bar. Why am I writing this? I want you to know that if you want to achieve your goals, you’ll have to work for it. A lot! You will fail, and fail and then fail again. After that you probably will fail several times more, but that’s the beauty of it. What will make you succeed is how many times you stand up after you fall. Remember: hard work pays off! Trust in your gut, and be yourself. You are unique. Embrace it!
Victor Ruiz Apr 02, 2019
. April is here, and with it comes my debut US tour plus some amazing gigs in Europe! . I’m very excited to finally go to the US and spread my music to you. ❤️
Victor Ruiz Mar 25, 2019
. “Nimbus” is coming soon for you! ⚡️
Victor Ruiz Mar 24, 2019
. Münster knows how to party! 🔥. . Thank you @fusion_muenster and all the crazy people who danced with me. . Now the grand finale: @sisyphosberlin Hammahalle. Playtime 3-6, so be ready! 🔨 🦆
Victor Ruiz Mar 17, 2019
. Thank you Rok and Pit Lane Festival for the amazing Saturday evening 🔥. . . A little Massive Attack to ease the Sunday vibes! 😘
Victor Ruiz Mar 05, 2019
. March is here and I’m ready to dance with you! 🙃 . Where shall we meet? 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇮🇪🇨🇭
Victor Ruiz Mar 04, 2019
. The passing of Keith Flint is heart breaking to say the least. Another one of my childhood heroes took his life. This is another warning sign of the modern times. Please, please, if you’re in pain or suffering ask for help. There will be always someone for you. Life is something really precious. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. . My thoughts and prayers are with Keith’s family, friends and fans (like me). May him rest in peace! 🖤. . . . “Only the good die young.”
Victor Ruiz Mar 01, 2019
. Free weekend ahead, but next week I’m back on track and will make my debut in Toulouse 🇫🇷! . . Excited!
Victor Ruiz Feb 25, 2019
. Memories from the weekend. . . pics by Fabrizio Pepe Fotografia @thiagofmxavier Ebraim Martini . . . And, yes, I’m a hugger! ❤️
Victor Ruiz Feb 24, 2019
. Voltando pra casa com a alma lavada. Como é bom tocar aqui no Brasil. Esse amor de vocês é revigorante. ❤️ . Em especial, cada um de vocês que ficaram na pista e dançaram comigo ontem no @carnavibe mesmo com os problemas técnicos de som. Vocês são foda! 🤘 . E mais um muito obrigado aos clubes Warung Beach Club Ame Club Air Rooftop Caos pelas noites incríveis que tivemos juntos! Mal posso esperar pra voltar! 😘
Victor Ruiz Feb 18, 2019
. Quase recuperado do fim de semana, venho aqui agradecer a todos vocês que dançaram comigo no Warung Beach Club e no Ame Club ❤️. . Que festas incríveis! Como é bom voltar ao Brasil e sentir essa energia foda de vocês! Durante a semana posto mais vídeos e fotos das duas festas. 😘
Victor Ruiz Feb 13, 2019
. Amado povo brasileiro, tô de volta em terras tupiniquins pra dois fins de semanas fodões. 💚 . Espero que estejam prontos, porque eu tô! 😈
Victor Ruiz Feb 04, 2019
. next dates 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇸🇪 🇧🇷
Victor Ruiz Jan 30, 2019
Bonjour la France! 🇫🇷 je reviens vous voir très prochainement à Strasbourg le 2 Février et à Montpellier le 9 Février ! Hâte de vous voir 🙌 -> Strasbourg event: -> Montpellier :event:
Victor Ruiz Jan 27, 2019
. I know it’s a bit late for that but all my fans from Australia and New Zealand have the right to know. . I was battling a very severe food poisoning, for days with fever and spending more time at the hospital than I’d like to, the doctors told me not to travel under any circumstances. . I’m very sad that I missed @rainbowserpentfestival and @sonorous_festival , especially because it would be my debut in New Zealand. I’m sorry to all my fans, but health comes first. . I’ll be there with you as soon as possible and I hope you’re having an amazing time. . Thanks for the love! ❤️
Victor Ruiz Jan 26, 2019
. Meu coração chora em ver mais uma notícia dessa, em tão pouco tempo, desde o crime que ocorreu na região de Mariana. Sim, um crime ambiental! A displicência de uma empresa gananciosa continua destruindo a natureza do Brasil. Um governo atrás de outro deixando a impunidade rolar solta, porquê afinal de contas o dinheiro prevalece a falta de caráter deles. . É revoltante! . Mas o mais importante, numa hora crítica como essa, não podemos nos deixar tomar pela raiva e pelo ódio, pois isso só alimenta as más energias. Portanto temos que espalhar o amor e a esperança. Ajudar essas vítimas da maneira que podemos, e sempre fazendo com a intenção de espalhar o bem. Uma doação, uma oração ou apenas divulgar e espalhar meios de como ajudar. . Como isso aconteceu ontem, no dia do lançamento do meu novo EP, todo o lucro que vier dele vou doar para ajudar essa e outras tantas causas que precisam. Não estou fazendo isso para aparecer, quem me conhece sabe como sou. Estou divulgando isso como uma forma de incentivo a todos os meus colegas artistas a fazerem algo parecido, nem que seja divulgar informação. Juntos somos mais fortes. ❤️
Victor Ruiz Jan 25, 2019
Today is the day! My new EP "Berlin Beauty" is out on Noir Music Official and you can finally grab your copy and play it LOUD! <3
Victor Ruiz Jan 21, 2019
. The past two weeks I’ve received messages from fans that tried to see me perform in clubs, but they were rejected at the door and couldn’t come in. Both of them alleged that the reason they were denied was because of their Arabic roots. It was fucking prejudice. Both of them also traveled a LONG way to see me. We’re living in fucking 2019 and people still get judged by the way they look. They can’t even go out and have fun! I wish we could all have more empathy and stop judging people by the way they look or where they come from. We are all flesh and bones. You know, Music is about getting people together, not the opposite. This is a super important matter and we cannot be quiet in moments like these. We have to stand for what is right! Always. So I encourage you: don’t look away! We’re all human beings and we all deserve to be happy and to be free. Do not look away! Let’s make it right, my friends! We’re all one! ❤️
Victor Ruiz Jan 17, 2019
The cat is out of the bag! I can finally announce my debut at Awakenings Festival 2019 Will play a very special B2B with my friend Bart Skils. Also really happy they have chosen my track "Nimbus" to be the soundtrack of the video! <3 Get your tickets here:
Victor Ruiz Jan 07, 2019
jan 25th.
Victor Ruiz Jan 07, 2019
. Thank you Istanbul for an amazing night! Fucking love y’all! 🖤. . . . . Now I’m off for some well deserved holidays Be back soon. 😘