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Veell Apr 05, 2019
Hi. A year ago, during a usual at that time tea party evening with Dikajee I decided to show her some of my old sketches. Just in case. She liked most of them and... well, that's how it started. What I was expecting? Almost nothing, life teaches you to have no expectations. What I've got? The most beautiful music I ever created. Well, we created. There's not much of it now, but it's just a start. We're not sure how it will go, what we will do, maybe we'll run some Patreon stuff, maybe something else. Anyway, our first EP was published yesterday, all you want to know is here: Unravels. You may as well just follow this link and jump to you favourite music service: Take care! // Artyom
Veell Feb 27, 2016
Hello. It's been a while. But you know, the thing I hate most is vagueness, especially when it's caused by reticence. For the last few years I was trying to get on with the decision to abandon this project. It clearly wasn't like: «Ok, I have to stop it. Let's stop it right now and maybe regret later.» Instead, it was more like being confused and constantly asking questions like: Why should I continue working on this? How do I suppose I do it? Why did I write this music before? How? What did I want to say? Why? And there were no answers. And no music either. The other side of this situation was a bunch of sketches and even a few of nearly finished tracks. Actually, all those questions appeared when I realized that I don't understand what all those tracks and sketches should tell me or someone else. What is it all about? Just a medley of tonal and rhythmic noises. But no emotions, no thoughts, nothing at all. Just random sounds pretending that they are organized in some fancy way. So, after several years of this madness I came to some kind of understanding that the only way to stop this mess is... to stop thinking that I have to keep working on this project. It happened... two(?) years ago. Yeah, it was a relief. Some kind of. Though, it didn't help me to start anything new. Anything at all. So, I decided to wait. Yes, I didn't abandon music completely. There was Chaoskeeper, E-Few, I made several remixes for my friends (right when I started going crazy), and I even continued to exercise with some lo-fi stuff (idle kid) — just to keep doing something musical. Oh, yes, and I kept getting some kind of musical education, I still do. I tried numerous other things, and I even tried writing songs, huh, but... it was too silly. But this all was not about me and my music. Actually, I have some kind of a conception, an elusive idea what it could be. But, it seems like I'm not ready for this yet. And there were you, the listeners waiting for some new sounds from me. Oh, of course I'm not a super-star, but I know there is some people. That, of course, was another contributing factor — it's always a pleasure to create something if there's someone who needs it. Unfortunately, it doesn't help, when you're stuck with questions like those I mentioned above. Well, I'd rather say that it makes the doubts and questions more important, because adds a context transforming «anyone» into «someone». At first, I didn't want to tell you I was abandoning Veell before I knew I was ready to create and show you something new. But it's already two (or even more?) years, and I still don't know when it's going to happen. So, maybe it's kind of silly of me, but I decided to do it now. There's a reason, actually. One day I came to an idea that for all these last years I was starting too many things and a really small amount of them were finished. So, in the end my mind was flooded with very heavy thoughts about all those things left undone. That's kind of depressing, I have to say. And then you try to make something new, but again you can't focus on this properly. Because, what if you won't finish this again? — no matter why, even if it's not your fault at all. And what with all those past things rising in your mind from time to time? — they're asking for some attention. And you're drowning, again. And this baggage of unfinished things becomes even larger. So, how do you escape from this? You finish things. At any price. How did I know this? I finished some of them. It worked. I freed my mind a bit and it felt like I can finally load some new tasks in there. Also, I got some kind of joy and happiness which transformed into some kind of mental power which I was lacking last years. Well, this time «to finish a thing» is to tell you that I abandon Veell. It means that I will not create any new music under this name (actually, I feel a bit disconnected with this name for the last few years). It means that I will not try to complete all those sketches and drafts, but the good thing about it is that to «finish» them I have to share them, not to finish them as music pieces. Luckily, some of them were recorded as demos for one label nearly 4 years ago, yesterday I found them, made a bit of polishing work (they were not recorded as multitracks, just single tracks, so please don't expect any hi-fi), and so, here they are. Well. That's all I wanted to tell you today. Be inspired. Finish things.
Veell Nov 07, 2015
Our first album is out now!
Veell Jan 26, 2015
One day, nearly two years ago we suddenly made one track. It was the strangest vocal track I have ever made. Then we made another one. Strange again. And one more. And again. And after a couple of months we realized that we are kinda music band, or... whatever. So we started thinking of what we have to do next, recording new music by the way. More than a year passed from that time. We are still thinking. But for now... we decided to start showing it to the world. So, here we are - Chaoskeeper At this moment we can show you one music video, and... a bunch of strange short things you would possibly maybe like to watch. And of course, there's more to come.
Veell Oct 10, 2014
Well, here is another story from 2012. One day, Marjana from Iamthemorning offered me to make a remix for them. And well, I'm really mad about remixes, so, few days later my remix was done. Then I started waiting for some remix compilation from Iamthemorning, and... after two years of waiting, I decided to offer Marjana to share this remix on the internet, as it is. Marjana agreed. So, here is the remix:
Veell Oct 10, 2014
Few years ago I tried to make some music with one beautiful girl - May. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to make anything more than this track:
Veell Aug 15, 2013
2013.08.10 by Erica
Veell Aug 13, 2013
Photo by Роман Соколов
Veell Jul 25, 2013
lives 1
Veell Jul 14, 2013
Veell Apr 15, 2013
In Spaces by Anton Mikhailov
Veell Apr 09, 2013
Another unexpected remix on Soundcloud:
Veell Dec 06, 2012
Suddenly appeared in my soundcloud stream, remix of Licko (Birdsland) from Onichomp:
Veell Oct 26, 2012
Hey there! Don't you want to have a listen for my second remix for Arstidir? This remix was not included in the Tvíeind EP, so I simply shared it:
Veell Oct 25, 2012
You can find one my remix there. Enjoy! ;)
Veell Oct 15, 2012
Veell Oct 07, 2012
The audio from the e-few video-song: Download links are in the description. ;)
Veell Oct 06, 2012
Hey there! We just finished our first video with e-few.
Veell Sep 30, 2012
One more podcast. For the Que webzine.
Veell Aug 07, 2012
There is one strange trippy podcast for Playpoint radio:
Veell May 31, 2012
The story of one (two) track(s)
Veell May 19, 2012
From today I will post here some strange simple things which never will be released, but are not too bad to hide it. I hope. =) So, the first one.