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The Beast You Feed
VERIDIA Dec 08, 2018
This was fun! We filmed a stripped down, acoustic version of "I Won't Stay Down" with our friends at ONErpm. Hope you enjoy!
VERIDIA Dec 04, 2018
We’re beyond honored to be nominated for The Hook Award (Pop Album of the Year) in this year’s We Love Awards! Please take a second and vote for "The Beast You Feed" at
VERIDIA Nov 28, 2018
It’s DIY time! Deena is customizing a small batch of shirts for our Patreon supporters who signed up to receive limited edition merchandise this month! 🎨 🖌 DIY tip: If you want to hand paint your own shirt or cotton garment, start by spraying water on the material, then use basic watercolor paints, and set the pigment with a dye fixative before you wash and wear it!
VERIDIA Nov 13, 2018
Here it is! Our friends at LADYGUNN are premiering our live music video for "Numb." Click to watch the full video!
VERIDIA Nov 10, 2018
5 years ago today, we officially unveiled VERIDIA. Thank you to everyone who has been with us since the beginning. And if you just started listening recently, welcome to the family. -Deena, Brandon & Kyle
VERIDIA Nov 07, 2018
Our faces when we heard we hit #14 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart in our first week! THANK YOU to everyone who has listened to and purchased "The Beast You Feed"... let's keep it climbing!
VERIDIA Nov 04, 2018
Thank you so much for helping us release The Beast You Feed! So many of you have asked how you can continue to support VERIDIA. We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a Patreon community, to give our biggest fans & supporters a very personal experience with tons of exclusive rewards, like live acoustic shows, private video chats, limited edition merch & more! By signing up, you will be giving us the opportunity to keep creating the music that you love and to bring the new album on the road. THANK YOU so much - we love you guys. Click to learn more! 🖤 As a special gift, once we reach 250 patrons, we will send the first 50 subscribers signed & numbered prints of our very first tour poster. And if you aren’t able to join the Patreon community today, we are still so grateful. One of the best ways you can continue to support is by streaming or downloading the album!
VERIDIA Oct 30, 2018
Watch the full live performance of "I’ll Never be Ready" featuring our dear friend Amy Lee, and read the story behind the song, exclusively on Alternative Press.
VERIDIA Oct 28, 2018
FEED THE ANIMAL. From our full-length album, "The Beast You Feed," out now: I believe our most primal need outside of physical fuel is the desire to love and be loved. Sometimes, the ones we’re drawn to aren’t ready or don’t quite know how to give themselves freely or even receive what we have to offer. In turn, we feel unwanted, unloved. Maybe, that experience makes us fearful of opening up again when another relationship presents itself and we find ourselves starving. Not every relationship we have will be fulfilling, and not one single relationship will be enough... I am not saying we need multiple romantic relationships, I mean, we were created for connection. We need community to survive! That’s why we get easily lost in social media, because we crave community. But, we can connect when we want to and we can disconnect when we encounter confrontation that make us uncomfortable. That’s just entertainment, not real relationship. It can desensitize us into thinking we can just walk away when a relationship gets complicated… and there aren’t enough tiny little red hearts to make up for that. We. Need. Real. Connection. Face-to-face, eye contact, skin-on-skin, attention, affection, empathetic, understanding, patient, kind, humble, L-O-V-E. When we invite someone into relationship, it’s not fair to expect them to give everything they’ve got to satisfy your needs, when you’re only willing to offer a small portion of your attention. I’ve come to realize that the more I give, the more likely I am to receive, because, go figure, when we’re satisfied, we’re happy to share what we’ve got, but when we feel lonely, sad, depleted, we guard our hearts even more, as if that’s going to prevent us from being hurt… That only prolongs the ache of emptiness, preventing you from feeling the fullness of relationship, that kind of love you can sink your teeth into. But, if you’ve given all you’ve got and they’re still absent or unreceptive, or you’re in an abusive situation, it’s absolutely okay to walk away. “Gimme gimme love, gimme something true that I can sink my teeth into, if that’s not what you want, then you’re not what I need. When you gonna set me free? I'm an Animal!”
VERIDIA Oct 26, 2018
IT'S HERE. Our very first full-length album, The Beast You Feed, is out NOW. Click to listen!
