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Karrusel Karrusel 2019
Venue: Refshaleøen (Copenhagen, Denmark) Find tickets
WET Open Air Festival WET Open Air Festival 2019
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Victor Ruiz Aug 21, 2019
Victor Ruiz's cover photo
Victor Ruiz Aug 21, 2019
Modular, everyone?! 🎛🎛🎛🎛
Victor Ruiz Aug 21, 2019
#PrayForAmazonia 💚
Victor Ruiz Aug 20, 2019
. Excited for the weekend already. Join me on Sunday at @drumcodefestival with the ultimate Techno A-team!🖤🚀
Victor Ruiz Aug 20, 2019
@echelon_open_air 💥💥💥💥💥
Victor Ruiz Aug 18, 2019
Thank you party people for the amazing weekend and for dancing like crazy during my sets at @cacaobeachofficial 🇧🇬 and @echelon_open_air 🇩🇪 . . . . Have an amazing week! 🖤
Victor Ruiz Aug 17, 2019
Thank you @echelon_open_air 🚀❤️🤘
Victor Ruiz Aug 17, 2019
Set up on and ready to start at @echelon_open_air . . . By the way, what’s your favorite set up to play? I’m curious! 🔊 🔊 🔊
Victor Ruiz Aug 17, 2019
. Thank you @cacaobeachofficial for the warm welcome and a crazy night of dancing! Bulgaria knows how to party! 🇧🇬 ❤️. . Now I’m on my way to @echelon_open_air for some more! 🚀
Victor Ruiz Aug 16, 2019
. Weekend is here and I’m excited to be back on the road! 🚀. . 16 . @cacaobeachofficial 🇧🇬. 17. @echelon_open_air 🇩🇪. . . . Looking forward to see you guys there and to have a dance! 🖤
Victor Ruiz Aug 13, 2019
. Playing at the very first edition of @fiveislandsfestival in Lebanon last Sunday was pure grace. Besides the sunrise set, it was also my birthday, so I’m here to thank you all for dancing and celebrating my 30 years of life! Also thanks to all the birthday wishes! You are the best! ❤️
Victor Ruiz Aug 11, 2019
@sonnemondsternefestival 🍾🚀🤘🤯❤️
Victor Ruiz Jul 05, 2019
Victor Ruiz's cover photo
Victor Ruiz Jul 02, 2019
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz Jul 02, 2019
Here's the recording of my B2B with Bart Skils at Awakenings! PLAY IT LOUD!!!!
Victor Ruiz Jun 07, 2019
. June is here and I’m excited! 🙃 . See you guys around for a dance! 🇩🇪 🇳🇱 🇬🇧 🇨🇭
Victor Ruiz Jun 05, 2019
Lovely people from Turkey, here’s what’s been happening with the festival in Cesme. I’m very open with my fans and it wouldn’t be fair with you if I didn’t say anything. ❤️
Victor Ruiz May 23, 2019
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz May 22, 2019
I'm this week's guest on Adam Beyer's DCR. This mix was recorded at Sound, Los Angeles. Enjoy! <3
Victor Ruiz May 19, 2019
. So this just happened! After less than a week NIMBUS sits at number 1 on the Techno charts. I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support! As a way to give back to the Universe, I will donate money I get from this EP to charity. If there’s any Organization you support and help, write on the comments or send me a DM. The more the better! Thanks again you beautiful people, enjoy your Sunday! ❤️ . . . #victorruiz #drumcode #nimbus #sharingiscaring
Victor Ruiz May 13, 2019
. After years of hard work, today is one of those days that makes all the sleepless nights and countless hours in front of the computer alone pay off. I proudly present to you my most anticipated release to date: NIMBUS! ⚡️ It’s a great pleasure to have my first EP released on Drumcode and I do hope you enjoy and play it fucking LOUD! Today is a good day! ❤️
Victor Ruiz May 08, 2019
So here it is the premiere of my most antecipated track so far, "Nimbus". Out May 13th! <3 👉
Victor Ruiz May 07, 2019
One week til my first EP on Drumcode, DJ Mag just premiered the B track "Unveil". Enjoy!
Victor Ruiz May 06, 2019
Artist of the week on Beatport! 🔥
Victor Ruiz Apr 29, 2019
Victor Ruiz's cover photo