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All Summer In A Day
Feel It When You Know
Bring On the Comets
Le Funk
Night On Fire
VHS OR BETA Aug 10, 2018
In 2000 @jakeshears just happened to be walking past Brownies in NYC where VHS or Beta was playing. He came in and dug the band. Scissors opened for VHS at Mercury Ballroom without a drummer. Their debut came out and boom that was it. They brought out VHS for a full US tour during Night on Fire. 2 years ago I left NYC heartbroken and lost. 16 years later I'm in a studio in Louisville KY playing guitar on Jake's first solo record and honestly i don't know what I would have done without the experience. Today that record is finally out. I'm super proud of it and proud of everyone involved. Hope you enjoy. #recordreleaseday #jakeshears #vhsorbeta #scissorsisters
VHS OR BETA Jun 09, 2018
My head is still exploding. Massive thanks to every single human being involved and participating. This one will truly never be forgotten. Big ups to my partner in crime @patrickthallahan. @sansonic1 @danceyjenkins @sometomguy @vandaveer @thewatsontwins #bonnaroo #intothegreatwideopen #tompettyandtheheartbreakers
VHS OR BETA Sep 21, 2017
Happy 13th Bday to our little teenager...
VHS OR BETA May 31, 2017
Super excited to be a part of this band. Jake and I(this is Craig) have been in each others musical worlds for over a decade and now we finally have a chance to play music together. Come check out the shows! Starts in Louisville this Sunday!
VHS OR BETA Feb 21, 2017
Have Instagram and twitter?? Me too @vhsorbeta
VHS OR BETA Jan 25, 2017
seriously, burn it all down...
VHS OR BETA Aug 15, 2016
This Jim James remix was our 2nd release as PIXELATED. Of all the tunes, this one was the hardest to keep our mouths shut because of how proud we were about how it turned out. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy...
VHS OR BETA Aug 08, 2016
Currently sitting at #2 on the HypeM popular chart... this is the one that started it for us over at PIXELATED. go on a give it a HEART if you're feeling it!
VHS OR BETA Aug 05, 2016
It is with immense pride and love that Mark and I are able to share this music that we've been creating together anonymously for the past 3 years. We've been fortunate to have worked with some of our favorite artists like Poolside and Jim James. We hope you enjoy this music as much as we enjoyed creating it. xoxo PIXELATED (craig and mark)
VHS OR BETA Apr 12, 2016
Down in South America, high in the Andes mountains, I have a second home and family. For over a decade now, we've been traveling to Bogota playing and djing long before it was popular or even as safe. While I love the city and culture, it's the people that make Bogota my second home. Here is a remix of "Night on Fire" by 2 of the raddest dudes down there, Nuclear Digital Transistor. They are responsible for cultivating a large portion of what is a growing scene of electronic artists in Bogota. If you're smart, book them. They're rad DJs as well.
VHS OR BETA Feb 29, 2016
YO people of Planet EARTH. My good buddy NIGEL HOLTjust released his solo album on Good Music/Defjam. Congrats homey. Enjoy the ride. Go check it out links below! HXLT FULL LENGTH ALBUM IS FINALLY HERE!! Available for purchase on iTunes and all music retailers now! SUPPORT GOODmusic iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Google:
VHS OR BETA Nov 12, 2015
RIP BETA. You were the better format. #vhsorbeta
VHS OR BETA Sep 14, 2015
So hypothetically, if we were to hit the road, come to your city and play an entire record of ours front to back, would you come? And which record would you want to hear played in its entirety???? What city do you live in? EDIT : wow!!! super overwhelmed by the responses! keep em coming!
VHS OR BETA Sep 13, 2015
Check out this awesome mix from our best friends down in Bogota, Colombia!!! Nuclear Digital Transistor
VHS OR BETA Sep 23, 2014
instagram? twitter? @vhsorbeta
VHS OR BETA Sep 22, 2014
10 years ago today this album came out. Thanks for all the memories.
VHS OR BETA Jul 12, 2014
so rad..... cept the keyboard solo
VHS OR BETA Jul 11, 2014
i know we've been silent for a while...but we haven't forgotten about you. we've just been working on a lot of things. we'll let you know about one of them sooner or later. let's just say you may have already heard some of it and just not known it was mark and i.
VHS OR BETA Jul 11, 2014
's cover photo
VHS OR BETA Apr 08, 2014
in case you were wondering, there is music being made.
VHS OR BETA Jan 16, 2014
Oh Hi, Did you ask us if we had a favorite band merchandise (and more) company in the New York area? Well, yes we do! Underground Press is amazing and we highly suggest you use these guys! Boom.
VHS OR BETA Nov 18, 2013
perhaps we should harass Steinberg till they endorse us considering we do all our production on paid versions of cubase!!!
VHS OR BETA Sep 29, 2013
NYC!! See you guys tonight at glasslands!!!! We go on at 1230!!!
VHS OR BETA Sep 05, 2013
get ur tix before this sells out!
VHS OR BETA Jul 13, 2013
See you guys at camp bisco tonight!!!!