VERIDIA Oct 26, 2018
Our debut full-length album, The Beast You Feed, is out NOW. Listen:
VERIDIA Oct 25, 2018
Our album officially drops this Friday, but you can hear The Beast You Feed from start to finish RIGHT NOW! Ones To Watch is exclusively premiering it today 🎧
VERIDIA Oct 24, 2018
Can you believe it? The Beast You Feed, our debut full-length album, comes out this Friday! This is your last chance to pre-save it for a chance to win a signed copy, a shirt, and a piece of Deena's stage wardrobe. Pre-saving is a HUGE help and only takes a click:
VERIDIA Oct 20, 2018
Surprise! We decided to release one more song before the album comes out next week. Click to listen to CHESHIRE SMILE: Cheshire Smile is our statement song about removing comparisons and being the authentic you. We all have struggles and hardships, and the last thing we want to do is put on an “I am fine” smile just to get through the day because society says we have to. That’s not functioning, it’s robotic. I think so many beautiful relationships are being missed out on because we’re afraid of not being accepted for who we are or what we’ve been through. That starts with loving, accepting, and being proud of ourselves. When I was little, I was obsessed with the movie, “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.” I was captivated by 3 main characters with hearts of gold, humor, passion, and feminine qualities that I admired, and I saw them being misunderstood, mistreated, abused, and judged by how they chose to express themselves outwardly. They put on their sweet smiles, pretending everything was ok… until it wasn’t. They dealt with segregation, sexism, racism, and judgement with grace and pride. I wanted to embody that! Too often, we let other people’s opinions shame us into thinking something’s wrong with us! We ALL deal with shame. Anytime someone is shamed into thinking they are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging, it’s wrong. And if it happens often enough, we start to believe it! I have my own body image issues (among others), and I would not be able to walk or speak in confidence if it weren’t for some fearless human beings that took off their Cheshire Smile for me and revealed parts of themselves that made me feel unbroken. We all wear them at times, no matter what’s going on under the surface, even though what we really desire is deep meaningful relationships… But we can’t have that without vulnerability. AND, let’s talk about the piece I am wearing in this image… I fell in love with this gown when I saw it worn by a local drag queen and reached out to the designer, Christopher of SCK designs, who lent it to me for this shoot! The structure, colors, and texture were everything for the mood of this image. It totally gave me Too Wong Foo vibes and made me feel classy, fierce, and confident enough to take off my Cheshire Smile for you in this song… “It’s all drag drag baby, put away the pretentious, it’s okay to be vicious, I wanna see all your issues. It’s all drag drag baby, yeah, you have my attention, show me the you that’s been missing. Everybody’s got a Cheshire Smile.”
VERIDIA Oct 18, 2018
We're just days away from the official release of our new album, The Beast You Feed, out 10/26! Pre-save it now for a chance to win a signed copy, plus a piece of Deena's stage wardrobe & more: 📸: Lauren Titus
VERIDIA Oct 08, 2018
Last night was one we will never forget. Thank you, Amy Lee, for gracing our stage with your beautiful soul and indescribable talent. 🖤 Our new album, The Beast You Feed, officially comes out on October 26th. Pre-save it now for a chance to win a signed copy, a new VERIDIA shirt, and a piece of Deena’s stage wardrobe, worn the very first time we shared the stage with Evanescence in 2015:
VERIDIA Oct 06, 2018
TONIGHT in Nashville! We're celebrating our new album with a FREE show at Analog at Hutton Hotel help of some VERY special guests. Doors open at 7pm! We play at 9:30. See you there!
