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Terminal Redux
Outer Isolation
Black Future
Vektor May 31, 2019
If you’re one of the people that still think the moon landing is fake, just die already. Byyyyyyeeeee
Vektor Apr 18, 2019
From a fan :)))
Vektor Dec 25, 2018
Wishing everyone good times and festivities with family and friends. Here’s some holiday cheer
Vektor Nov 11, 2018
Alright. There’s a lot that needs to be said. I’m tired of reading misinformed people’s comments about what happened with myself and former members of Vektor. I could write an entire book about what happened, but I have a respect for my friends that goes beyond our immediate discrepancies that led to our falling apart. Trust me, I know, it fucking sucks. I miss those guys and I’m sure they miss me too, or at least what we did together. They were pretty much my entire world. They were that shining beacon of light that I had to look forward to every week in regards to band practice. Band practice became so ingrained on my mind that that’s what kept me going week to week. I still to this day don’t have anything as bonding as two days a week band practice and it’s something I’m trying to work through/resolve. It’s tough even getting to that point, it’s tough during that point, and it’s even tougher when it doesn’t work out. A gathering and divergence of individuals is never easy in the coming together or the splitting apart. There are so many variables that come into play when you’re talking about different personalities trying to make something together. That’s a huge part of why good bands are so important, because it’s so fragile. Good bands are like our oceans, Borneo, the Amazon, or any of the other ecosystems that are fading. I’m truly sorry for the failure of this particular ecosystem. It doesn’t make sense, because I’ve always been a proponent of balance. I think that was a huge part of Vektor’s undoing. To anyone that knows me personally, they know I’m a pacifist. I held two titles for the duration of the lineup that everyone is so familiar with: one was a peacekeeper, and one was a band leader. Those two titles can never really coexist. The dynamic of the band turned early on. There were days that we shared a democratic vision of what the band would do, and then there were days when it didn’t seem fair to share what the band’s future endeavors would be. When you’re in a band, you can’t really pick and choose what those might be. I realized very early that this trip was not going to be an easy vacation. “Dark Nebula” was my first thoughts into this. “Outer Isolation” was my first real interpretation of the matter of acknowledging the fact that my friends were driving me away from the things I loved and the things that they portrayed. “Terminal Redux” was a culmination of so many things that had been coming for a long time. “Terminal Redux” means the end again. It’s the title that had been playing over and over in my head. The meaningful withdrawal from the band, I had been thinking it years before. It is a concept album, but it’s a concept album about the band. Only a few close friends know this, and now you. I’m sorry for getting you involved in this nonsense. I guess some or most fans might be interested to know. I just can’t read a slew of bullshit comments and let it be portrayed as truth anymore.
Vektor Nov 04, 2018
I wrote a song called “Waking Life” from a term I kinda had swirling around my mind. I didn’t realize until very recently that it was also the name of a movie made at the turn of the century. What a brilliant movie! Now I don’t know if my mind recollected Waking Life from movie trailers or from my philosophy classes. Sometimes I hate how faulty our wiring is. This little snipit is just a taste of all the great quotes in this movie.
Vektor Oct 19, 2018
San Fran, check out the Cygnus Terminal IPA at the Bartlett Brewery before it runs out! I love beer, so what an honor ❤️
Vektor Oct 13, 2018
I think I started to figure out about twelve years ago that some of my most personal journeys influenced my writing the best and other people were really drawn to those songs as well. It’s not always easy going down the dark path, but sometimes it’s necessary. This song meant a lot to me when I wrote it, but it means more to me now. I hope anyone who feels the same gets something positive from it. Life throws some things at us sometimes and we feel paralyzed. Other times, we feel like we’ve dodged a bullet. No matter what you’re feeling or have felt, we’ve all taken that journey into dark places. I can only hope that you, all my friends, can see that it’s not about where you want or wished you’d be. It’s about where you are. “Desperately, we arrive anywhere. A place we never planned to be”. This song has reached its tenth birthday and I urge anyone who felt something from the music or lyrics to share it. That would make me happy :) Cheers
Vektor Oct 01, 2018
It's official. I've spent 4 hours harmonizing 16 notes... What the [email protected]#k. This is why you have to wait so long. Sorry, not sorry
Vektor Sep 09, 2018
In between now and new music, what a wonderful world
Vektor May 29, 2018
SPOILER ALERT: a new transmission has been received from the Cygnus Terminal . . . . . . . . Original audio and songwriting copyright David DiSanto / Vektor
Vektor May 07, 2018
There is life, quiet though it may be now
Vektor Mar 27, 2018
I know this bit from Bill Nye the Awesome Guy is a few years old but it speaks to my heart. Some people think they know all the answers when we still have so much more to learn. When you attempt to tackle something bigger than yourself, it’s easy to simplify the things that challenge you. Our biology has trained us to take the shortest path. It’s hard trying to understand or condone things that block our path. Maybe the things standing in our way are just opportunities for us to grow and evolve. From a skateboarding and snowboarding background, your board goes where your head is facing. My hope for this world is that our heads face forward and not in the wrong direction. -Dave (Iso Subject 5)
Vektor Mar 15, 2018
Today the world lost a brilliant mind. #StephenHawking
Vektor Mar 06, 2018
Vektor Jan 30, 2018
Yo beast coast, the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention presented by Villain Arts is coming up 2/9-2/11. My wife, Katy AD just became the apprentice at Hunter Gatherer Tattoo and she'll be selling new paintings and prints. You can also get tattooed or pierced by her coworkers at the Hunter Gatherer booth. Come chill with us!
Vektor Jan 22, 2018
What would be your ultimate set list if Vektor had just one hour to play? All three albums are fair game. Also, no f#*%ing Freebird. I swear, I’ll play it if someone says and waste all of our time on stage ;)
Vektor Dec 21, 2017
Props to Municipal Waste for the shout out from Danica Roem on “The Opposition” tonight!
Vektor Dec 02, 2017
Two options: 1. I buy a centrifuge 2: I get really good at Shake Weights Either way, the oil in this all natural peanut butter will meet its match.
Vektor Oct 14, 2017
This dude is an animal! I think it would just be easier to play something with strings, fuck. Respect.
Vektor Aug 11, 2017
Warning: GRAPHIC CONTENT haha. I've had an ear infection for the past month. Antibiotics weren't doing crap. I went to the ER today and this is what came out. Still got a follow up with an ENT in a week.
Vektor Jul 12, 2017
Working on new material. Stay tuned, earth beings.
Vektor Jul 12, 2017
Beam me up, Scotty
Vektor Jun 29, 2017
Awoken by a hissing door, the seal of my capsule breaks.... @seventhtowerart
Vektor Jun 28, 2017
Work those glutes