VERIDIA Oct 01, 2018
Our new single, "I Won't Stay Down," is officially out now! Click to listen! I WON’T STAY DOWN: In honor of suicide prevention awareness month and my belief that sharing experiences can change & even save lives, I feel compelled to share the very personal story behind this song... Just a few months after the loss of my father, someone, a second father to me, was almost removed from my life forever as well. This man taught me my first full song on the guitar; built living quarters in our first touring vehicle; fueled my love for the road and loud music; met lonely strangers on the road and invited them into his own home, making them feel worthy of love and belonging, and inspires me to create that same space of belonging at every VERIDIA show. After suffering a severe brain injury, this very intelligent, compassionate, creative man lost physical abilities which took away his livelihood. Emotional and personality changes impacted his most precious relationships. He could not react quickly or logically in crisis. He suffered depression, fear, anxiety... and basic daily functions became so painful and exhausting that suicide became his desired solution. He tried to take his own life in a very public way. Sadly, there is a term for the way he chose, "Suicide by Law Enforcement.” Because of the undeniable fact that he raised a gun toward officers, he was shot and injured, and he is serving a prison sentence of up to 16 years, without access to mental rehabilitation until the term is served. I purposely posed in front of a cinder block wall for the photo associated with I Won’t Stay Down, inspired by seeing a letter from him, a skillfully drawn picture of his 8' x 8' cinder block cell and concrete view out of a 6” window. He expresses what he can through drawing, because finding words is a painful struggle. I was angry, so sad, but still called to action. This song emerged from my desperate need for an anthem of encouragement, words of hope and empowerment, to myself, to him, to anyone suffering with or affected by mental illness/injury, depression, suicide. // Deena
VERIDIA Sep 28, 2018
It’s here! Our new single, "I Won't Stay Down," is officially out now! This song is a battle cry, an anthem for anyone needing encouragement. Click to hear it first at Billboard & read the story behind the song!
VERIDIA Sep 26, 2018
It's here... "I Won't Stay Down," the next single from our new album, comes out this Friday 9/28! Want to be one of the very first people to hear it? Click and Pre-Save the song today!
VERIDIA Sep 22, 2018
Special guest announcement 🎉 Nikki's Wives are joining us for our album release party on October 6th, plus Alaina Cross will be opening the show! More surprise appearances throughout the evening will make this an unforgettable night! RSVP now >>
VERIDIA Sep 20, 2018
THE BEAST YOU FEED We’re so excited to finally reveal the album art to you! Here’s a little bit behind the album and the artwork… Almost 2 years ago, I saw a piece by Thistle & Ink entitled “Two Wolves.” For the first time, it clicked in me that the feelings I allow to linger are a choice, not an involuntary response and not anyone else’s fault but my own. Sure, we don’t have control over our circumstances and we will react and have to walk through it, but how we respond and move on is entirely up to us. The original piece was inspired by a Cherokee proverb the artist’s father used to tell him, “There is a war between two wolves raging inside all of us. The wolf that wins is the wolf you feed.” Life isn’t as simple as black and white. The good and the bad coexist. What we fill ourselves with will radiate, positively or negatively. It was a year after this piece inspired me that I jotted down the title, THE BEAST YOU FEED. We both endured the losses of our fathers during that time. And just like I was nourished by the people that picked me up in my lowest moments, I decided that instead of letting my tragedies ruin me, I would let them change me for the better. The strength, boldness, joy, and love that I found again would be nourishment to someone else through these songs. We collaborated on this cover art and chose to put this beautiful blend of watercolor over the light side, because darkness only breeds darkness, but in the light, you see and experience so much depth and brilliance. The first 5 songs on the album touch on stories of selfishness, anger, a wounded, guarded “dark” perspective. The second half shifts to stories of those who brought light into my life when I needed it the most. While creating this album I asked myself, “what beast inside am I feeding?” The kind that's nurturing, comforting, and giving or the kind that's defensive, destructive and attacking? What I hope you receive from this album is the knowledge that you’re not alone, the encouragement that you will make it through your trials, and the empowerment to first love yourself, so that you become strong enough to feed those who are still starving. // Deena
VERIDIA Aug 29, 2018
Werking the original selfie and filling these disposable cameras with one-of-a-kind photos for our PledgeMusic supporters to develop & discover! Last call to get in on this - the campaign ends August 31st! Pre-order our new album & choose your package at
VERIDIA Aug 24, 2018
Limited edition handmade canvas patches, with the title of our upcoming album! Our PledgeMusic campaign officially closes AUGUST 31ST. If there is something you had your eye on, it’s last call babies! >>
VERIDIA Aug 15, 2018
Deena has been painting lyric sheets from our entire catalog, including the new and unheard songs, for our pledgers! The watercolor is in the style of our album art, which you will get to see soon, we promise! We’re so grateful to have reached our goal, but we left the campaign open a little longer so all our fans have the opportunity to get their hands on the limited edition stuff that’s exclusive to PledgeMusic. Every little bit helps this independent train keep chugging along! The final day to pre-order is August 31st...